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Sunset Spring Boat Party
It is a rarity that the Sunset Spring Boat should occur before we have ever had our chance to early-season party at Stafford Lake, but the weather has not permitted this year. That said, we don't mind taking to the sea first and land second (wasn't that some sort of semi-ancient American phrase anyway?). The lineup for this event is off the chain and off the dock as Sunset welcomes out-of-towners Red Axes to the decks. Recently remembered for their killer set at a pre-Great Northern Honey party, they kept the floor moving and groovin' well into the night with their new wave techno-based sound that is informed by as well as in contrast to the rest of their Israeli contemporaries. Joining as special guests, although from much nearer to home, are Vin Soul and Primo Pitino of local Club Lonely fame. Proponants of queer-friendly, safe spaces to play house is the perfect aside for the sound of Red Axes. Of course, the residents like Solar, Galen, and J-Bird will be handling the floor as they have honed over so many years and so many parties. They'll also be offering a repeat performance for those who can't stop or those who can't boat at the afterparty at Monarch. Date: Sun, April, 23, Time: 5pm-11pm, Place: Pier 3, Cover: $55-65, More Info (ML)


Spaceship Earth Day
Earth Day is quickly approaching and this year, it falls on a Saturday. A few days before, on Wednesday, there's going to be a Buckmister Fuller Institute Fundraiser (BFI) at the Great Northern. Dubbed Spaceship Earth Day, this event celebrates the return of the BFI to California. Fifty years ago, Fuller knew that politics would fail and that the world would need a design science revolution. As he said, we're all astronauts, so join your fellow astronomers in exploring immersive planetary and cosmic visualizations, taking an astronaut selfie and engaging in meaningful conversation with the BFI board and Bay Area scientists. The out-of-this-world soundtrack will be provided by Icarus resident DJ Alastair, who'll thrown down intergalatic and planetary beats. And if you can't make a midweek event, never fear, as the official Earth Day celebration and festival is this Saturday at Civic Center plaza in SF. Educate yourself this Wednesday and Saturday about space, earth and the role we play in each. Date: Spaceship: Weds, 4/19, Earth Day: Sat 4/22, Time: Spaceship: 7pm-11pm, Earth Day: 10a-6pm, Place: Spaceship: The Great Northern, Earth Day: Civic Center Plaza, SF, Cover: Spaceship: $30-50, Earth Day: $tba, More Info (CQ)




Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for SHFT this Fri @ Harlot


Link Of The Week
Cassius ft. Cat Power Pharell Williams | Go Up: Here

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Event: Bicycle Day
Venue: The Midway
DJs: Bureau of Sabotage (supergroup), OTT, Papadosio, Phaeleh, Govinda, Andreillen, Eliot Lipp, MiHKAL, Templo, Little John
Music: jam band, psychedelic, world fusion, bass
Cover: $45


Bicycle Day is the unofficial pre-party to 4/20. And by preparty we mean take a bunch of acid (or just remember the times you did) because this is, allegedly, the day that Albert Hoffman took his now-infamous bike ride after discovering lysergic acid diethylamide. To celebrate such an immense occasion, now in its 74th anniversary, The Midway is hosting a full-on celebration that includes almost all variety of typical activities: fractal art by the legendary Alex and Allyson Grey, jam band performances from Papadosio and a supergroup lineup called Bureau of Sabotage featuring members of Dead & Co, The Disco Biscuits, Thievery Corporation, and Dark Star Orchestra, as well as some bass world fusion, as has come to be associated with some of the newer edges of all things trippy. To round out the event there will be a gallery of blotter art and a Prop 215-friendly section (Medical Cannibis). Lets get transcendental. (ML)

Event: Housepitality/ AYLI: Unabridged
Venue: F8
DJs: Mike Servito, Tyrel Williams, Mike Gushansky
Music: house, techno
Cover: no cover b4 10pm w/RSVP, $5 presale on RA, $10 otherwise


Housepitality is teaming up with the AYLI crew for a night of pure musical bliss. This is an official AYLI and Housepitality party, serving as the inaugural launch of the AYLI crews' Unabridged series of events. Unabridged is a collaborative effort between like minded individuals who want to showcase forward thinking electronica. After years of trying to get Mike Servito to the housepit, it's finally happening. Though a New York transplant, Servito is all Detroit techno. Inspired by the 80's radio and 90's local heroes, Servito debuted in 1995, making a name for himself as he played many Detroit Music Festivals. He holds residencies with Bunker and Ghostly, showing that much like wine, Servito only gets better with age. Tyrel Williams and Mike Gushansky round out the lineup, so get to F8 for this special event. (CQ)

Event: Spin The Night
Venue: Pop's
DJs: Rishy, BlakeBlakeBlake
Music: techno, tech-house, esoterica, soul
Cover: no cover


Pops' Wednesday DJ night is simple and easy: Come to the bar, grab a drink, have some casual or egregious dancing with local heroes who know their stuff inside and out, and that's pretty much it. BlakeBlakeBlake, nee Blake (shocker) is just an all-around music head with an affinity for noise, industrial, Northern soul, punk, house, diva house, disco, etc… Let's just say etc… again. He also likes talking about it with all the deep music heads around town and is a huge fan of vinyl. He has a huge collection and isn't afraid to share it He's also not afraid of some unconventional genre-bending. Joining is Rishy, nee Rishy, a celebrity about town who is a tastemaker both here and abroad for his excellent selections in new and emerging artists, often of a bangin' techno variety, and his pushing forward of female and queer artists. Its a fam night for sure and one worth eschewing more extreme Wednesday outings for. (ML)

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Event: AYLI w/ Floating Points
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: Floating Points
Music: house, jazz, soul
Cover: $34 presale
Breaking away from making electronic music on his laptop, Sam Shepherd the DJ, producer and composer otherwise known as Floating Points - spent years engineering his debut album - Elaenia, all the while deejaying in cities across the globe and working towards his PhD in neuroscience. An incredibly special album that draws inspiration from classical, jazz, electronic music, soul and even Brazilian popular music, Elaenia – named after the bird of the same name – is the epitome of the forward-thinking Floating Points vision.

Event: Cosmic Selector presents Long Play
Venue: The Endup
DJs: Abstract Rude, B Squid, Motion Potion, Tek Freaks, Sonny Daze, Liquid Love Drops, Shadow Spirit
Music: hip-hop, house, techno, breaks
Cover: no cover b4 10pm, $15 presale, $20 otherwise
Cosmic Selector is taking over a legendary club in SF, bringing you LP: Long Play at The End Up. This event features rapper Abstract Rude spitting lyrical fire and performing live. Also performing live is B Squid, aka Baby Squid, a lady hip-hopper who's got bars and the chops to prove it. Holding it down on the DJ side is Motion Potion, a DJ for people who love live music. His sets are always different, making him incredibly versatile and never boring. The electro, tech-house duo Tek Freaks is also throwing down, bringing that old-skool rock and metal fused with techy electro beats we love so much. Sonny Daze, Liquid Love Drops and Shadow Spirit complete this lineup, so get to Long Play at The End Up for some dancing fun. (CQ)

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Event: AYLI presents Unabridged with Marcel Dettmann
Venue: The Public Works
DJs: Marcel Dettmann, Umfang, Russell E.L Butler Loft: Jus-Ed b2b DJ QU, Mike Gushansky
Music: techno, house
Cover: $20
AYLI makes its way to Public Works as part of their Unabridged series. This installment features Marcel Dettmann, a DJ and producer from Berlin with an affinity for techno. Thought to be one of the more influential contemporaries of techno, Dettmann is always on the look out for inspiration, constantly evolving his interpretations of his sound. Umfang is a Brooklyn resident by way of Kansas, and plays monthly at Technofeminism. She creates polyrhythmic techno, and has released tracks on 1080p and Allergy Season. Russell E.L Butler throws down a funky DJ set, while Jus-Ed goes b2b with DJ Qu for an extended set. Catch the next Unabridged show at Public Works this Friday. (CQ)

Event: Eli & Fur & Josh Butler
Venue: Halcyon
DJs: Eli & Fur, Josh Butler
Music: house
Cover: $10-20 presale
Since their debut release in 2013, Eli & Fur have been perfecting a sound built around infectious melodies with deep, driving bass lines topped with their distinguished brooding vocals. Their sound has developed into something quite unique and has earned them respect from some of the biggest names in dance music. From the North of England to dance floors across the globe, Josh Butler has made serious headway with his high calibre house sound. Currently he's held the #1 spot on Beatport for the last 3 weeks. His undiluted brand of house music and 'less is more' approach has seen him tour all four corners of the globe.

Event: Don't Try This At Home w/ Solomun
Venue: The Great Northern
DJs: Solomun, Tone of Arc, DJ M3, Shane One, Alvaro
Music: house, tech-house, nu-disco
Cover: tbd
Solomun loves the studio, this is clear from his output: always emotive, visceral, authentic and always promoting his reasoning that "Music is Moments". That said, his passion for DJing can never be questioned by anyone who's seen him in-action, all over the world. As head of Diynamic Music, he's a consistent but still he's not afraid to take the audience on a journey. It's a sensual style where deepness, funkiness and human vocals go hand in hand. Three and a half years in the making, Tone Of Arc have created a truly inspired opus that highlights their articulate, playful writing style and Derrick Boyd's masterfully rich production ingenuity.

Event: HyDP
Venue: Hyde Street Studios
DJs: Equilet, Sweguno, David Last, IDP residents
Music: experimental, IDM
Cover: $10
For this special edition of IDP (intelligent dance party), the crew is bringing their special flavor of electronic experimentation and sound-art-meets-moveability music to the Hyde Street Studios, a place that will be familiar to almost anyone who has ever produced a note of electronic music in this fair city (or been friends with someone who has, so all of you). For this edition they'll be bringing in Oakland artist Equilet, who bills as techno and will be performing live, Sweguno of SF, a self-billed "maker of sounds", who will also be performing live, as well as a DJ set from David Last, who is from SF but has made his rounds at places like The Bunker NYC and more. Shout out to the residents! (ML)

Event: Modeselektor (DJ set)
Venue: 1015 Folsom
DJs: Modeselektor, Lando, DJ CZ, Nihar Bhatt, Justin Anastasi, Max Gardner, Bob 5, Rachel Torro, Emanate, Michael Milano
Music: bass, electro, future garage, techno
Cover: $20-30
Modeselektor has become a huge name in electronic music because of the group's distinct style that morphs German-style house, techno, and electro with a distinctive injection of bass sounds, garage, and album friendly composition. The music of the duo, comprised of Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, reflects the full-on rave sound of 90s Berlin, although translated into a modern day electronic landscape. The duo will be joined by a roster of artists who have started with the Bay Area as their home-base. A special set from Lando, who has been in Berlin since 2010, highlights the collaboration and influences between our two great cities, is a highlight but there will also be contributions from industrial techno collective Surface Tension, techno stalwarts Direct to Earth, and other local contributions like the inimitable Rachel Torro. Happy Thursday. (ML)

Event: SHFT w/ Colette & Jay-J
Venue: Harlot
DJs: Colette, Jay-J, Lazylife
Music: house, techno, tech-house
Cover: $10-15 presale
SHFT is raising the bar for April as they welcome back DJ Colette. She's coming off gigs at 2017 Miami Music Weekend and her recent "Retrospective" album release on Pledge Music and is poised to rock Harlot. Residents Jay-J and Lazylife open up with downtempo through deep and classic house. They'll set the table for Colette who never disappoints.

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Event: Marc Kinchen
Venue: Halcyon
DJs: Marc Kinchen (MK), J Toro
Music: techno, house, r&b, hip-hop
Cover: $15-20
Revered producer, remixer and DJ, MK's storied background is one of long-term creative development. His roots are pure Detroit, but his early cues come from electronic leaning UK bands like Depeche Mode, New Order and The Cure. If you dig a little deeper, you will find that MK's own musical path is a series seamless transitions from house to techno and hip-hop to R&B, with a complete turnaround back to house in the last six years. Currently, MK is finalizing his long awaited artist album. The project includes collaborations with vocalists Becky Hill, Milly Pye, Anabel Englund, and a host of other friends and collaborators yet to be revealed.

Event: Mayan Warrior pres. Barnt & Rebolledo
Venue: The Great Northern
DJs: Barnt, Rebolledo, Bubu, Ali Khalili, Lt. Daaan, Yaz
Music: progressive house, tech house
Cover: $10-25
One of the favorite mutant vehicles from the Playa that continues to play our favorite Burner-friendly and house-lover-friendly hits is coming to the Bay for their first fundraiser of the season to help get their small but mighty player to the desert this coming summer. To make it worth your while (which it obviously will be) they'll be bringing some hard hitting headliners to The Great Northern, themselves a big fan of the sound. Headlining will be Barnt out of Cologne and head of the label Magazine, joined by Rebolledo of the Pachanga Boys (perhaps we'll skip 'Time' this time), and Bubu, another Mexican artist (it is the home of the car). You'll experience what makes the Mayan Warrior as special as it is while contributing to making it special again for so many more. (ML)

Event: Sunshine People - Spring Season Opener
Venue: Brix 581
DJs: CJ Larsen, Michael May, Jamie Swing, Nesto Fuentez, Mike Carpenter
Music: house
Cover: $5 b4 4pm, $10 after
Spring has sprung and it's time again for day parties! In order to get this outdoor season started, Sunshine People is taking over their favorite location in the town to raise a little funds this Saturday afternoon. Your favorite Sunshine People residents will be holding it down at Brix581, a little indoor/outdoor location that's perfect for day time fun. Get down to the musical stylings of CJ Larsen, Michael May, Jamie Swing, Nesto Fuentez and Mike Carpenter, each keeping things fresh with their own blend of chunky and funky house beats. Proceeds from this event will go towards future day parties, so if you want to have fun in the sun with Sunshine People, get to Brix this Saturday! (CQ)

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Event: Mars Bar Sundays
Venue: Mars Bar
DJs: Vedda, Mike Frugaletti, Mario Dubbz
Music: house
Cover: no cover
Three of Mars Bar all time favorites DJs are coming together for an afternoon of absolutely, positively, guaranteed, exceptional music. Starting at Noon right after Breakfast Club at The Endup. Mars Bar will be keeping your groove alive with DJ Vedda, Mike Frugaletti, and Mario Dubbz right before you board the Sunset boat party. See you on their sunny patio.

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