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Oscar de la Renta: The Retrospective
If there is one thing we can say for electronic music culture is that it holds a certain sartorial weight. Whether you're donning your best hipster black for a full-on techno function, your biggest harem pants for a psytrance beach party, or sparkles for pretty much all of the above, there is a rave mode in which fashion takes on a new and exciting set of rules. So while you might call this high fashion, there is another kind of high fashion, the kind that luminaries like Oscar de la Renta has been producing for over five decades. This retrospective at the DeYoung museum highlights over 130 pieces that have created some outlandish fashions that find their way to runways but also to our dancefloors the world over. Be inspired for your own self-tailored creations. Date: Opens Tuesday, April 5, Time: 9:30am–5:15pm daily, Place: DeYoung Museum, Cover: x for regular admission, no cover for members link More Info (ML)



Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for Ruff Hauser this Thur at Monarch


Link Of The Week
Memories of Paintings is an experimental dreamlike video rocking us smoothly through circular moves. The visual compositions have been created out of paint, oil, milk and soap liquid. link Here

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Event: Housepitality
Venue: F8
DJs: Qzen, Sharon Buck, Mozhgan
Music: house, tech-house
Cover: $5 on RA, free b4 10pm w/ RSVP, $10 after 10pm


San Francisco's local dance music community has a couple of standbys. One of the tried and true is Wicked, throwers of the legendary San Francisco Full Moon Parties. Time sure does fly when you're having fun, though, because this year marks the 25th anniversary of this crew behind the decks and on the floors. To celebrate, Housepitality (a baby in comparison)m is throwing an all night back to back session for two of the Wicked leaders, Garth and Jeno. Enjoy their especially San Francisco style of house music that incorporates the tribal sounds that seems only natural considering they stem from a permanently beautiful city by piles of water and frequent sunshine to boot! Join them show that they still got it and so do you. Back room will be nothing to scoff at with Club Lonely's Vin Soul bringing the new together with the experienced. (ML)

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Event: Ruff Hauser
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Ruff Hauser, Skulltrane, Vitamindevo, Lt. Daaan
Music: dubstep, glitch, 2 step, minimal tech, tech-house
Cover: $5-10 presale


Tim(Ruff)Hauser has been mixing for 16 years and producing for 10. He has Definitely lived up to his name with his Ruff and rugged production. Tim Has developed a style of his own by fusing elements of Dubstep, glitch, 2 step, and minimal techno into one beautifully orchestrated arsenal of dance floor bangers. Ruffs Production is very bass heavy yet melodic and he seems to find that sweet spot weather he is delivering Dubstep or 4 on the floor glitched out dance tracks. His live sets also stay consistent with this genre breeding mentality using drum machines, fx processors, and digital sound manipulators creating a unique blend of audio art. From dj set to live performance Ruff covers all bases leading his audience on a lesson through genres. He has been a local favorite in his hometown Venice, and worked his way through the L.A. underground playing such clubs as Space Island and Cr8tivity. Tim has rocked the masses at festivals like Lightning In a Bottle, Symbiosis, Coachella, and burning man and this Thursday he'l be rocking the Monarch's dance floor. Don't miss it!

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Event: DJ Spun
Venue: Monarch
DJs: DJ Spun
Music: disco, house
Cover: $10-15 presale
DJ Spun's Rong Music is one of the most interesting labels on the planet right about now. Its genre-defying catalogue says as much about the artists as it does about the man behind the label. Since 2003 he has headed up the groundbreaking record label, a dual imprint collaboration with DFA, Tu Rong , and finally Promo Only – which brought the world wide disco edit craze to America.

Event: Green Velvet
Venue: 1015 Folsom
DJs: Green Velvet and many more
Music: Chicago house
Cover: $20
Change has been a constant theme throughout the successful career of Green Velvet, but as he has crossed genres, explored themes from the comedic to the serious and changed monikers, the common thread running through the music he has made for nearly two decades is its roots in and dedication to the Chicago House sound. His first transformation came when he left master's degree studies in chemical engineering at UC-Berkeley to turn a hobby into a career making music, influenced by the sounds he had been exposed to as a science-fiction-loving, video-game-playing kid whose father was a part-time Chicago DJ. As Cajmere, he released his inaugural Underground Goodies EP in 1991 on his Cajual label, keeping true to the early House sound. He quickly followed it up the next year with the smash hit "Coffeepot (It's Time for the Percolator)." With many more releases to follow, the ongoing evolution in the music, career and life of the artist born Curtis Alan Jones in Chicago has been and will continue to be fascinating to watch and experience for his many followers.

Event: Rich Medina
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Rich Medina, Sake One
Music: hip-hop, house, soul, afrobeat, funk, breaks
Cover: $10-15 presale
For the past two decades, Rich Medina has cemented his reputation as an elite DJ, one of few on the planet capable of taking audiences worldwide on a sonic journey through hip-hop, house, soul, afrobeat, funk, breaks and dance classics. Today, many artists who have been Rich's idols have become peers, and his fans often become his friends, even if just through the shared experience of music. Countless couples and relationships were commenced to the soundtracks he has created time and time again. His eloquence extends well beyond the music he plays - Medina's spontaneous use of language speaks to the fact that he's been a well-respected spoken word artist for over a quarter century, not to mention that he's a journalist who has contributed columns and features to a wide variety of publications, including The Fader, Complex and Wax Poetics. His commanding physical presence is a constant reminder of four years of varsity basketball while at Cornell University, not to mention a brief stint of semi-pro ball immediately thereafter.

Event: YokoO in the Loft
Venue: Public Works Loft
DJs: YokoO, Powel, Ramona
Music: deep house, tech-house
Cover: $17–20
In a special and cozy loft performance, French DJ YokoO brings his deep European sound to our shores. The man who has been sought after by label such as Musik Gewinnt Freunde and Get Physical subsidiary, Kindisch, is both a producer and a DJ. He's been atop the Robot Heart bus and has involved himself with the sunshine-loving recent endeavor from flower-house leader Lee Burridge, All Day I Dream. He'll be joined by Powel, another All Day I Dream vet, who will bring the day dreams to the night in a way that will be sure to make you feel alive. (ML)

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Event: Danny Tenaglia
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Paul Mad
Music: house, tech-house
Cover: $18-30 presale
The tale of Danny Tenaglia's love affair with music, and the world's subsequent romance with him, is one of the critical veins in the body of dance music. He is every dancer's secret discovery; a random purchase at the record store, a reluctant night out that unexpectedly turned magic. Explosive success came not behind a major label release, or a world tour, or a radio hit remix: It happened when enough people had the private Tenaglia experience for themselves. Don't miss this living legend as he graces Public Works' decks this Saturday.

Event: Poolside (DJ Set)
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: Poolside, Vito & Druzzi, Mojito Boys
Music: daytime disco, belearic
Cover: $15-20
Poolside, the endeavor of two Danes who now live in LA, create a music that might accurately be a reflection of their geographical movement. Creating a sound that could be defined as nu-disco althoug with a certain daytime and, well, pool side kind of flair. The whole thing sounds like sipping a frosty beverage on a hot day and defines the kind of Belearic where you're not entirely sure what that means but that is exactly what it means. It's a mix up of all things delight, where a pure house song could mesh into a slowed-down Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young song. You never know what to expect except that it will be chill and floaty. Support will come from Vito & Druzzi, previously from The Rapture. RIP dance punk, we'll never forget you. (ML)

Event: Salted
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Miguel Migs, Julius Papp, Jeno, Andrew Phelan
Music: house
Cover: $20-25
This Saturday Salted returns for its monthly excursion at Mighty. Your resident players, Miguel Migs and Julius Papp will be joined by two special guests as they welcome Jeno from the famed Wicked crew along with Prismatic's own Andrew Phelan.

Event: Studio ReDisco
Venue: Monarch
DJs: ReDisco, J Boogie, Francis Chiser, Eric Jacobs
Music: disco, house
Cover: $15-20 presale
Come join ReDisco as they throw their third annual Studio 54 inspired experience at Monarch. ReDisco is a creative collective and production team dedicated to cultivating dance culture and creativity in the US. We produce original music, experiences and products inspired by the 1970-80s disco-art phenomenon. Our goal is to lead a movement that promotes further artistic creation and social interaction nationwide. The disco era's finest nightclub - Studio 54 brought together great people, music, visuals and glamour. Be sure to dress the part and join us for a Saturday night to remember.

Event: Sure Thing
Venue: F8
DJs: Abdulla Rashim, DJ Stingray, Archivist, Surface Tension DJs
Music: techno, drone, experimental
Cover: $15–20
Sure Thing, although new to the San Francisco electronic landscape, has been slowly and surely establishing itself as, well, a sure thing. Operating on the edge of currently popular sounds, their often haunting and ambient leaning techno belies more of a nihilist perspective than your standard four-to-the-floor. The experimentally-inclined rule this night which provides for some of the most cutting-edge sounds and partiers on offer. Tonight's offerings include Sweden's elusive artist Abdulla Rashim, whose sounds are both evocative and searching – much like his mysterious persona. Joining him will be DJ Stingray, whose belief in the inherent message of techno is one of the poster children for making electronic music more than just an escape and rather a mode of transgression. Expect to enjoy life on the fringe as we watch a new scene emerge in the corners of the city. (ML)

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Event: Werd
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Sepher, residents
Music: tech-house
Cover: $5
This is a big night for local Sepher. Born-and-raised in The Bay and then re-raised on techno and underground vibes in warehouses, festivals, and nations beyond. He is an integral member of the community in front of and behind the decks. It seems only fitting that he will make an appearance at this community night for all of us to gather round a booth for one last dance of the weekend. (ML)

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Housepitality @ F8

Kraak & Smak @ Public Works

7th Annual White Party @ The Regency

Sunset Season Opener @ Stafford Lake