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The Sound of Music
Funky Teknomics hosts an event almost yearly, gathering friends and loved ones right before the holidays to celebrate and dance the night away. That day is Wednesday and that event is The Sound of Music, extending happy hour until the wee hours of the night at Harlot. Some of your favorite DJs will be holding it down with their signature styles, providing techno and deep, techy house. Dean Samaras throws down techno and house beats that'll keep your booty shaking. Beau Kelly proves that Eminem was wrong when he said 'nobody listens to techno,' as he fills dancefloors wherever he goes. Elvi gets things started with her deep and tech house sound, while JKind, Jill, Joey Moretti and Juan Beatz round out the lineup. There'll also be a coat/warm clothing drive, so bring any winter attire in good condition that can help someone in need. Christmas attire is strongly encouraged, so don your ugliest sweater and get to Harlot Wednesday. Date: Wed, Dec 23, Time: 8pm - 2am, Place: Harlot, Cover: no cover, More Info (CQ)




Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for Noise From The Void this Sat at Monarch


Link Of The Week
Stephen Colbert: Star Wars 1-6 Explained in 2 Minutes: When the first "Star Wars" came out in 1977, western media was suppressed in China. So to get his Chinese viewers excited about the new film, Stephen sums up what they missed. link Here

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Event: Housepitality Christmas Party
Venue: F8
DJs: Tyrel Williams, Mike Bee, Joel Conway, Bai-ee, Sharon Buck, Victor Vega, Fil Latorre, Miguel Solari, Sean Murray
Music: house, techno, disco
Cover: no cover


Duh! Free party at F8 with all the residents, need I say more? Alot of people are under the impression that locals are nothing to get excited about - my my my… how wrong they are. The locals are the best! Tyrel Williams and Bai-ee of Secret Studios with their acid house specialty, Mike Bee of Vinyl Dreams bringing whatever kind of hear from his his sprawling collection. Joel Conway of the slow chug, the dub, the reggae. The whole Housepitality crew bringing down the damn house! I needn't say more! (AO)

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Event: 4th Annual Free X-mas Party: Deck the Decks
Venue: F8
DJs: Bob Five, Mike Gushansky, Nackt, Petko, Max Gardner, Alex Lin
Music: tech-house, techno, vibes
Cover: no cover


They say the holidays are all about time spent with the family. For some of us, this family can be more of a chosen family than the one you were born into. In SF, for many, this is our music family, and this is one that will be out in force that will celebrate holiday cheer with the one way we truly know how to get our jolly on: through music. You'll be joined by crazy uncle Bob Five, cool older cousin, Nackt, and nephew Mike Gushansky heating up the front room with a whole slew of other favorite guests in the back. It'll be fam, it'll be vibes, it'll be lit like the star on the tree. (ML)

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Event: Acid Xmas part 2
Venue: F8
DJs: Anthony Mansfield, Vin Sol, Mike Bee, + special guest TBA
Music: acid house
Cover: $5
If you find yourself without anything to do Christmas night, or just feel like dancing the night away, then F8's got the party for you. Acid Xmas part 2 encourages you to fulfill your obligations with family and what not, and then get a little naughty on the dancefloor at F8 as you listen to acid house sounds. Disco Knights lends us one of their own as Anthony Mansfield digs through his crate for some deliciously deep acid house. Vin Sol from Club Lonely keeps things popping with his musical selection, while Mike Bee holds it down his signature sound. Also on deck is a super special guest, but you'll have to attend to find out who that is. Come share in the Christmas spirit at F8 this Friday. (CQ)

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Event: Noise From The Void
Venue: Monarch
DJs: TK Disco, Jeno. Mozhgan, Conor, Andre
Music: disco, house, techno
Cover: $10-20
Get excited, but not about the wrong thing - no, this doesn't have anything (directly) to do with the TK Disco record label, responsible for more disco hits than you know from back in the day (Youtube search them though, there's some great studio footage out there.) No, TK Disco is what Travis K. from Los Angeles calls himself - go figure. That aside, however, this is going to be a great party! Jeno's birthday is being celebrated - that's Jeno from the Wicked Crew of San Francisco 90's infamy, with their full moon beach raves and all. Jeno's a true SF legend and always a treat to hear. Conor from Sunset will lay it down as he usually does, of course, and Mozhgan will be doing her slow, spaced-out, weirdo thing as usually. SF delights all around! This is the local lineup up of the night without a doubt! Get it! (AO)

Event: Stacey Pullen
Venue: Audio
DJs: Stacey Pullen, Rooz, Bardia F, ThuyVu
Music: techno
Cover: $10
Stacey Pullen comes from Detroit's robust second wave alongside legends Carl Craig and Jeff Mills. Originally learning the art of the mixtape from Derrick May as Stacey watched him get out the razor and tape for his radio show back in the day, Stacey's doesn't find himself in a place of complete fame like some of his peers today, but remains a favorite for many. With only a handful of releases under his belt, Stacey's success today undoubtedly comes from the memorability of his sets, which are mostly played in true Detroit techno manner- slamming, high-energy sets with finesse to impress on the decks. (AO)

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Event: Werd
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Ray Zuniga, residents
Music: tech-house, electronica, disco
Cover: $5
With the end of one holiday weekend upon us, we remember that this Sunday is just sandwiched between more holidays so it's time to celebrate that fact with good ol' Werd. This week, in addition to their regular residents that we know and love, we'll have New York's Ray Zuniga of his own Touch of Class Records. Zuniga's fans, as well as anyone who has heard a set, may know, his music is genre-defying but always a delight. Just like Sundays at Werd. See ya there! (ML)

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