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Sunset Season Opener
There is a maxim in the SF dance community that spring has not sprung and festival season has not begun until the Sunset Season Opener at Stafford Lake. This year, on the tails on daylight savings, comes your favorite leap into the sunshine up in Marin. As we hope for this new sunshine to dry up the grass (although we certainly will be glad to see the lake more full than it was last year), we will prepare to dance and frolick to the sounds of none other than our much beloved resident Sunset DJs: Solar, Galen, and J-Bird. Come early, stay all day. Bring a picnic and all your friends. The question is not whether you'll come, but rather how you'll get there and how you'll get back. Because you know you'll be there. All are welcome and please drive responsibly! Date: Sunday, April 03, Time: 11am-7pm, Place: Stafford Lake, Cover: $5 for single-person drop-off, $25 per car/truck, no charge large busses, link More Info (ML)

Desert Hearts
Can you believe it's already been three years of the Desert Hearts Festival. This deep SoCal yearly event combines a year's worth of Hearts' efforts into a celebration that features lots of deep, Playa-style tech with 24 hour sound on one single stage. This spring festival is a new addition to their roster - likely because of such intense demand! This festival, while featuring some big names and touring acts, like a live set from Germany's Extrawelt, British beyond-legend DJ Harvey, and Trouw resident Patrice Baumel, also features mostly local and long-term underground names that have made their mark on the Desert Hearts community. Local favorites like Bells & Whistles, stand alongside Robot Heart faves like Jozif and Pink Mammoth players Evan Casey. Get a fresh start as spring blooms in the southern desert with the crew of musicians as well as live art, yoga and healing, and performances. Your heart will be full just as the flowers start to see the sun again. Date: April 1 - 4, Time: doors open 10am, Place: Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, Cover: $120–200, link More Info (ML)



Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for Sunset Season Openerthis Sun at Stafford Lake


Link Of The Week
In Japan - 2015: This film is a collection of audiovisual moments and memories of a 3-week railway journey through Japan in 2015. We were whizzing through the country with the Shinkansen visiting Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and Kyoto as well as lots of wonderful little places along the way, meeting the most friendly people and experiencing a culture that somehow balances its rich tradition with a very futuristic present. link Here

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Event: Kraak & Smaak (DJ Set)
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Kraak & Smaak, Motion Potion
Music: nu disco, soulful house
Cover: $20-25


HUSHconcerts brings Kraak & Smaak to Public Works for an intimate DJ set. This Dutch trio is known for their nu disco and soulful house productions, as well as their extensive record collection, thanks to member Mark Kneppers. Their funky sound, coupled with their talented producing skills make it no surprise that they are 'must see' act. They've won tons of accolades, collabed with some of the finest and even had time to release their own remixes and albums, proving that they are some of the hardest working DJs around. Kneppers will be on hand playing that Kraak & Smaak sound as he takes over the loft. They'll be joined by SF's Motion Potion, creating an intimate, funky night for your dancing pleasure. (CQ)

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Event: AYLI pres. Ben Klock & DVS1
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Ben Klock, DVS1, Jacques Renault, Urulu, MossMoss, Mike G
Music: techno, minimal, house, nu-disco
Cover: $15–20
This is the party for you if you like techno — and we don't mean what my mother thinks is all electronic music. What we mean is the blaring, electronic as f***, machine-noise that knows how to move your body in a purely corporeal, sensory blasting sort of way. Coming to SF tonight with, who else but As You Like It, is the meister of Berlin and Berghain techno, the resident himself, the creator of OstGut album One: Ben Klock. He's established his own record label in 2006, "Klockworks", which then brought on tonight's co-headliner: DVS1, a man from Detroit who's broken in to the top tier of techno artists. To really round out this night, the loft will be populated by some serious house vibes, including Jacques Renault and Urulu who are from a label that is actually called "Let's Play House". Their belearic sounds will provide a perfect contrast to the downstairs techno pound, not to mention mirror the space of a certain über-club in Berlin. With openings by AYLI residents, the similarities err close to uncanny. (ML)

Event: Eric Duncan & Chida
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Eric Duncan, Chida, Eug
Music: house
Cover: $15 presale
Eric Duncan aka Dr Dunks is one half of legendary DJ duo Rub-n-Tug & also half of DFA's Still Going. No matter the name though, the game remains unchanged: peak time party provider. Chida (Ene) has been a pioneer of the Tokyo underground house music scene from early 90s. His recent label project "Ene" in 2009, the records are ultra limited and hard to find but live up to every inch of the hype they've created. recent releases by Psychogem, Tiago and The Backwoods (aka DJ Kent/Force of Nature) for proof. Last year the end of the night crescendo of "The Backwoods - Cloud Nine" reverberated around dance floor's world wide, leaving crowds literally stunned. A huge hit for Andrew Weatherall, Ivan Smagghe and forward thinking DJs alike. Chida is now preparing to release the new Cos/Mes 12" (with remixes by Dr Dunks / Soft Rocks + more) on their new joint label "Funiki Ene" 2012.

Event: Pier 70 Happy Hour
Venue: Pier 70
DJs: DJ Mancub, DJ Zach Moore, Josh Damon/8Ball, Via Jay
Music: breaks, electro, house
Cover: $5 requested donation
Pier 70 is one of the greatest spots in the city to enjoy the feeling of that wide-open space party that can often encompass your favorite kind of loud sounds, industrial feeling, and massive art installations. We want to say it hearkens back to a certain little party in the desert but we don't want to beat a dead horse! The music for this delightful, welcome-to-the-weekend-style happy hour will be provided by a slew of your favorite DJs from sun-frolicking fests and parties the Bay over, like Space Cowboys' DJ Mancub and Zach Moore, among others. There will also be food and libations, so what are you waiting for? The weekend is here to be started. (ML)

Event: Sonny Fodera
Venue: Audio
DJs: Sonny Fodera, J.Remy + Glade Luco
Music: house
Cover: $10
As today's fledging house revival attains new heights so does the difficulty in standing out amid its thriving pool of talents, however Sonny Fodera continues to scale the mounting hierarchy whilst making it look easy. Named by Mixmag as one of their 'Hot Six', Sonny Fodera has had an impeccable 2013 with releases on a slew of today's biggest house labels including a debut album, Moving Forward, on the reputable Cajual Records. Renowned for his smooth technical mixing, last year saw Fodera play at some of the world's greatest clubs such as Air, Ministry of Sound, DC10, Booom! as well as a residency at Ushuaia Tower. Sonny's journey as a producer begun at the tender age of 16 when he was making Hip Hop, but it was not until the likes of Derrick Carter, Inland Knights and James Curd visited his homeland that his passion for four-four took firm shape. Fast forward in time and the budding 27 year old has stood shoulder to shoulder with his inspirational heroes of whom now all credit him for his dexterity both behind the decks and in the studio with Fodera receiving praise from some of the genres most established veterans, from Cajmere to Derrick Carter all the way to the 'Godfather of House' Frankie Knuckles.

Event: SET
Venue: Love + Propaganda
DJs: Henry Saiz, Marc Marzient, Chemical Ali
Music: techno, house (tech, disco)
Cover: no cover b4 11pm with RSVP, $10-15 otherwise
This is no April Fools joke. SET is back at Love + Propaganda with the delicious sounds of house and techno. This installment features two Spanish DJs and producers, Henry Saiz and Marc Marzient. Both are signed to John Digweed's Bedrock label, and both have taken the music world by storm. Saiz, born in Madrid, attracted the attention of not just the Bedrock label, but also Global Underground and Renaissance Recordings, with the latter releasing his EPs 'Artificial Paradises', 'Madre Noche' and The Rider. He's also created his own label, Natura Sonoris, on which he releases his own work and also the work of others. Marzient also has his own label, Paradigma Musik, that he formed with Xema Belmonte, Sergio Rodrigo, and Jordi Sansa, whom he met in Berlin. He's had a steady rise to fame playing shows throughout Spain, but it wasn't until he played club Florida 135 that he really took off. See these two, alongside Chemical Ali, this Friday at SET. (CQ)

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Event: Devotion 15 Yr Anniv
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Derrick Carter, Honey Dijon, Ruben Mancias, David Harness, Zoz, Jimmy B, Woo
Music: house
Cover: $22 presale
Join us to celebrate the 15 Years of Devotion will be throwing 15 year Anniversary event as they take over Public Works main room and Loft with Derrick Carter and Honey Dijon who'll be setting the decks ablaze, joined by Devotion creator Ruben Mancias & David Harness with special guests from WERD - including Zoz, Jimmy B, and Woo!! Devotion first launched in San Francisco on Sunday April 2, 2001 as a weekly house party, quickly developing a loyal following among dance music aficionados. Growing into one of the largest and most recognizable brands in San Francisco, Devotion continued to gain notoriety across the United States, by way of Miami and New York City. Devotion never wavered from bringing together the most profound house talent from around the globe.

Event: Extrawelt (live)
Venue: The Midway
DJs: Extrawelt (live), Ambivalent, Mark Slee, Jonathan Will, dAvi A. Pedro Arbulu
Music: minimal, progressive, tech-house
Cover: $20-25
Extrawelt, or extra world in German, is exactly that. The duo of Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe, both from North Germany, have been making music outside of any direct electronic genre since the beginning of the 90s — a huge time for electronic music production and innovation in Germany. They have had great success and acclaim across Germany, and then the world, with their first album, Schöne Neue Extrawelt, and then again in 2011 with In Aufruhr. While the two have remained with a relatively under the radar rather than gaining increasing notoriety, they continue to put out music and selectively travel for live sets like this one. Joining them, alongside local German fans like Pedro Arbulu and Mark Slee, will be Ambivalent, an artist who has recorded under Sven Väth's Cocoon among other labels. This double bill will be sure to delight anyone who has been to Germany or those who admire it from afar. (ML)

Event: Hard French + Honey Soundsystem
Venue: El Rio
DJs: DJ Carnita, DJ Brown Amy, Josh Cheon, Robot Hustle
Music: funk, groove, soul
Cover: $10
It's obvious that we're fans of Honey Soundsystem. These collective has been impressing audiences the world over with the serious vibes that they create in often queer spaces that are, as all queer should be, highly inclusive for truly everyone. Today they're teaming up with Hard French, another queer collective, to celebrate the latter's 6th anniversary with a day in the sun being fabulous, enjoying BBQ, and some truly great day tunes. Hard French residents Brown Amy and Carnita will be spinning up some funky grooves as always, while Honey residents Josh Cheon and Robot Hustle show us what we always knew: that they are so much more than techno. (ML)

Event: Quantic Live
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: Quantic Music, Xenia Rubinos, La Gente SF
Music: soul, afrobeat, jazz, cumbia, Latin, hip-hop, reggae
Cover: $20
HUSHconcerts and blasthaus are teaming up to bring you a night of international flavor. This soulful evening will be provided by none other than Will 'Quantic' Holland, a musician, DJ and producer who's incredibly innovative. Having just finished DJ touring, Quantic is ready to take his live act on the road for his 'Tropical Elevation' tour. He'll take you on a musical journey, combining jazz, afrobeat and soul with Latin inspired grooves. Also on deck is Xenia Rubinos, a Brooklyn resident who uses her voice to create beats and melodies from scratch. Her punky style, combined with her influences of r&b, hip-hop and Caribbean beats, make her fun to watch. Rounding out the lineup is La Gente SF, an international recording group that is full of high energy. Their unique blend of cumbia, reggae, hip-hop, salsa and world music will have you moving and grooving all night long. (CQ)

Event: Sacred Dance - 7th Annual White Party
Venue: The Regency Ballroom
DJs: Mike Butler, Brian Peek, DJ Icon, Billy Casazza, Welcome w/Syd Gris, Billy Seal, Grammar, ELiki with violiln girl, Agent 42, Jef Stott, Little John, Oracle, EXOENDO, Scott E
Music: All styles
Cover: $60-95
Spring has sprung and you know what that means, parties galore. And one of the more anticipated events of the year has to be Opulent Temple's Sacred Dance White Party, which is celebrating it's 7th year. This signature event is a 100% benefit for Opulent Temple's non-profit, the Sacred Dance Foundation and the crew pulls out all the stops for this event. It's a white party, so of course white attire is strongly suggested. And this year, the event is at The Regency Ballroom, an opulent space that offers more production options and more space, which we can all appreciate. Holding it down in the ballroom are your OT residents, while the chill lounge features special guests like Agent 42, Jef Stott and Little John, to name a few. Shirin Diba will perform the opening ceremonial dance and blessing of the space, while Shredder provides the wonderful hoop action. There'll be ballet and belly dancers galore plus many awesome performers, but you have to attend this opulent event to find the full lineup. (CQ)

Event: Sharam
Venue: Audio
DJs: Sharam, Bo
Music: tech-house
Cover: $15
From underground classics like Texi, Get Wild and Don't Say A Word, to scoring international chart toppers, like PATT (Party All The Time) and The One, Sharam's musical credits are as dynamic as his DJ sets. His production collaborations include artists such as Kid Cudi, Shakira, Patsy Cline, Chris Martin and Daniel Bedingfield just to name a few. He seamlessly navigates between hypnotic underground sets rooted in his rich history of house and techno, while entertaining younger dance enthusiasts of today with laser like focus and dedication to quality. His motto remains 'entertain while educate'. His sound is Ibiza in Vegas. His style is limitless.

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Event: Sunset Soundsystem and WERD pres. Paramida
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Paramida, Solar, Galen, Werd residents
Music: tech-house
Cover: $5
Let's face it. We'll all want to go somewhere after Sunset's annual spring opening party up by Stafford Lake. To celebrate the end of a great day, Sunset is bringing some of their top residents to join the Werd crew alongside visiting artist Paramida from Berlin (where else?). She hails from OYE Records and has been a resident at the wacky club Wilde Renate. What better artist to join up with Sunset's sun-loving and colorful DJs? It will be the perfect end to the weekend that might make the start of the week harder… but it'll be worth it. We promise. (ML)

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