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Sunset Season Opener
There is a maxim in the SF dance community that spring has not sprung and festival season has not begun until the Sunset Season Opener at Stafford Lake. This year, on the tails on daylight savings, comes your favorite leap into the sunshine up in Marin. As we hope for this new sunshine to dry up the grass (although we certainly will be glad to see the lake more full than it was last year), we will prepare to dance and frolick to the sounds of none other than our much beloved resident Sunset DJs: Solar, Galen, and J-Bird. Come early, stay all day. Bring a picnic and all your friends. The question is not whether you'll come, but rather how you'll get there and how you'll get back. Because you know you'll be there. All are welcome and please drive responsibly! Date: Sunday, March 20, Time: 11am-7pm, Place: Stafford Lake, Cover: $5 for single-person drop-off, $25 per car/truck, no charge large busses, link More Info (ML)

GOLDfest: Goldfish Live 2 Nights
HUSHconcerts and Northern Nights Musical Festival present two nights of South African live electronic superstars, Goldfish. If you're not familiar with the name, you will be now. Goldfish is an electronic duo from the Southern-most tip of Africa who have been heralded as the 'band to watch.' Their mix of live instruments and house beats, coupled with their live performance, have transformed this band from one that hosts impromptu jam sessions on the beach, to one that headlines enormous stadiums as well as topping the top 10 on the US iTunes Dance chart. Transitioning from bedroom musicians to international superstars hasn't been easy, but Dom and Dave, aka Goldfish, are handling it in stride. Their fresh and new sound is all the rage right now, with Pete Tong calling their debut album his 'Ibiza Poolside Album of the Summer.' On the first night, Pumpkin and The Funk Hunters add support, while the second night features Fort Knox Five and Bit Funk. For a refreshing unique sound, hit up Mezzanine this Friday and Saturday. Date: Fri 3/18 + Sat 3/19, Time: 9pm to late, Place: Mezzanine 444 Jessie St, Cover: $25-30 for single day, $36 for 2 night tickets, link More Info (CQ)




Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for Waze + Odyssey this Sat at Love + Propaganda


Link Of The Week
Ralf Hildenbeutel - Disco: A handmade music video of approx 1250 paintings on paper. link Here

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Event: Housepitality
Venue: F8
DJs: Alland Byallo, Secret Studio, Mike Bee
Music: deep house, techno
Cover: $5 on RA, free b4 10pm w/ RSVP, $10 after 10pm


Housepitality welcomes back a talented DJ, producer,graphic designer and event organizer who brought the SF nightlife [KONTROL]. I'm talking about Alland Byallo, the man also behind the label Bad Animal. Touted as one of the hardest working DJs with an epic catalogue, Alland is just an overall badass, having begun his musical journey as a young kid. That love has since grown and he has no plans of slowing down or stopping this musical ride. Also on deck is Secret Studio, who'll be bringing that future funk sound we all know and love. Secret Studio, comprised of Bai-ee and Tyrel Williams, are preparing for their 5th release on their vinyl label, SS Records. Rounding out this lineup is Mike Bee, who'll bring his unique sound to the lounge of F8. (CQ)

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Event: Shake Your Shamrocks w/ Christian Löffler
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Christian Löffler, Emanate, Jill, Bjore
Music: downtempo house, techno
Cover: $15


It's St. Patty's Day. For some of us it means getting wasted on green beer and ill-advised beverages called Car Bombs that really should never have existed in this first place. While all of this hootenanny goes on outside the walls of SOMA's Monarch, step into the zone where instead of tossing your shamrocks on a sidewalk after one too many, you can shake them to the simultaneously soothing and uplifting sound of Germany's Christian Löffler. The young artist combines deep techno with a kind of gloomy melancholia — often invoked by the incorporation of classical piano sounds — that still manages to create a sense of euphoria. Sort of like a Thursday in general. Enjoy this true artist on a holiday that can bring out the joy and sadness in all of us. (ML)

Event: Sub Society pres. Penthouse Penthouse
Venue: Harlot
DJs: Penthouse Penthouse, Shawna, Triangle Man, Danis, Robno
Music: deep garage, future bass, global bass
Cover: $12


Sub Society is a new collective popping up every third Thursday of the month to showcase not just one variety of music but a collection of them. Much like each human in San Francisco has many interests and facets, so do does their musical taste. And why make them choose one for their night out or for their favorite collective. This month's edition of Sub Society does focus mostly on nu-r&b and deep garage, which has been gaining traction in our City by the Bay much like it has taken off in places like LA and Portland. Tonight Sub Society will be hosting the up-and-coming LA duo, Penthouse Penthouse. Joining them will be a variety of other artists, including a focus on the visual arts, with live painter Rachel Mandala whose paintings aim to be akin to our lucid dreams. Join the community. (ML)

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Event: AYLI w/ Kassem Mosse
Venue: F8
DJs: Kassem Mosse (live), Olin, Roche, Tyrel Williams, Nackt, Mike Bee, Mike Gushansky
Music: tech-house, techno, house
Cover: $15 presale
One of the most remarkable underground house producers of the late 2000s and early 2010s, Kassem Mosse (born Gunnar Wendel) specializes in spacey, sometimes abstract and often untitled tracks that are deeply emotive. Based in Leipzig, Germany, he's closely associated with the Mikrodisko and Workshop labels, but he has also released material on Nonplus, Sounds of the Universe, and Dial sublabel Laid -- the last of which is home to the confusingly titled Workshop EP, a split release with Lowtec that features one of his best tracks ("Untitled"). A Kansan by birth, Chicagoan by privilege, Olin has been quietly offering up his unique take on dance music. With several recent releases on respected labels such as Argot, Discovery, God Particle, Night Owl Diner, DETOUR, and more, Olin has cast a wide net with his productions, which range from deep techno to italo disco. His DJ sets offer the same dynamic variety and are often long-haul, cross-genre affairs.

Event: Fehrplay
Venue: Audio
DJs: Fehrplay, Benjamin K.
Music: progressive house
Cover: $16-20 presale
What do Billboard and the sleepless city of New York hold in common? For one, they have all bowed to the uplifting talents of Norwegian breakout Fehrplay. With his name cemented to the lifeblood of progressive house and the global club circuit adding to his 360-degree explosion, 2013 has set the young European trailblazer into one of his most prolific streaks to date.

Event: Honey Soundsystem presents Red Axes
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Red Axes, Honey residents
Music: techno, post-punk
Cover: $15-20
Honey Soundsystem is back home after their official takeover of Panoramabar in Berlin. That's right, our local boys are taking our hometown traditions to the top! They'll be bringing something new to us this Friday with the SF premiere of Tel Aviv duo, Red Axes. Always the ones on the cutting-edge of both techno music and queer communities, Red Axes encompasses both as they stem from Israel: a land not known for it's techno nor its gay scene but with rife ones nonetheless. The sound of Red Axes veers towards a post-punk mindset that will have you reaching for your Joy Division shirts and nostalgia whilst looking forward to the wacky combinations of new wave, disco, and hard techno have been collaborating over the last decades. They're here celebrating their new mix EP out on local label Dark Entries and to help with this will be a drag show from Lena Platonos. Get ready for an extended night of dance. (ML)

Event: Lights Down Low w/ Roman Flügel
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Roman Flügel
Music: house, techno, electro
Cover: $15-20 presale
One of the biggest names in the German electronic music scene. Active since the early 1990's, Flugel is a chameleon visiting many styles from ambient/idm to house, techno, electro and leftfield. Works solo or with long time partner Jorn Elling Wuttke. Also co-founders of the Ongaku/Klang/Playhouse labels.

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Event: Alchemy presents Equinox w/ H.O.S.H.
Venue: Audio
DJs: H.O.S.H., Miyagi, Chemical Ali
Music: house
Cover: $20-25 presale
There are solid record labels and then there are recognizable musical collectives… brotherhoods who work together for the furthermost of electronic music. One such crew is based proudly in Hamburg; goes by the name of Diynamic and owes a large part of its success to German born Holger Behn aka H.O.S.H.. First and foremost, H.O.S.H. considers himself to be a DJ, someone who values the art of mixing records and sequencing journeys - preferably long ones - over anything else.

Event: Garth
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Garth
Music: acid house
Cover: $10 presale
Garth has been an icon in San Francisco nightlife for twenty years, playing a key role in sustaining the flames of conscious hell raising that existed here in generations past. Parties with his stamp include a coveted ten year residency at Come Unity, revered Back2Back jams with Jeno, And thirteen legendary years with the Wicked Sound System. Bringing UK sound system culture to San Francisco's psychedelic climate, Wicked's lawless full moon beach parties ushered in an era of Acid House hysteria that ripped through the west coast and spread into the heartland. The Wicked crew (DJs Garth, Jeno, Markie & Thomas Bullock) are credited widely with having revived the City's dance scene in the early 90's, cementing its reputation as the red headed step child of Disco.

Event: Hoj
Venue: The Midway
DJs: Hoj, Mark Slee, Bells & Whistles
Music: house
Cover: $15 presale
You've seen the Midway main room pop off for Maceo Plex, Bonobo, Groove Armada & Seth Troxler. But March 19th things get a little more intimate in their smaller Gods & Monsters room with Hoj, Mark Slee and Bells & Whistles to kick it off. Hoj's deep and sexy sound earned him a night at Berlin's legendary Panorama Bar amongst a slew of other clubs and stages around the world. He was one of the founding members of the Opulent Temple at Burning Man, and in recent years his sets atop the Robot Heart bus have become legendary in their own right. He continues his musical escapades alongside Lee Burridge as a resident for All Day I Dream. And also enjoys a residency with Listed Productions.

Event: Pisces 2016
Venue: Gingerbread House
DJs: Acid Black, Groove Addict, Hanz Dwight, Random Rob-Ot, Metatek, Wichdokta, Galactic Illumination, DJ Tek-9, Carlos Alfonzo, Kikipopo, and more
Music: psytrane, house
Cover: $16-20
This weekend is the Spring Equinox and that is important for revellers and worshippers of all things alt the world over. To celebrate the changing of the seasons and the upcoming months of brightness and sun, this Pisces party will evoke the underwater and feature an all-Pisces lineup! The music will be a range of psy to house but with defintie big beats and fast sounds. You'll be sure to get your spiritual cardio on in this outpost of dance in San Francisco that holds so much lore and legend for long time Bay Area party people. Celebrate Pisces, celebrate spring, celebrat dance. (ML)

Event: Waze & Odyssey
Venue: Love + Propaganda
DJs: Waze & Odyssey, PunkPhunk, C. Lektra
Music: house
Cover: $10 presale
It began with a meeting at the end of 2011 and has evolved into a partnership based on classic house music, ingenuity, innovation and creating those unforgettable moments of joy, euphoria and pure, unadulterated fun. It's been just over two years since that first meeting and, in that time, Waze & Odyssey have performed at some of the world's most influential club spaces. All the while they continue to press on with their unerring campaign to keep making house music of the highest calibre, traveling the globe performing dynamic DJ sets and generally being one of the most exciting acts to emerge from the electronic music world for quite some time.

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Event: Sunset Afterparty
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Jake the Rapper, Galen, Solar, Werd DJs
Music: house, hip-hop
Cover: $tba
Spring has sprung as today marks the season opener of the Sunset parties. A main staple in the lives of those who live, breath and dance house music, Sunset has evolved into a two part event. The main attraction is still the day party, with hunderds upon hundreds making their way to Stafford Lake. For those who can't make the trek, or those who don't want the party to end, there's the afterparty, at Monarch. Taking over both levels, Monarch opens its doors to the crew and all who love them. Featuring Jake the Rapper, a Berlin resident by way of New York who has been in music all his life. From an art-punk band to rapping and hip-hop, Jake has since become a deep house legend in his own right. Also on deck are Sunset residents Galen and Solar, with the Werd DJs rounding out the lineup. If you can't get to Stafford Lake today, do the next best thing and hit up the afterparty! (CQ)

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