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Steampunk Masquerade
As an all-round, all-encompassing event, NIMBY's Steampunk Masquerade is a combination of live and electronic music, large-scale art projects, a huge open space to play in, all the be-spectacled and velvet costumes that can reach the eye, art cars, and of course all your Playa-friendly friends. Oh, and fire. Think of it as a one-day festival. Highlights of the event include Christopher Schardt's FIRMAMENT, a full scale massive art piece that has not been fully assembled since Burning Man 2015. If you missed it or if you want to see it again, this is the first (and maybe last) time you'll be able to bathe in the lights and enjoy the multiple images that will shower your eyes. While enjoying that, you can listen to the acid marching band (or something like that), the Extra Action Marching Band, who you've probably seen sneaking out of the metaphorical football stadium and into parties, Cello Joe, and For The Ladies, who come complete with a male erotic dancer. Local electronic artist Gigamesh will conduct the closing set and the dance sounds will go into the night as Airpusher DJs and locals like Sepher and Kimba Rose bring it down all night long. With shuttles from Coliseum BART station starting at 5pm, don't even worry about transportation — no matter where you're coming from. Just worry about what you'll wear, which friends you'll bring, and getting your metaphorical and literal party (top) hat on. Date: Saturday, May 14, Time: 5pm, Place: NIMBY, Oakland, Cover: $40, More Info (ML)



Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for Adrian Lux this Friday at Love + Propeganda


Link Of The Week
Once Upon a Blue Moon: A lonely blue alien thinks he has found a new friend to play with when a strange new explorer robot lands on his planet. link Here


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Event: Housepitality
Venue: F8
DJs: Toshiya Kawasaki, Mike Bee, Romanowski
Music: house, techno
Cover: no cover b4 10pm w/ RSVP, after $10


Housepitality is taking the second of week of May by storm with this week's lineup. Toshiya Kawasaki returns to F8 in hopes of recreating his explosive Housepitality night in 2015. A Japanese DJ and owner of the labels Mule Musiq and Endless Flight, Kawasaki is credited as being one of the most respected underground curators out there. And if you were there last year when he hit the F8 stage, then you know what a frenzy he created on the dancefloor. And of course, with Kawasaki on deck, it was only fitting that Mike Bee also be on the lineup. Owner and curator of Vinyl Dreams, Bee is also a Housepitality resident and a damn good one at that. And if those two weren't enough to get your booty on the dancefloor, Romanowski, an SF staple in the oldskool scene, will be holding it down in the lounge. With a lineup like that, I think it's safe to say that a lot of us will be calling in sick on Thursday so we can dance the night away. (CQ)

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Event: Modular pres. Oliver Koletzki
Venue: Harlot
DJs: Oliver Koletzki, Pedro Arbulu, Emanate, Lily Ackerman
Music: deep house, minimal
Cover: no cover before 10:30pm w/ RSVP, otherwise $10-20


Modular continues to bring in the pleasing sounds of what is even considered mainstream in the glorious techno town of Germany. Tonight they bring in a superhero, Oliver Koletzki, a man who is known by any music lover who appreciates a good German-language track. Koletzki, whose most recent album is titled, ambiguously, I Am O.K., which is a true maxim based on his name, but not on his musical qualities where he is much more than just O.K. The album hearkens back to his roots as a thirteen year old youth (pictured on the cover), but also the bare bones of music before minimal music meant anything but and before having the name Koletzki denoted you as the head of super-underground label, Stil Vor Talent, and before the name could land you on stage at some of the largest festivals worldwide. Back then was still before he was discovered through a white label release in 2005 by none other than Sven Väth. A lot has happened since then. Now he'll be playing this Thursday with Modular residents Pedro Arbulu, Emanate, and Mioli's Lily Ackerman. It's a big Thursday but it's worth it. Wilkommen. (ML)

Event: You're Welcome w/ Jay Tripwire
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Jay Tripwire, Benjamin K b2b Rachel Torro
Music: house
Cover: $7-15


"A full pelt wavering between tribal moments,& more modest slabs of Detroit-inspired soul. The crowd respond at every turn." - Steve McLay, DJ MAG. Always sitting slightly off-centre, Jay Tripwire is an artist that walks the line as industry staple and ever changing innovator, releasing one standout release after another. His signature fusion of deep Detroit textures and intricate rhythms has led a career spanning two decades, with over 200 vinyl releases, 2 commercial mixed cd compilations, and four full length albums. He remains one of the most prolific artists around, with an average of 15 releases per year. With anticipated releases and remixes imminent, the Tripwire production wheel is still very much in motion, and on its way to Monarch's turntables.

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Event: Anthony Attalla & Dave Seaman
Venue: Verso (1525 Mission St)
DJs: Anthony Attalla, Dave Seaman
Music: house
Cover: no cover b4 midnight w/RSVP,
Christian Pineiro and Manu are celebrating their birthdays this Friday with a special edition of [SET]. This installment features Anthony Attalla, a DJ, producer and label owner dubbed a rising star in the house music world. Atalla created the label Incorrect Music as a platform to showcase some of his favorite talent, and since he himself has charted over 60 Top 100 tracks on Beatport, it's safe to say he knows his stuff. Also on deck is Dave Seaman, one of the originators of the UK house movement and an extremely successful label owner. He's been a mainstay on the DJ circuit for over 25 years and he's one of the original editors of Mixmag magazine. He's remixed everyone from David Bowie and New Order and has done over 20 compilations for Global Underground, Renaissance and Radio 1's Essential Mix. With so much talent on hand, be sure to wear your dancing shoes. (CQ)

Event: Ardalan
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Ardalan, Sirus Hood, Sacha Robotti
Music: gritty bass, house
Cover: $10-20 presale
Range, appeal and a massive dose of nasty, gritty bass are the three chief weapons every Dirtybird artist has in his quiver, but Ardalan seems to be the peak culmination of all those assets in one wieldy point. This young archer has had the incomprehensible luck to fall into crew with his idols, be reared by their best and given some of their most guarded musical secrets, then hoisted to a platform to blare his prodigious beats from places where most creators can only dream of being. Born in Tehran, Iran, Ardalan Noghre-Kar possesses a peculiar, fresh perspective on music genesis without even trying. His mixes, remixes and dubs are known for their sass, energy and wickedly wry samples that snap like a wet towel to the face. Sirus Hood is a French artist whose musical and visual universe is influenced by Ghetto House. It combines Deep House and 80s' Chicago Hip House movement to revisit the Booty House style- a genre he wants to push the limits of.

Event: Marc Kinchen & Kevin Saunderson
Venue: 1015 Folsom
DJs: Marc Kinchen (MK), Kevin Saunderson, Dax Lee, Make It Funky DJs, Groovy Eddie
Music: house, techno
Cover: $20
The Warm Up Sessions is taking over 1015 this Friday. Producer, DJ, artist and overall jack-of-all-trades Marc Kinchen, or MK, is hitting the stage. Well-known in the dance world as well as the r&b and pop ones, MK continuously pushes the musical envelope. Growing up in Detroit, MK was lucky to befriend Kevin Saunderson, the guru of techno himself, who soon became his mentor and surrogate big brother. Together they will rock the 1015 stage during The Warm up Sessions. Saunderson is known as one of the originators of techno, specifically Detroit techno along with Derrick May and Juan Atkins. Working alongside those two, Saunderson was inspired to create and produce his own music, and the rest, they say, is history. Dax Lee, the Make It Funky DJs and Groovy Eddie round out this lineup, so don't miss out on this musical goodness. (CQ)

Event: Mind Against & Lake People (Live)
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Mind Against & Lake People (Live), Matt Hubert
Music: house, techno, tech-house
Cover: $13-20 presale
Etching a musical partnership that draws from the combined roots of IDM, house and techno, Mind Against are the Italian native but Berlin based project of Alessandro and Federico Fognini. They carved a path for themselves with a series of three EPs on Life and Death. Their debut Atlant, the follow up Avalon and the latter Strange Days were let loose to critical acclaim. Since then calling the label their home. They coax on psychedelic hooks of the 1980s and dance floor anthems bound traditionally to european soil. This backdrop makes for releases and performances that do well against any canvas. Creating the right atmosphere is essential for Martin Enke alias Lake People, so it doesn't surprise that he prefers to play on his strength to create an arc of suspense with melancholic melodies that drive the audience relentlessly to his gently deep interpretation of house.

Event: MOM DJs 7 Year Ft. Cut Chemist
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: Cut Chemist, Alligator SpaceWalk
Music: soul, house, hip-hop
Cover: $25 presale
MOM DJs, the creators of Motown On Mondays in 18 cities worldwide, is celebrating 7yrs of shepherding soulful sounds to dance floors everywhere. From SF to NYC, LA to Honolulu. Sao Paolo to Winnipeg, Chicago to Philly and beyond. MOM DJs have ignited the dance hall with their hot selection of soul classics, original heavy remixes and genre blending soul edits. And to celebrate their 7th year they're bringing in Cut Chemist who has been recording and performing for over twenty years. He started dj'ing in 1984, at age 11 years old. In 1987 aged 14 Cut started recording with his friends including Chali 2na (Jurassic 5). Cut first became known as a founding member of both the rap group Jurassic 5 and the Grammy award winning Latin funk outfit, Ozomatli. Keeping his involvement with both groups in tandem with one another, Cut has developed a taste for music and rhythms from around the world while keeping his ethic for the hip hop tradition. His mix-tapes and remixes became critically acclaimed far and wide.

Event: Sunset Sound System Presents: Dekmantel Showcase w/ Palms Trax
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Palms Trax, Juju & Jordash (Live), Solar, Galen
Music: underground house
Cover: $20 presale
Join the Sunset Sound System crew on the road to their annual Sunset Campout. This Friday they'll be celebrating the Dekmantel showcase featuring Berlin based producer and Dj Palms Trax. What began as an experiment in pad-driven Detroit workouts soon became Palms Trax's calling card, the young producer building valve-heated, dust-treated slabs of house in his home studio, shot through with melodic synths and smooth, undulating drum patterns that recalls the likes of Legowelt, John Heckle, Tevo Howard, and Nu-Groove-era Burrell Brothers. Juju & Jordash found one another through weekly be-bop jams back in the mid 90s, with Juju (Gal Aner) on guitar and Jordash (Jordan Czamanski) on piano. Throughout the 1990s, each played in and composed for various jazz and experimental combos by day and, by cover of night, danced in clubs and experimented with synthesizers, drum machines and dance music.

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Event: Dennis Ferrer
Venue: Audio
DJs: Dennis Ferrer, Andrew Phelan
Music: house, tech-house
Cover: $10 presale
Ferrer burst back into the consciousness of most dance music heads with the release of "Sandcastles," (Ibadan) his collaboration with Jerome Sydenham in 2003. A throwback to his techno roots as producer of the first ever release on Synewave in 1994 and mixed with a healthy dose of soul, the track was a massive hit for the duo. But, to his credit, Ferrer didn't simply repeat the formula afterwards. Instead, whether it's been the gospel house sounds of his remix of Blaze & Barbara Tucker's "Most Precious Love" (Defected) or the deeper-than-deep rework of Fish Go Deep's "The Cure & The Cause," (Defected) Ferrer has continued to push a variety of genres all at once. It's clear that Ferrer isn't content to rest on his laurels: he's too busy dreaming up new ways to shock and delight audiences.

Event: Maxxi Soundsystem
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Maxxi Soundsystem, Shiny Objects, Papa Lu
Music: progressive house, minimal house, deep house
Cover: $10-20
Maxxi Soundsystem's name remains elusive despite his emotive dancefloor jams that will have you with your hands high in the air and your heart more than a-twitter. His sounds have impressed more than just the dancefloors of Europe and the US, but also huge artists like Maceo Plex, and even took a highlighted spot in Dixon and Ame's 2012 Boiler Room. This Brit from Brighton, neé Sam Watts, has moved from the standard British youth DJ life of a DnB DJ to become an ever-up-and-coming name in the global house scene. Whether famous for his productions or his DJ sets, his is a name that you'll be looking forward to this Saturday or in years to come. (ML)

Event: Salted
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Richard Earnshaw, Miguel Migs, Julius Papp
Music: soulful house, deep house
Cover: $10 presale
This edition of Salted welcomes from the U.K. special guest Richard Earnshaw as he brings his soulful house rhythms to the Bay Area for the first time. Going beyond soulful house, Earnshaw emanates all things jazz, funk and soul. This prolific producer, remixer and DJ will be joined by residents local heroes Miguel Migs and Julius Papp. Visuals by Slide & Spin Productions.

Event: Sasha (Last Night On Earth)
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Sasha, Rooz & Bo, Ben Seagren, Kramer, Matt Kramer, Darren Grayson
Music: tech-house, progressive
Cover: $30
Sasha is an artist who we can't give an all-encompassing career arc write-up to in these short words. He's a legend and the number of projects he has his hands in and in control of would put your day planner to shame. His current project is Last Night On Earth, in which the mega-artist both showcases new and emerging producers (James Teej, Fur Coat, etc…), as well as the 2013 album Involv3r, which showcased reinterpretations of electronic songs from the likes of Little Dragon and the xx. He's still got a raucous touring schedule with this bent of his that is somewhere in between sound, art, and technology. As always, when you come out to see Sash it is both to pay homage to the legend while also see what he is doing that will make him a legend for future generations. (ML)

Event: The Shuffle Co-op presents Bambounou and Kris Wadsworth
Venue: F8
DJs: Bambounou, Kris Wadsworth, Nackt, Max Gardner, Petko Nikolov, Alex Lin
Music: house, techno
Cover: $10-15
Parisian Bambounou takes a break from releasing tracks on the 50Weapons label to rock the decks at F8. Seamlessly flowing from banging house to techno, Bambounou is known for keeping the dancefloor packed. And this is is first time on the west coast, so it seems fitting that his first stop is F8. Just added to the lineup is Kris Wadsworth, a former Detroit resident now in Berlin. He's had countless releases, many of which have become part of his fellow DJ's arsenals since they are certified floor shakers. Also catch Nackt, Max Gardner, Petko Nikolov and Alex Lin as each drops some musical fire. And in case those names weren't enough to drag you out, there will be free quesadillas for your eating pleasure. (CQ)

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Event: Sundays at Mars
Venue: Mars Bar
DJs: Brian Salazar, DJ Vega Garcia, Dan Suda
Music: house
Cover: no cover
This Sunday you're in for a treat, We couldn't ask for a more talented house music line up for a Sunday Afternoon at Mars Bar. Each one of these guys can hold their own as a headliner so for them to come together will be a joy for all to enjoy. The BBQ will be going as well as the outside Tiki bar!

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