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Beats for Boobs
The 13th Annual Beats for Boobs event is this Thursday at The Clift Hotel. Celebrating the rip roarin' 20s, attendees can expect a Great Gatsby-esque vibe. You'll see flappers, bootleggers, gangsters and everyone in between, all honoringthose impacted by breast cancer. This speakeasy, as is norm, features alcohol; most notably moonshine, so feel a bit naughty as you imbibe drinks while remembering prohibition and teetotalers of the 20s. Doors open at 6pm and feature a night full of music, fashion, food and fun. Your selectas include Lauren Li, ViaJay and ShOOey, each adding their own sound. AIMA the Dreamer and Lindy in the Park Dancers are performing, while Heather Joyce Morrill and Michelle Mansour show off their artwork. There's also a fashion show, with Mancub handling the musical duties; and a walk featuring survivors of this horrible disease. Ms. velvet cream Neocouture, Warrior Within Designs, Alexander Michael Snyder and Jessica Hoff will be showing their clothing creations, so don your best flapper dress and fedora and time travel back to the 20s for this breast cancer fundraiser, Beats for Boobs. Date: Thurs, Sept. 7, Time: 6pm-12am, Place: The Clift Hotel 495 Geary St, Cover: $20 after fashion show (if space is available), More Info (CQ)



Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for Massive Attack this Fri @ 1015 Folsom


Link Of The Week
Eclipse 2017: One Nation Under The Sun | NPR: On Aug. 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse made its way from Oregon to South Carolina -- the first time such a large swath of the United States was in the path of total darkness since 1918. Millions of people across the country paused together to stare up at the sky. Here

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Event: Acid Housepitality: Post Burn Residential Trip & Fil's birthday
Venue: F8
DJs: Fil Latorre, Tyrel Williams, Sepehr, Sharon Buck, Victor Vega, Miguel Solari, Joel Conway
Music: house, techno, electro
Cover: no cover b4 10pm w/RSVP, $5 presale on RA, $10 otherwise


To all the burners who went home this past week, welcome back to the default world. To help make your transition a little bit smoother, Housepitality is hosting a post burn residential trip for you at F8. Acid Hospitality features housepit residents like Tyrel Williams, Sepehr and Sharon Buck, to name a few, rocking the decks, each keeping the dancefloor popping. And if that's not enough to get you out, it's also Fil Latorre's birthday, so be sure to wish him a happy one as he throws down an epic day-of-birth set. Miguel Solari and Joel Conway will throw down the funky beats in the backroom, so don't miss out on this two room celebration. (CQ)

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Event: Fritz Kalkbrenner
Venue: 1015 Folsom
DJs: Fritz Kalkbrenner, Pedro Arbulu, Eugenia + Paola
Music: tech-house, soul-house
Cover: $15 presale
With his new, fourth solo-album "Grand Depart", Fritz Kalkbrenner travels further in the direction he took two years ago with his previous, successful album "Ways Over Water". The singer, producer and composer from East-Berlin outdoes himself with masterful arrangements and weighty-analog soundscapes, creating precise sound-design to lose yourself into.

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Event: Dust Off
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Sirus Hood, Hoj, Lady Waks, Syd Gris, DJ Icon, DJ Shooey, Billy Seal, Chuwee
Music: house
Cover: $20 presale
House music through and through Sirus Hood emits an infectious energy of enjoyment on the dance floor. Never one to shy away from a show to a knowing crowd, his work ethic is second to none. DJ residencies in Sankeys Ibiza with CUFF for the seasons 2014 and 2015, various venues in London and Showcase in Paris gave him a platform and opened doors to wider audiences all around the globe. From Europe to Brazil, from Australia to South Africa, Russia to North America, passing by the middle east, his travel patterns underline his ability to work with different crowds and cultures while illustrating his cosmopolitan, universal side. To him - music is one language and unit. Get ready for this 2 rooms post burning man blowout.

Event: Massive Attack (DJ set)
Venue: 1015 Folsom
DJs: Massive Attack (DJ set), Eug, DJ Dials, Vin Sol, Primo, Jeremy Castillo, Segundo, Cellus, Prawns, tf1000, botaz, misoh, Adam Kraft, Gewzer
Music: trip-hop, hip-hop, reggae
Cover: $45+
How many artists do you know that can say they spawned a whole new musical genre? Well Massive Attack is one of them and this duo is credited with creating the style, trip-hop. In the 1990s, the music that Grant 'Daddy G' Marshall and Robert '3D'Naja were creating was so groundbreaking, there wasn't even really a term for it. Ten million albums and countless awards later, these guys solidified themselves as influential and pioneering UK musicians and they are coming to 1015 this weekend! All four rooms will be used for a banging good time, with Eug and DJ Dials holding it down in the main room. Check out the Candy Rain Room, The Club Lonely Room and the Bread Room, each full of DJs throwing down bass-laden beats. (CQ)

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Event: Acid Pauli
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Acid Pauli, Nico Stojan, Britta Unders, Lola Villa
Music: minimal, deep house, electronica
Cover: $18-30
If you just got back from the Playa where you noticed that the music was more electro-nica amalgam rather than the minimal, Berlin-style sound that you've trained your ears to approve of with the minimal tap n' sway associated, this event is perfect to get your ears back to the city sounds that you'll be enjoying all year. Public Works is bringing a full-tilt German showcase with Acid Pauli, famous for his work as Console as well as the programmer for the German band The Notwist. Alone his style veers closer to a deep, minimal European melodic sound that does, however, clearly pull from his diverse influences and projects. Joining will be a collection of artists who have performed at debaucherous den Bar 25 and its new iteration, KaterBlau, all the way from Berlin. You're back, time to get back in the city groove. Part of proceeds will go to Compute for Cancer. (ML)

Event: Hector
Venue: Halcyon
DJs: Hector, Punkphunk, Fredinho
Music: house, techno
Cover: $10-20 presale
Being at the centre of the action is a trait that has helped Hector become one of the most respected names in the underground house and techno scene. He's the man with every key player on speed dial but he uses these hard won connections with ease and it's this relaxed manner that has won him friends and supporters worldwide. A name that gets the nod from all corners of the underground, Hector is full or surprises, whether it be when rocking the terrace at Amnesia or creating hypnotic grooves in the studio.

Event: Salted w/ Karizma
Venue: The Great Northern
DJs: Karizma, Miguel Migs, Julius Papp
Music: house
Cover: $10-15 presale
Kris Klayton aka Karizma is an award winning International DJ and electronic music producer /artist from Baltimore, MD, USA, known for his wide genre of music production in deep house, deep techno, hip hop, jazz and broken beats. "When he's producing music, Klayton uses a number of aliases. As Kaytronik, he turns out records that are a bit darker, with menacing electronic tones; as K2, he creates buoyant re-edits of R. & B. songs. But as a d.j. he brings all of these characters into the booth with him." -The New Yorker. Karizma has carved out a hugely successful career, making music that is hooky and immediate enough to appeal to a commercial audience without compromising its underground attitude.

Event: You're Welcome w/ Powel
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Powel, Bengal, Benjamin K
Music: house
Cover: $12-20 presale
An expert at creating harmonious illusions of sound, Germany's Powel always finds a way to thread together natural elegance and tasteful patience in music. His unique touch as a musician is heard by how he captures warm, celestial vibes filled with airy atmospheres together with delicate rhythms and tells a melancholic story fused with ghostly, low slung cuts that are rich with nuance and subtlety. Powel steadily explores this duality in sounds not only throughout his discography but in his performances around the world which included his inaugural debut on the Robot Heart bus in 2016. It's rare to hear an artist so intimately blur the line between uplifting pieces of music and raw, emotive records that exude the soul of deep house in some of its purest forms.

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Event: Oceanvs Orientalis
Venue: The Midway Patio
DJs: Oceanvs Orientalis, KMLN (live), Viken Arman, Ramon Wouters
Music: deep euro house
Cover: $18-22
Many Sundays in the summer season (which can be various in SF, admittedly), The Midway opens up their back patio for a day of melodic yet hard hitting house and techno music that satisfies those sunrise set vibes — whether or not you just experienced them on Playa. The Midway, allows us to get out of the center of the city and the normalcy of our usual consciousness by taking us out to the deep Dogpatch for deep house and vibes. Today they're featuring an event favorite, Oceanvs Orientalis, whose eclectic sound keeps moods high and toes tapping. Joining will be KMLN, a live Canadian electronic duo. See you outside! (ML)

Event: Aly & Fila
Venue: 1015 Folsom
DJs: Aly & Fila, plus many more
Music: trance
Cover: $25 presale
Aly & Fila are now amongst a select elite, legends in music who alongside Sting , Kylie Minogue to name but a few to have performed at one of the Great Wonders of the World – The Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt . Aly Amr Fathalah and Fadi Wassef Naguib went global. For close to a decade their spirited take on the trance sound has captured the hearts, minds and imaginations of planet trance. With their whip-smart productions and sandstorm sonics, their performances have raised the bar at some of the world?s most recognized clubs. Comparably they?ve also ruled at EDM?s biggest festivals – EDC - Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, Global Gathering, and many more. The Start of 2017 saw Aly & Fila Voted #1 DJ & #1 Producer on the 2016 Trance Podium Awards With FSOE 500 to come in 2017 and new Artist album , the future looks bright.

Event: Honey Soundsystem Labor Day Sunday
Venue: Audio
DJs: Beautiful Swimmers, Masha, Honey Soundsystem DJs: Jason Kendig, Bezier, Jackie House
Music: house (deep, funky, disco)
Cover: $15
Honey Soundsystem is taking over Audio this Sunday for a weekend bash that will go almost all night long. This is the second to last event that the crew is doing for 2017, so don't miss out! Three of the four HSS residents will be throwing down while guest DJs from LA and DC hold down the headlining spots. Beautiful Swimmers takes a break from a busy touring schedule to rock the dancefloor of Audio. This duo is full of high energy and fun and they aren't afraid to show it as they wear big grins and dance around to the funky beats. Dig Deeper's resident and cofounder Masha brings sharply mixed house to the decks. Her underground raw sound is fused with classic deep house and disco grooves and she's always looking to find quality music for open minded people. No work on Monday means play time on Sunday with the Honey Sound System.

Event: Mark Farina
Venue: Halcyon
DJs: Mark Farina, Seven Davis Jr., Nina Lares, Homero Espinosa
Music: house (deep, soulful, funky)
Cover: no cover b4 11pm w/RSVP, $10-15 otherwise
If you're like me and work on Mondays, partying on Sundays is a few and far between thing. But since this Monday is Labor Day weekend, all bets are off! Moulton Music and Halcyon are betting that a lot of you are in the same boat, so they have come together to present a night full of house music. From funky to deep to soulful and back again, this night features Mark Farina, Seven Davis Jr, Nina Lares and Homero Espinosa each throwing down their signature sounds. As a special treat, Farina, Davis Jr and Espinosa are performing their latest collab, 'You Should Be Dancing' live and it'll also include a little jam session, so don't miss out on this epicness. Halcyon is sure to be packed, so wear your dancing shoes and be prepared to dance all night long. (CQ)


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