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How Weird Street Faire
The How Weird Street Fair is a uniquely San Francisco event that makes us certain that this is exactly where we want to be at this time of the year (and other times of the year as well). It's a time when downtown - normally reserved for LinkedIn bros and phone staring blazer wearers - is co-opted for those who are anyone but that. Beneath the shadow of the office buildings the city comes alive with its weirdo flavor complete with eleven stages of electronic music. Some of your all time favorites will be there, like the Symbiosis stage, Solid Gold Jacuzzi, Enchanted Forest, just to name a few. This here writer is always particularly excited about the Pulse SF stage, where psytrance takes the center in a setting in which it could not be more perfect (a rarity for the region). Like many events in the city this year, the theme will be Summer of Love, so get ready for a retrospective on some of the long, strange things that have been happening in our city by the bay since 1967. See you in the weirdness. Date: Sunday, May 7, Time: noon-8pm, Place: Howard and 2nd St., Cover: $20 for Magic Button, otherwise donation. More Info (ML)


Eye Heart Block Party
For the 6th year in a row, Eye Heart SF has hosted a block party at Public Works, taking over both the club and Erie Street. There'll be three stages of music, inside and outside, with a bevy of DJs for your listening pleasure. From noon until 8pm, you can dance to your hearts content to DJs like J Espinosa. If you grew up out here, you know that J Espinosa got his start on KYLD94.9. But what you might not have known is that he was 17, making him the youngest DJ to have a full time mix show at the time. He is the 2015 Red Bull 3Style USA Champion and the Oakland Raiders in house DJ, so he obviously knows what makes the party pop. El Cool J brings his high energy and big room sound to the decks. He's always got the perfect blend of old skool party anthems and club hits. The Schmidt, ThatSound and Marcellus Holmes are just a few other names slated to play, but to find out the rest of the bass-laden lineup, you have to get to the Eye Heart SF Block Party. Date: Saturday, May 6, Time: noon-8pm, Place: Public Works 161 Erie St, Cover: $10+, More Info (CQ)




Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for Solid Gold Jacuzzi Stagethis Sun @ Natoma St


Link Of The Week
Field of Vision - Our New President: Donald Trump has become a beloved cult figure for many Russians. Our New President uses found footage, fake news and state-controlled political programming to reveal the variety of ways Trump's newfound Russian supporters express their devotion. Here

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Event: Housepitality
Venue: F8
DJs: M3, Shiny Objects, Chuwee, King Most, Ilya
Music: house (funky, deep, acid)
Cover: no cover b4 10pm w/RSVP, $5 presale on RA, $10 otherwise


DJ M3 returns to the housepit to celebrate the release of his newest EP on Green Gorilla Lounge EP. Already dubbed a floor shaker, Acid Fashion features that bouncy bass we love so much, as well as trippy effects and a 303 synth. He's got some floor shakers as well as after-hours groovers, so peep the EP for the full listing. Shiny Objects is no stranger to SF, founding OM Records, Smoke n' Mirrors, Up All Night, Monarch and the Great Northern. On Wednesday, he'll bring those deep psychedelic vibes to the dancefloor. Chuwee, King Most and Ilya round out the lineup and hold it down with their funky beats. (CQ)

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Event: May the Fourth Be With You
Venue: The Great Northern
DJs: JohnJohn, Haute Mess vs. Mace, JoeJoe v. Dr. Whiskers, Ernie Trevino v. Marky Ray, NEY v. Miss Mak, Diamonds, JustJovani, BRi, Archie XX, Make Out Point
Music: electro, cyber, breaks
Cover: $4-10
For the ultimate in sci-fi "holidays", The Great Northern is bringing you a nerd-fest for all of your punnable Star Wars jokes. Joining in the lack of 4th Wall displays (yes, that means costumes and dance floor performances are encouraged) will be a number of DJs from the echelons of cyber raving, like the classic Brass Tax and Sinewave Syndicate. Making the night extra special will be the inclusion of Cyberia, a VR experience that could put you literally (ok almost literally) in the world that you know and love so well. Come mingle with the people who know you best (your fellow Star Wars fans) and may the force be with you. ( ML)

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Event: Danney Fairchild
Venue: Halcyon
DJs: Danney Fairchild, Superpoze, Fairchild, Trey Courtney
Music: house, techno
Cover: $10-20 presale
Denney's undeniable talents as a DJ have lead him to play all over the world including Europe, Australia and America, with a highlight at the notorious DC10 in Ibiza for Jamie Jones' Paradise. His style is unmistakable with a unique blend of house and techno with a distinct ability to create a special atmosphere. Playing alongside some of the world's biggest names, Denney has shown a modest, unfaltering style - whether playing a warm up or main room set he always delivers.

Event: Don't Try This At Home w/ Maxxi Soundsystem
Venue: The Great Northern
DJs: Maxxi Soundsystem, Shiny Objects, Rachel Torro, Arash Sheikh, Lance DeSardi & Tasho
Music: house, tech-house
Cover: $15-20 presale
Maxxi Soundsystem currently stands at an crucial and exhilarating point in his career, where the possibilities are endless, motivation is at an all-time high and the future is full of opportunity. It's what so many musicians dream of and something he continues to work on maintaining with a humble attitude and a sense of fun throughout. With these qualities, and his musical talent, he's sure to have a long-lasting career no matter what direction he takes.

Event: Oliver Dollar
Venue: Audio
DJs: Oliver Dollar, Chuwee
Music: house
Cover: $10 presale
The past few years have seen Berlin based Oliver Dollar's name gradually build to a recognizable staple in house music. This Berlin born and based producer has gained acknowledgment through a series of solid releases on labels such as Play It Down, Rekids and Front Room Recordings. Remix credits can be found amongst the most famed independents; including Greco Roman, Rekids and Exploited as well as majors: Polydor and Ministry of Sound.

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Event: Camp Charlie Unicorns
Venue: Public Works
DJs: DJ Dan, Syd Gris, DivaDanielle
Music: house (future, deep), nu disco, techno, dub
Cover: $17
This Saturday, Camp Charlie is hosting a Burning Man benefit at Public Works. The camp is trying to raise money to return home, as the playa just wouldn't be the same without Camp Charlie Unicorns.To entice you to help, the camp has gone above and beyond to bring you a true house legend, DJ Dan. And with him as the headliner, raising that money shoudln't be that hard. Even if you don't love house music, you know who DJ Dan is. And if you don't, let me educate you a little bit. He's one of the hardest working DJs, getting his start at a very young age and never looking back. In the 90's he rolled with the Funky Techno Tribe, creating West Coast house, which was a fusion of breakbeat, house, dub and techno. He's been a staple at raves and clubs around the world ever since, and has his created his own label, Instereo Recordings. He'll be joined by Opulent Temple's Syd Gris and Camp Charlie resident DivaDanielle, so get your dancing shoes and get to Public Works. (CQ)

Event: Fehrplay
Venue: Audio
DJs: Fehrplay, Chad Bays, Lazer Beahm
Music: progressive house
Cover: $10 presale
What do Billboard and the sleepless city of New York hold in common? For one, they have all bowed to the uplifting talents of Norwegian breakout Fehrplay. With his name cemented to the lifeblood of progressive house and the global club circuit adding to his 360-degree explosion. In the club, Jonas has shown an encyclopedic musical knowledge. Relishing the opportunity to play personal favourites, new and old, and cuts that never quite broke into the digital market, his ability to draw music from across the dance music spectrum has proven an undeniable asset.

Event: Lights Down Low w/ Bwana
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Bwana, Dauwd
Music: house
Cover: $12-18 presale
Bwana recent 'Flute Dreams EP' has received universal support in the press and his peers. The title track has been featured in both Sasha and Huxley's respective Essential Mixes for BBC Radio 1, as well as in sets and mixes from names including Laurent Garnier, J. Phlip and Jacques Greene. Clearly it's no fluke that the young Canadian has become the first North American to release on the esteemed label, already home to the music of names like Midland, Dusky, Joy Orbison and many more. Having cut his teeth with a series of critically acclaimed EP's in 2012, Bwana aka Nathan Micay made a conscious decision to step out of the limelight in 2013 and take the proper time needed to develop both his sound and abilities in the studio. In his own words: "this time was incredibly fruitful and I'm happy to be back now with more than enough music ready to be released in the coming years. Music that I know I can be proud of." Dauwd creates music with a complexity most contemporary producers shy away from. Found sounds are thickly laden over multi-timbred synths, vocal and instrumental stabs punctuate organic and evolving passages guided always by driving percussion and immaculate bass production. The method, "make a noise, make it my noise,then give it some rhythm" certainly seems to work for Dauwd.

Event: The Crystal Method
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: The Crystal Method, MPHD, Aaron Axelson, Ryury, Julicio Tamo, Brunch Life
Music: trip-hop, big beat, breakbeat, bass, techno
Cover: $25
I can guarantee you've heard The Crystal Method's music even if you can't be sure. Their music's been in TV shows, vide games, movies and advertisements; pretty much everywhere. But there's nothing better than hearing their blend of hip-hop, rock, soul, pop and big beat on a loud, state-of-the-art soundsystem in a club with hundreds of your closest friends. And you're in luck, as TCM is coming to Mezzanine this Saturday. Catch TCM duo Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, known as America's answer to The Chemical Brothers, rocking out with MPHD, Aaron Axelson, Ryury and Julicio at Mezzanine. Get there early as you know this will be one packed night. (CQ

Event: The Disco Space Shuttle w/ Milo Häfliger
Venue: The Great Northern
DJs: Milo Häfliger, Seva, plus many more
Music: house, disco
Cover: $15-30
The Disco Space Shuttle to once again will be taking you on an interstellar voyage with Häfliger who has been making waves in the international electronic music community with his deeply evocative sound, which stresses on using feeling and emotion to create truly powerful music. He will take you for an astonishing journey that will bring us together and open our minds. Häfliger says: "I'm trying to convey my feelings and emotions through the magical power of music. To share something beyond sounds. To get on a journey far away from fears of expressing ourselves freely. To get more intimately in touch with our core being. Together for the change!"

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Event: How Weird Inside Southside Spirit House
Venue: Southside Spirit House
DJs: Vitamindevo, Alastair, Lt. Daaan, Paul Harvey, Seven, Sol, Michelle Musial, Monchis B2B JR "Alfredo" Lopez
Music: house, tech-house
Cover: no cover
The Unusual Suspects launched 5 years ago today with a first party at Southside Spirit House during and after the How Weird Street Festival. They were visited by the Star Wars Band who played live for 20 minutes followed by top local DJs absolutely crushing the place until almost midnight. They've carried on the tradition and can't wait to celebrate 5 years in 2017. This Annual Street Festival party within a party is always fun, always busy with the dopest of DJs rock tunes all day and into the night. Party starts 1pm and goes till 11p.

Event: Solid Gold Jacuzzi: The How Weird Street Faire After-Rave
Venue: The Great Northern
Music: house (deep, funky, tech), techno, breaks
Cover: $10
All gold everything! Solid Gold Jacuzzi is taking over an alley during The How Weird Street Faire, showing the bay how they get down. But knowing partygoers, the faire just isn't long enough to enjoy all that Solid Gold has to offer, so they're hosting an after-rave, too. Taking over The Great Northern, Solid Gold will use their Midas touch and gold-ify the place, while the DJs throw down banging beats. Since How Weird is a day time event, and the after party goes until 1am, it's a marathon day of partying, so stay hydrated and wear comfy shoes. And if you wan't to know who's DJing or what kind of things Solid Gold has up their sleeves for this event, then get your booty to The Great Northern. (CQ)

Event: The Kazbah presents: Jozif
Venue: Audio
DJs: Jozif, Papa Lu, Ali Khalili, Elz, Acid Boyz
Music: house, deep house, progressive house
Cover: $10
We know it's How Weird Sunday which means you are so not done by the time the clock strikes 8pm. So, head on over to Audio where they're hosting a late night fundraiser for the Kazbah soundcamp at Burning Man (famous for their Transamerica Building-lookalike structure) with all of the proceeds going directly to bringing the camp back to the Playa. To celebrate this evening they're bringing in British DJ Jozif, a man raising steam in the global electronic music world as well as at a residency in John Digweed's Bedrock and, of course, in our local Burner communities. Support a local crew that always makes the Burn special while extending your Sunday time dancing to the extreme. (ML)


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