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Burger Boogaloo
Burger Boogaloo is a local festival celebrating its fifth year in its annual celebration of underground music as it was, is, and will be. Sponsored by local, decidedly NEVER-Top-40-playing station KALX and hosted by subcultural and cult icon John Waters, this celebration of never-grow-up punk is still going strong. This year has a particularly strong lineup with headliners from the most upper echelons of punk music worldwide. Not the least of these headliners is the man and legend Iggy Pop, leader of the formative late 60s band, The Stooges. Pop himself is much more than just the sound, but it is his persona itself that has continued to affect punk communities' shock and awe tactics that have kept the genre so visceral for almost half a century. Joining will be OG British punks, The Buzzcocks, who some credited with inventing indie music (economically, not the sound per se), Guitar Wolf, the biggest punk band out of Japan, LA-70's scenesters Redd Kross, local classics Shannon and the Clams, and oh so many more over two days at Oakland's Mosswood Park. If you're looking for even more check out Starline Social Club and Eli's Mile High Club for after parties on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Hear the riff this weekend and get a little rough. You deserve it. Date: Saturday-Sunday July 1&2, Time: noon, Place: Mosswood Park, Oakland, Cover: 1 day $70-$100, 2 day $130-$200, More Info (ML)






Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for Illumin8 this Sat @ Pachakuti Palace - 417 Broadway, Santa Cruz


Link Of The Week
Roller Coaster India: This film Rollercoaster is the visualization of my feelings, fears and emotions. And therefor probably not the same feelings other people will have while visiting this country. Here

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Event: Housepitality
Venue: F8
DJs: Christina Chatfield (live), BLEIE, Mossmoss, Very Much Romance
Music: house, tehcno, electro
Cover: no cover b4 10pm w/RSVP, $5 presale on RA, $10 otherwise


Chrsitina Chatfield is a live performer and producer from right here in the Bay. In 2010, she launched her solo project with an EP on the Detroit label Beretta Grey. It was after that that she gained residency with the crew As You Like It, making her one of their longest standing performers. Joining her is Showga resident BLEIE, who brings her ambient techno sounds to the housepit. Showga, for those who don't know, is a yoga class that features live music and is held in the town at The Starline Social Club, letting you flow while BLEIE provides the soundtrack. Mossmoss and Very Much Romance round out the lineup, so get to the housepit on Wednesday. (CQ)

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Event: Reunion: Jules and Michael Anthony's Birthday Bash
Venue: The Great Northern
DJs: D:Fuse, Jimmy Bell, Miguel Alvarado, Taj, Michael Anthony, Kevin Kind
Music: house, progressive
Cover: no cover b4 10pm with free pizza & $1 well drinks w/RSVP, $10 otherwise
It's Reunion time this Thursday at The Great Northern, as well as the birthday celebrations of Jules McCarthy and Michael Anthony. Holding it down on the 1s and 2s is D:Fuse, a DJ, producer, drummer and remixer based out of LA. Since segueing into DJing, D:Fuse has used his ability as a drummer to take his DJing to new heights, combining high energy, quality track selection and live drumming for a sound all his own. With over 15 years in the music industry, he's truly shown himself to be a true innovator. Also on deck are Jimmy Bell, Miguel Alvarado, Taj, Kevin Kind and of course birthday boy himself Michael Anthony, so be sure to wish a good one. (CQ)

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Event: AYLI w/ Kassem Mosse
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Kassem Mosse (live), Mor Elian, Experimental Housewife, David Siska
Music: house, techno
Cover: presale $10, $15 otherwise
The As You Like It crew welcomes Gunnar Wendel, otherwise known as Kassem Mosse, to the decks. Known for his background in house music, Germany's own Mosse has moved onto more synthesizer sounds, leaving behind the broken house beats for a more analog feel. He's all about the sound, pushing the musical envelope as far as he can, even creating sounds that seem to have come from someone else entirely. With him, what you hear is you get and that's it. Also performing are Mor Elian, Experimental Housewife and David Siska, with the latter making his debut as the newest AYLI resident. Don't miss this event as each DJ adds their own flair to the night. (CQ)

Event: Behrouz & DJ Three
Venue: Halcyon
DJs: Behrouz, DJ Three, Rooz
Music: deep house, desert house
Cover: $10-20
Halcyon is bringing out two DJs from the Miami scene who also happen to be regulars at That Thing in the Desert. Behrouz, although spends much of his time on the Sunshine coast, started his dance career right here in San Francisco when it was lauded as one of the best underground scenes in the country (uhhhh, nothing has changed of course!). Behrouz was known for playing great music from open to close and moving dancers for about as long. His music has since become a worldwide sensation, taking him to the heights of Ibiza, BPM Festival, Robot Heart, WMC, and even his own club in Miami, the humorously named Do Not Sit On the Furniture. Joining Behrouz tonight is another stalwart of the Miami scene, DJ Three, this dood actually a native of the Southern state. While he's gone on to produce with Crosstown Rebels, play of course WMC, and sets at Robot Heart and Mayan Warrior, Three is also a fan of SF, playing here regularly as well as being famous for his earlier works with Wicked. The event is rounded out with longtime SF selector and promoter, Rooz. A trip to the roots. (ML)

Event: Connect - A Space Cowboys Throwdown to Benefit Flaming Lotus Girls
Venue: Public Works
DJs: DJ Shooey, The Worker Bee, Deckard, Brad Robinson, Ben Andersen, Kaptn Kirk, 8Ball
Music: breakbeats, electro, house
Cover: $15-25
Another year around the sun and another few months closer to the dust that we all are. To celebrate and support our local, old skool, Burner communities, two of the oldest in the city are getting together to raise money for Flaming Lotus Girls' newest large scale metal artwork to make it out from the Bay to the desert. The project is called Noetica and its movement and flame effects are based in principles of interaction and alignment (y'know, just like us humans!). A dance floor is a great example of this interaction between individual pieces so Space Cowboys is lending their high-octane sounds to the Public Works dance floor with residents like DJ Shooey, Deckard, and Kaptn Kirk, you'll get FIRED up for what is yet to come and what already is. (ML)

Event: Toby Tobias
Venue: The Great Northern
DJs: Toby Tobias, Jimmy B, Rob G, Ivan Ruiz
Music: house
Cover: $10 presale
From his fledgling days of being an eleven year old breaker to smuggling in a renegade sound system to Glastonbury in the early 90s , to his own Tracky Bottoms and London Housing Trust labels, Toby has quintessentially always been about the music. He's a purveyor of anything from Balearic boogie to sub aquatic house has notched up a heavy list of releases, two full-length albums and many remixes and re edits. Toby currently holds a monthly residency in Soho, London with Phonica records (who he has a close alliance with) and every month hundreds converge on a hidden garden in the heart of Soho for something the area hasn't seen for many years. Toby also has a new night, Rain Forest, developed with Piers Harrison of Soft Rocks, where they get to experiment with more soulful ethereal sounds.

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Event: DJ Dan
Venue: Halcyon
DJs: DJ Dan
Music: house
Cover: $15-20 presale
DJ Dan has been around the block a few times (and turning heads all the while). Music has been forever entrenched in Dan's life, having garnered a superior record collection at the age of 8 that would give Amoeba Records a run for its money. Starting his professional musical career with some smaller clubs in Seattle and then Los Angeles, DJ Dan had a rise to recognition in the dance music community that could be considered meteoric. Forming the Funky Techno Tribe in 1993, DJ Dan fused together breakbeat, house, dub, and techno to create a sound that later was fittingly crowned, "West Coast House". And with renowned tracks like "Needle Damage", and remixes for everyone from Depeche Mode to Duck Sauce, Dan's production prowess is undeniable. The journey that Dan's talents have taken him on could go on for pages and pages. He has played alongside the likes of fellow legends from Carl Cox to John Digweed with a mission of making club goers unable to fight the urge to dance the night away.

Event: Gene Farris
Venue: Audio
DJs: Gene Farris, CJ Larsen b2b Andrew Phelan
Music: house
Cover: $10 presale
A global ambassador of Chicago's classic house music sound, Gene Farris has spiritedly contributed to the evolving house and techno culture of this century. He began playing Acid House, Disco and the classic Chicago style of his peers at a young age, developing a unique sound that lead him to performances at Chicago's legendary underground warehouse parties of the 90s, and a residency at the Power House. These formative experiences solidified his artistry, launching him into a four year residency in Amsterdam and an eight year residency at Chicago's infamous Boom Boom Room. Early on Gene hit the studio with a driving need for innovation and audio exploration. A self-taught engineer and producer, his work with Cajual, Relief Records, Defected Records, Soma Recordings and his own breakout label Farris Wheel Recordings, propelled his influence into ever expanding realms. He has played venues all over the world to massive festival crowds at Coachella, Outside Lands, Firefly, BPM, Movement to name a few.

Event: Lights Down Low w/ Massimiliano Pagliara
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Massimiliano Pagliara, Trevor Sigler, Richie Panic
Music: house (disco, deep, tech)
Cover: $10-13
Lights Down Low welcomes Italian producer and DJ, Massimiliano Pagliara to Monarch. Now living in Berlin, Pagliara is a resident at Panorama Bar and he'll perform an extended set for your listening enjoyment. His ability to merge classic house with Italo beats and synthesizers makes him one to watch, so don't sleep on him or this event. Also slated to play are bay DJs Trevor Sigler and Richie Panic, both staples in the house and techno scene. Guaranteed that each of these guys will bring the funky beats for which they're known. (CQ)


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Event: Afternoon Bliss w/ Gene Hunt
Venue: Brix 581
DJs: Gene Hunt, Taj Turner, Geo Stasi, Kincaid, Tomahawk Bang, Angelo Paulos
Music: house (deep, soulful, Afro)
Cover: $5 b4 4:30pm with GL, $15 otherwise
Sunday Sunday Sunday! You know what that means, it's time for another edition of Afternoon Bliss. Last event was a big success, what with having the upstairs room open and all. More music and more space are two good things every party should have. This week is the same deal, with DJs like Gene Hunt, Taj Turner, Geo Stasi and Kincaid throwing down on the patio while Tomahawk Bang and Angelo Paulos handle things upstairs. This installment also serves as the closing party for Sol House 2017 Weekend, an event taking place at the Lake Merritt Pergola on Saturday. As if that wasn't enough to come out, it's also Gene Hunt's birthday, so be sure to wish this Chicago house music legend a good one. (CQ)

Event: As You Like It & Polyglamorous Open Air
Venue: The Midway Patio
DJs: Tiger & Woods, Mike Gushansky, Mark O'Brien & John Major, Camdaze
Music: tech-house, disco-house
Cover: $15-20
It is always an exciting day when two of the city's beloved underground music crews, especially from lightly different sides of a spectrum, join together to share their communities, their sounds, and overall their vibes. While As You Like It focuses solely on quality music for quality events, often with a popular, tech-house sound, Polyglamorous adds a queer element in their monthly parties at F8 and at their more underground events like Sneaks and stages at the Dore Alley Street Fair. To celebrate this coming together under one — well, not roof — they'll be bringing disco house legends Tiger & Woods. Although often shrouded in mystery, the duo appear to be Italian, and the appear to have consistently broadened the growing disco revival through their recent albums as well as their popular sets and mixes. And, of course, this will all be happening under the early July sun out in the Dogpatch on the Midway patio. And everyone knows the sun shines brighter in the Dogpatch. Will you be shining with it?

Event: Mathias Kaden
Venue: Halcyon
DJs: Mathias Kaden, Supernova
Music: house, tech-house
Cover: $10-20 presale
Likably undisguised, always surprising and full of verve – putting Mathias Kaden's charisma in a nutshell is one thing. Another is the feeling of hearing him live in a nightclub or open air – nothing feels like that. Very naturally he absorbs the audience's vibe and radiates his own energy into it – no matter whether it's for a warm-up, at prime time or whilst closing. Mathias Kaden has been a DJ for more than 15 years now. And after more than 1500 gigs he still hasn't lost his addictive enthusiasm which has given special moments to fans on dancefloors on almost all continents.

Event: Werd w/ Leo Leal
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Leo Leal
Music: house, tech-house
Cover: $5 presale
Mexican DJ and producer Leo Leal used his formal piano training and experimental approach to studio work to give a fresh take on techno & house with groovy kick and clap combos that really strike dancers where it matters. Often embellishing his tracks with slick synths and subtle effects, he is a real wizard on the buttons and it shows in how often his music gets played by top DJs around the world. His sets, too, are well informed things that draw on many different shades and styles of house and techno music and always result in exciting soundtracks.


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