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Almost feel as though Decompression is a no brianer at this point. Much like The Burn itself: if you can, you should. Taking place in one of the most glorious areas of the city (both for aesthetic and that 'we're almost in Oakland, but don't worry we're not' weather) Decompression is the yearly post-Burn event that consistently brings out alllllll of the local crews be they involved in art, sound, or simply reveling and consciousness for a great day of outdoor delight. The event is full of expression, complete with Playa style and pageantry and interactivity. The performers, much like Burning Man, are numerous, varied, danceable, and never focused on big name acts over quality. With your favorite theme camps like Airpusher, Dancestronauts, and even official Burn stuff (including reps from Lost & Found), this will be thep perfect way for you to prepare for your upcoming year in the Default World while realizing the joy that can be found both on and off the Playa. Just like BRC, leave the neighborhood cleaner than you found it! Date: October 11, Time: noon-11pm, Place: 19th St. & Minnesota, Cover: $15 b4 3pm, $20 after, link More Info

Chillin Productions
Chillin Productions returns this Saturday with an event featuring the latest and greatest in fashion, art, technology and music, plus a whole lot more. With over 70 designers, 200 artists and 7 DJs, this day has something for everybody. Taking over Mezzanine, the club will be filled wall-to-wall with art, designs and technology, with some of your favorite DJs adding the perfect soundtrack to this extravagant event. Irene Hernandez-Feiks, Jamie Jams, LARON, Rondo Brothers and Tone of Arc are your selectas for the night, each adding their signature sound to the night. Lullabella will be featuring their fall line of purses, which is full of supple leather. Glitter Disaster is excited to showcase their new sparkly handbags, purses and wallets. Caroline Augusta will be featuring handcut collages while Sarah Soward brings fine arts pieces and original paintings. Miss Velvet Cream has one-of-a-kind clothing that you can't find anywhere else, so if you've been searching for that one show stopping outfit, she's got your covered. Date: Sat Oct 10, Time: 8pm-2am, Place: Mezzanine, 444 Jessie St, Cover: $10 presale, $15 door, link More Info (CQ)

Fleet Week Viewing Party
Pink Mammoth's own Derek Hena is putting together a daytime Fleet Week viewing party located at the foot of Polk St at the Marine Maritime Museum Bathhouse in Aquatic Park San Francisco. Enjoy one of the best views for the annual air show on both the East and West 2nd story upper decks. Come dressed in costumes and marine attire or come just as you are! There will be food provided by one of SF's top food trucks located in front of the museum's front doors at Polk and Beach st. Music will be provided by some of SF's most beloved DJs Tobin Ellsworth, Fredinho, DJ Sol. Date: Sun, Oct 11, Time: 11am - 5pm, Place: Aquatic Park at the foot of Polk St, Cover: $40, link More Info



Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for Decompression this Sun at Espirit Park


Link Of The Week
Paris Day & Night - This video is a 5-minute visual journey through Paris in technique of hyper lapse and time lapse. When the city and the weather become the movie directors, and the time becomes the main actor, wonderful views are opened. link Here

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Event: Housepitality featuring DJ Onionz
Venue: F8
DJs: DJ Onionz, Fil Latorre, Joel Conway
Music: house
Cover: no cover b4 10pm w/RSVP, $5 early bird tickets on RA, $10 otherwise


Housepitality is riding high celebrating 5 years of providing premium house beats to the masses. This week, DJ Onionz returns to Housepitality after a 4 year hiatus. The New York house music pioneer is famous for his quality productions and contributions, making him a staple on the New York scene. DJ Onionz has made quite the name for himself and shows no signs of slowing down even though he's been DJ since 1982. Also on deck is Fil Latorre, who'll open the night and Joel Conway, who'll hold it down in the lounge. (CQ)

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Event: Atish B2B Mark Slee
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Atish, Mark Slee, James Fish Benjamin K
Music: house, tech-house
Cover: $7


Atish is well known for bringing his musical abilities to the next level, not only honing in on his mixing skill and track selections, but striving to be able to read a crowd and their emotions. He's well known for his innate ability to take the crowd on a journey, to tell a story through his music, and bring you to another world, musically and emotionally. Like Atish, Mark Slee has been working and striving to bring music to the next level. To take the audience through a rollercoaster of highs and lows, ending on a level with you and those around you that'll make you never want to get off the ride. He's part of the ever impressive Listed family, well known for his monthly soundcloud mixes, a consistent party favorite, and a San Francisco hero. Come check out Atish and Mark Slee as they play an extra back to back set.

Event: My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Venue: DNA Lounge
DJs: My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Striplicker, Night Club
Music: electro-industrial, EBM
Cover: $15-20


DNA Lounge is around for a lot more than just Booty SF and super late night pizza that also serves vegans. It also remains one of the final bastions of electro-industrial culture and music in a city that is slowly but ever-so-surely switching over to predominantly house or pop venues. DNA keeps the industrial apocalypse sounds alive for those in black. The harder styling sounds of My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult (or Thrill Kill Kult for short) feature often tongue-in-cheek allusions to satanic sex and the general aesthetic of B-horror movies. The band, in fact, was created to be the fictional featured band in one such film in the mid 80s, and it is the title of that film that never was that left the band with their long-winded yet evocative title. They were around for some of the most seminal moments of the industrial sound, and even toured with Ministry in their heydey. That said, TKK hasn't gone anywhere, and has only evolved their sound into a cheeky self-satire that has grown to encompass disco and psych while keeping things dark. Some things only improve with age. (ML)

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Event: Disbehave
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Worthy, Galen, Anthony Mansfield, Shiny Objects, Shane-One, Charisma, Phleck
Music: house, tech-house
Cover: no cover b4 11p w/ rsvp, $10 presale after 
For this installment of Disbehave, Disco Knights who have been a beacon of uplifting energy and entertainment on the Playa for the last 5 years will be taking over the decks. As one of Burning Man's dance music pillars, Disco Knights has provided exceptional sound and entertainment, featuring stacked lineups nightly with DJ legends from around the world. However, some of the best sets this year came from our own true blue local heroes, so as a big Thank YOU you'll be treated to the Playa magic that Disco Knights conjured up just a few weeks ago. Come also celebrate the union of Worthy & Brittany and enjoy complimentary hors d'oeuvres, cake and drink specials.

Event: Hercules & Love Affair (live)
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Hercules & Love Affair(live), Wankelmut, Mike Gushansky, Ben Jorgens
Music: indietronica, synthpop, deep house
Cover: $22-25
The new musical landscape is an especially fertile place for new styles of dance bands that go beyond the usual electroclash sound. Main man of Hercules & Love Affair, Andy Butler, capitalizes on the rife territory of festivals and clubs that want to dance without just looking for a DJ and fills in the blanks with his live performances of synthy disco original tunes that would feel just as at home in the 70s, at a concert, or mixed into an electronica set. The group, perhaps due to Butler's particular affinities and history in gay rave in both his hometown of Denver and his adopted terra of NYC, has a fabulous kind of vibe. With the addition of Constantin Zeileissen, the Viennese techno producer of Haze Factory, the sound takes on a darker turn while still remaining true to the group's gospel-style techno and vocal diva stylings. The recent addition of Wankelmut, Germany's house producer who is so popular it's practically not underground, especially after his super-hit One Day, truly rounds out the lineup along with AYLI faves Mike Gushansky and Ben Jorgens. (ML)

Event: Juan MacLean
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Juan MacLean, Nancy Whang, M3
Music: house
Cover: $10-20
DFA club music maestro Juan MacLean will be manning the decks at Monarch this Friday. First, there were his killer singles, from "By The Time I Get to Venus" in 2002, to international mega hit of 2008 "Happy House" as well as the "The Simple Life". The next stop on the journey was 2010's Juan MacLean DJ KiCKS mix CD. True to the series' standard, it was selected by DJ Magazine as the #1 essential mix of 2010. Juan's expert take on pure house music (re) introduced house to a new generation of dance music fans such that the genre's popularity has risen to new heights.

Event: Todd Terje + Thundercat
Venue: 1015 Folsom
DJs: Todd Terje, Thundercat, Mike Bee, Monopoly, Eug, and Club Lonely Upstairs Takeover
Music: nu-disco, indie r&b, tech-house
Cover: $40
A full-on blowout you say? Indeed indeed. the event features three full dancefloors of party, with different vibes for everyone but choices abound. It will be tough to know where to dance when Scandinavian dance sensation and Inspector Norse crafter (read: genius) Todd Terje takes to the stage while soulful Thundercat does the same, playing his jazz influenced experimentalia. Luckily there will be time for it all at this bash as well as smaller stages featuring Mike Bee of Vinyl Dreams glory and the entire crew from Club Lonely (such as Vin Soul, DJ Primo, Jeremy C and more). (ML)

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Event: Salted
Date: Sat, Oct 10rh
Doc Martin, Miguel Migs, Julius Papp
Music: house
$10-20 presale

Special guests Doc Martin of Sublevel Live join residents Miguel Migs and Julius Papp for Salted's monthly excursion into the sounds of West-Coast House. Don't miss this very special night as three of house music's pioneers come together to take you on an unforgettable deep house ride.

Event: Etienne De Crecy
Venue: Audio
DJs: Etienne De Crecy, WAEV, Opus
Music: house, electro, trip-hop, downtempo
Cover: $10 
Etienne De Crecy is a French producer with international fame. His DJ career has spanned over two decades and he's released some of the most influential albums in electronic music history. Working as both Etienne and under the pseudonym Pansoul, he's made about 30 EPs and about 40 remixes and that's just the beginning. His versatility and banging releases make him a fan favorite. WAEV and Opus round out the lineup, so get down to Audio to catch these guys in action. (CQ)

Event: Distrikt Retrospekt
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Ben Seagren, DJ Kramer, Darren Grayson, Matt Kramer, Paul Geddes, Elvi, Aaron Jacobs, Brad Robinson, Derek Hena, Shissla, Peter Blick, Tamo, VitaminDevo, Zita Molnar
Music: house, electro, breaks, trance, bass
Cover: $16.82
Distrikt wants to reminisce with you, going over all your wonderful Burning Man memories. With their first return to the dust in 6 years, 2015 was an epic year and they can't wait to share that information with you. Sadly, co-founder and community member Mike Reigle passed away, and this event is in his honor. A portion of the proceeds collected will be donated to his family fund, all while reminiscing what an amazing and wondeful spirit Mike was. If you are unable to attend, considering donating to Mike's fund here. Your favorite Distrikt residents, like Ben Seagren, DJ Kramer and Elvi, to name a few, will be holding it down alongside some of their friends from Space Cowboys and Pink Mammoth, to properly share in Mike's memory. Come and relfect about Burning Man and life in general with the Distrikt crew. (CQ)

Event: Modular pres. Monkey Safari
Venue: Harlot
DJs: Monkey Safari, Human Resources, Pedro Arbulu, Jaime James
Music: deep house
Cover: no cover b4 11pm w/ RSVP, otherwise $20
Germans run deep house. Y'know the kind that existed before it took over entire stages at Ultra Music Festival and still holds the allure of bro-free dance floor at German open airs. Some of these acts, like Monkey Safari from Halle (hail from Halle seemed like too much), choose to come to our shores to bring the sweet, emotional, and danceable sounds to our ears and dancefloors. With credentials like their upcoming own lable, Hommage, and their work alongside Kölsch, Marc Houle, and Wolf + Lamb, you'll get the idea of what to expect when local crew Modular brings the talent and the fun. As always. (ML)

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Event: Disco Knights presents Keep It Tidy
Venue: Audio
DJs: Tamo, Rachel Torro, Papa Lu, Ed Mazur, Bo, Anthony Mansfield
Music: house, tech-house
Cover: $10 b4 10p, $20 after
Disco Knights is keeping it Tidy with an all-star lineup from some of our favorite camps! Come have a dance and a drink after Burning Man's Decompression - for some post-decom glory!

Event: Opulent Temple After Party
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Syd Gris, Ian Powers, Brian Williams, Grammar, Kimba, PhilthyPhil, Steve Clark, Scottie E, Leyl Master Black, and more
Music: house, progressive
Cover: sliding donation cover
After a full day at Decompression, keep the party rolling with Opulent Temple's at Mighty right around the corner. OT residents and guests will be in full effect for a smooth party transition. This party is always insta-vibe as everyone comes in all dressed up playa proper and already warmed up from the previous festivities.

Event: Werd
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Benjamin Vallery
Music: tech-house, deep house
Cover: $8
Werd is the word. Yeah, we thought it was Grease too but it's not 1978 anymore! Tonight, as a continuation of their anniversary, they'll be hosting Benjamin "BodyRock" Vallery, a man with a plan from San Fran...(cisco, we're locals, we just can't leave it like that). His work has spanned the decades as well as the styles that have encompassed the past years, all while remaining fully in a moveable beat. With influences from funky Oakland, heavy Detroit, and Chicago flair, he's been known to get around the world to places like Japan and beyond while still working at home in SF alongside Adnan Sharif in Forward as well as running his own collective, BodyRock, and all around supporting the underground scene all along the coast. Never to be missed and always a delight. Werd up. (ML)

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