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Bayview Sparc
A collection of kick-ass local crews are teaming up for the second annual Bayview Sparc day party, an event that showcases the awesome contributions of our music, arts, and alternate lifestyle communities to the greater city community. The event was started primarily as an opportunity to find yet another showcase for the truly insane and unbelievable project of the giant Tesla coils (yes, they are 32 feet tall and with a 16 foot lightning arc), created by Sextant, a local science and engineering big art that they bring all the way out to that thing in the desert. While creating the opportunity for Burners and San Franciscans to look to the sky and explore our realities in different ways, they've also created some pretty awesome toys to play with and look at. This event is not just the effort of one, the event is organized as well by the Flaming Lotus Girls, a group that empowers people of all genders to work on large-scale metal projects and fire art. They've brought projects to the Playa for the last 17 years and they're not stopping this year with their upcoming project, NOETECA. Music will be provided by Janky Barge, an art car that will be in attendance with one of their own professional ravers (or two or three) creating the sweet tunes for you to dance to — just like on the Playa — where they play upbeat electro and breaks that bring your mind state right back to the dust. Finally, the event is also co-sponsored by Imprint City, a non-profit organization that hopes to re-created underutilized industrial and city areas for arts and culture (hey, Bayview…). Together these four groups are creating an awesome block-long party and together all of us can contribute by getting tickets and thus donating to each and every one of their great causes. Date: Saturday, July 15, Time: 3pm-midnight, Place: Egbert Avenue btw. Third Street and Jennings, Cover: $30 + additional donation, More Info (ML)


Sunset Campout 2017
Campout season is in full effect and that makes me one happy girl. What's better than frolicking in the sun or in the river while your favorite DJ gets downright dirty on the 1s and 2s? If you ask me, NOTHING. Sunset Soundsystem hosts their annual campout, taking over Belden Town with their bright outfits, banging beats and tasty treats. Not to mention the massive amount of art and clothing creations that your fellow artists and designers have created just for this. Featuring everything from clothing, to art for your walls and everything in between, the Sunset Campout has something for everyone. And since this is three days of awesomeness, we will only highlight a few DJs from the lineup, as this one is intense, but I mean that in the best way possible. Remember, there are various stages, even one down by the river, so plan accordingly! There've been a few additions since the lineup was announced, including Rothmans going b2b with Stacy Christine. Junior, Daddy Differently and Evilweavil are making the trek up north to rock Sunset, while Paranoid London, Talaboman and Young Marco show you how it's down with their banging bass-heavy beats. Of course your Sunset Soundsystem residents will also be throwing down, but like I said, this is just a taste of those playing, for a full list, you have to get to Belden. Date: Fri-Sun July 21-23, Time: 7.21 noon to 7.23 7pm, Place: Belden Town Resort & Lodge 14785 Belden Town Rd, Belden, Cover: $195+, More Info (CQ)





Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for OOMPH this Thur @ Bar Fluxus


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1000 GESTALTEN / G 20 Hamburg Summit Here

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Event: Housepitality
Venue: F8
DJs: Brett Johnson, Victor Vega, Timoteo Gigante
Music: house (tech, funky, electro), techno
Cover: no cover b4 10pm w/RSVP, $5 presale on RA, $10 otherwise


It's hard to believe we're more than halfway through the year. But what I can believe is that Housepitality is still bringing out the heavy-hitting talent. This week's installment features Brett Johnson, a DJ hailing from Dallas known for his groovy-house beats. Pairing bass-laden house with elements of techno, Johnson has created a sound all his own. Every track he creates or plays is full of warmth and soul, showing he truly connects with the music. He'll be joined by Victor Vega, a Californian by way of Massachusetts and Jersey City, who keeps things funky. His blend of house, electro and tech-house beats is known to fill dancefloors, so expect the housepit to be just as packed. Timoteo Gigante rounds out the lineup, so don't miss out on this house music escape. (CQ)

Event: RAW Fixate Fashion Show
Venue: 1015 Folsom
DJs: The Echo Exchange, Westerly, Jairo, Isis Yasmeen
Music: rock, grunge, hip-hop, soul
Cover: $22-30


RAW is an organization for artists and by artists and they're taking their nation-wide roadshow here to SF to showcase some of our budding talents that are homegrown and ready to be home-shown. The artists range from musical artists to fine artists, photographers to fashionistas, makeup artists to dance troupes. The night will include a film screening, pop up galleries and sales booths for fashion and jewelry, as well as live music all night long. There will even be a fashion show! Make sure to visit our community's own Brie Putty as she moves forward with her own namesake fashion line which encourages power, ambition, and confidence in the wearer while showcasing the beauty in cultures from around the world. (ML)

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Event: OOMPH
Venue: Bar Fluxus (18 Harlan Place, SF)
DJs: DJ Michelle Musial + DJ Seven
Music: house
Cover: no cover
OOMPH a magnetic dance party dedicated to the way house music makes us feel and our bodies move set to launch by Chicago born DJ Michelle Musial at the cool and quirky Bar Fluxus with local favorite DJ Seven. These artists combine distinct styles of deep, energetic, funky, melodic, and underground house music to bring you the warm feel good vibes of San Francisco paired with the booty shaking, driving sound of Chicago aka the OOMPH.

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Event: Bastille Day Soiree
Venue: Hawthorn
DJs: Franky Boissy, Frenchy Le Freak, J.Remy
Music: house
Cover: $10-15 presale
Vive la France! Join you'r favorite french sound selectors Franky Boissy and Frenchy Le Freak for Hawthorn's Bastille Day Soirée. Joining in special guest J.Remy and the exquisite dancers from Gogo Pro.

Event: Camp Charlie Unicorns
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation), divaDanielle, Tamo, Peter Blick
Music: ambient, deep house, nu disco, electro, techno
Cover: $18 presale
Camp Charlie and it's Unicorns are taking over the main room at Public Works, hosting a benefit to ensure that the camp returns home. In addition to the proceeds going to help the camp, the crew is also collecting items to benefit the LGBTQ homeless. Receive $5 off door price with donation, and a list of items needed can be found here. To help rock the dancefloor, Rob Garza, founding member of Thievery Corporation, is getting behind the decks. He's always picking music that's timeless, and you'll want the tracks he's selects to be on heavy rotation. Garza's sets take you on a musical journey that encompass dub, trip hop, reggae and much more. Also throwing down are divaDanielle, Tamo and Peter Blick, each dropping funky beats for your dancing pleasure. (CQ)

Event: DJ Mag Best Of North America Awards Tour w/ Victor Calderone
Venue: Halcyon
DJs: Victor Calderone
Music: house, tech-house
Cover: $15-20 presale
DJ Magazine is the world's biggest dance music media brand. With print magazines in all corners of the globe, an internationally respected website and owner of world famous international polls including Top 100 DJs & Top 100 Clubs. For 2017, DJ Magazine are celebrating the dance music culture of the US by holding their first ever "Best of North America Awards". Halcyon has been nominated for an award - for "Best Venue West"! If you love their parties like we love them and they love throwing them then please show your love by voting HERE. To celebration Halcyon nomination, they're bringing in fellow nominee and city favorite - Victor Calderone.

Event: Don't Try This At Home w/ Kenny Glasgow
Venue: The Great Northern
DJs: Kenny Glasgow, RYBO b2b Kevin Anderson, Ivana Karpierz, Louiv, Javier Fabian
Music: house
Cover: $10-15 presale
Kenny Glasgow is a North American electronic music pioneer; a role he's held for over two decades. The Canadian has returned to his solo roots after spending 5 years as half of the acclaimed duo Art Department, functioning as a musical engineer, composer of both music and lyrics, and vocalist. Before he started touring the world, releasing influential full lengths, headlining major festivals and gracing the cover of taste making magazines with Jonny White, Kenny Glasgow already had a cult and loyal following dating back to the early nineties. Kenny Glasgow first became immersed in the scene as a promoter, putting on illicit warehouse parties in his native Toronto before progressing to become resident at acid house mecca The Buzz and later the world famous Industry Nightclub. It was there that he picked up a sense of what worked dance floors, both in terms of DJing and production. Whether solo or with Art Department, his experiences influenced his own emotive, tortured sound with unique gravelly vocals which have very much become his trademark.

Event: Loefah All Night Long
Venue: The Midway
DJs: Loefah
Music: bass, dubstep
Cover: $17 presale
The seminal work of producer pioneer, Loefah has been formative in the creation and development of the now worldwide scene of dubstep. Along with his partners, Mala and Coki, he started and continues to run the now infamous DMZ brand. His own production was initially well known for his much respected bass weight and half time beat patern, well illustrated by his productions such as 'Horror Show', 'Mud' and 'Ruffage'. His new label Swamp 81 is dedicated to the promotion of subcultural bass music rather than dubstep music per se. The releases display a like minded dedication to weighty electronic music and that is what has made the ripples worldwide.

Event: TranceFamily SF 7 Year Anniversary
Venue: 1015 Folsom
DJs: Lostly, Magnus, M.I.K.E. Push, Monoverse, Sunny Lax, Thrillseekers, The Noble Six, Blurr, Dyloot, John Beaver, Mars, Toj, Doctorspook, Khromata, Leiel, Michael Bricker, Artimus Prime, Dulche, Erika K, Iridescent, Jonny Atom, Martin Cisco
Music: trance, psytrance
Cover: $30
It's a full-on trance-fest, whether that means old school trance like its '98 in Cologne, Germany, or perhaps it means that its some Goa-style consciousness questioning 139bpm-ing psytrance, or some trance-heavy sounds from the locals. Whatever it is that you prefer, this is a night that celebrates a global sound that has been the undercurrent of the rave culture worldwide and, while it has spawned the bastard child that we all now call EDM (yes, the one that makes the word rave sometimes sound like a dirty word). There will be 22 DJs in four rooms, making this like the all-out rave of your dreams. Get ready to peak and drop and shimmer about and be sure to wear supportive breast-wear and the right shoes. This will be a throwback and a look forward into the genre. Special guests include Lostly, straight from Cologne for his American debut. (ML)

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Event: Interface 57: Robort Ears + Droid Behavior
Venue: The Great Northern
DJs: Drumcell, Truncate, Raiz
Music: industrial techno
Cover: $20 presale
We'll be having some visitors this weekend in the form of Droid Behavior, an LA-based underground warehouse party throwing collective that has reinvigorated the LA nightlife space with the banging-est of industrial techno sounds. You know, the kind of techno that is driving, hard as F, and actually sounds like the middle of the Berghain dance floor (for those of you lucky enough to know). The collective has brought the likes of Sandwell District, Chris Liebing, and Ben Klock for their U.S. debuts and tonight they're bringing founding member drumcell to the stage as well as other LA-local and industrial pusher Truncate. It's a huge night for all the techno fans out there and one surely not to miss. (ML)

Event: Oliver Koletzki
Venue: Halcyon
DJs: Oliver Koletzki, Matthias Link
Music: house, tech-house, deep house
Cover: $5-20
Oliver Koletzki is a German house classic, a key figure in the current deep-house/tech-house sound that has taken over the more melodic side of the German sound and has spread beyond. Today it has spread all the way to way to SF, naturally, and of course Halcyon is the one to showcase it. The man who has released under Sven Väth's Cocoon label before forming his own label Stil vor Talent (translated meaning Style Before Talent and distributing for the likes of Niko Schwind and Kellerkind), will be touring alongside his newest album, The Arc of Tension. Famous for his full-length albums and German-language melodic house songs, Koletzki is also a musicians DJ and a dancer's dream. From Berghain to Fabric to Halcyon he's known to make 'em dance. (ML)

Event: You're Welcome w/ Igor Vicente
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Igor Vicente, Nitin, Benjamin K
Music: techno, tech-house
Cover: $7-15 presale
Producer, remixer, DJ and label owner, this multifaceted artist Igor Vicente is turning into a truly global electronic music proposition. Vicente's unique sound is built up over 4 or 5 hours creating a smooth blend of House & Techno full of effects often creating surprise in his sets. Nitin's story begins with Detroit, the techno mecca that has spawned an endless lineage of talent over the last 30 years. The sounds that emanated from Motor City through his radio in London, Ontario left an indelible imprint and inspired him to embark on a career that continues to flourish to this very day. Record shopping in Detroit led to a meeting with Mike Huckaby and Nitin subsequently playing the legendary Shelter at the age of 17. From there on in his fate was sealed.

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Event: Permission to Land
Venue: The Midway Patio SF
DJs: Luca Bacchetti, Patricio, more TBA
Music: house (tech, deep), techno
Cover: $15-17.50
The Midway presents Permission to Land, a day-time event taking over the patio at The Midway in SF. Feel free to 'land' on the dancefloor, getting down to the underground sounds of Luca Bacchetti, Patricio and many more!. For those unfamiliar, Bacchetti hails from Italy, but has played the world, including TTITD for which people make their yearly pilgrimage. His deep house and tech-y sound captivates party-goers, as his love of music shows through each and every track he creates and plays. Also on deck is Patricio, an LA based DJ known for playing deep, moody house alongside melancholy melodies. There're more slated to play, but you have to attend to get the full lineup. (CQ)

Event: Sunshine People- A Cancer-born celebration
Venue: Middle Harbor Shoreline Park
DJs: Sunshine Jones, Dusty Carter, Chris Arbulich, Jamie Swing, Michael May, Neseto Fuentez, Mike Carpenter
Music: house
Cover: no cover
If you're like me, you know there's nothing better than a day party. And luckily the crew at Sunshine People must feel the same way, as they bring you outdoor fun in the sun on Sundays. Taking over Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in the town, this event celebrates all those born under the astrological sign, Cancer, and all their friends too, of course. Holding it down on the 1s and 2s is Sunshine Jones, a founding member of Dubtribe Sound System. Known as a legend in the house scene and beyond, Jones travels the world, DJing live and creating beats on the fly. His sets and music are full of love, which is exactly how he wants it. Joining him is Dusty Carter, a Delta Funk resident known for rocking the playa with his chill house music on more than one occasion. Rounding out the lineup is Chris Arbulich, along with the Sunshine People residents, all helping you celebrate your birth month or just another beautiful Sunday in the bay. (CQ)


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