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There are so many reasons one could wish to go to this late summer tip-top festival. Maybe you missed Burning Man. Maybe you like to have running water (and lake water). Maybe you prefer a shorter drive from SF. Maybe you like knowing who will be playing at your festival (and there sure as hell is a great lineup). So, there are tons of great reasons to head to this festival which this humble reporter wishes she had the time and wherewithal to attend. Much like Burning Man, the festivities range from electronic music across the entire range of sounds — and even some from outside the general bleep-bloop sounds, like freak sisters CoCoRosie. The number one headliner is number one man of many hearts: Nicolas Jaar. His astonishing good looks and youthful bravado would be irritating were it not for his astonishing sounds that are unlike any other artist in the game right you. And he has a degree in Comparative Lit from Brown. Not too shabby. There will also be sets from legendary psy-sters Shpongle, German minimal sounds from Extrawelt, ambient from Sweden's Carbon Based Lifeforms, trappity-trap from EPROM and Thriftworks, progressive tech-house from Thugfucker, and tons of stuff from local favorites like Dirtybirds J.Phlip and Justin Martin, Ben Seagren, an entire Desert Hearts crew, and so much more. Seriously, even beginning to talk about the sweet, sweet lineup would take up this entire issue if we don't stop ourselves. There is so much more of the experience than the music, however, with art installations, even art cars, art BOATS (wuuuuut), SWIMMING(!!!), comedy and theater, and even food for sale. Ok, we'll stop now. Just get there if you know what's good for you. It's never too late. Date: September 17-20, Time: gates open 10am Thursday, Place: Oakdale, CA , Cover: $280 - 500, link More Info (ML)





Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for Days Like This this Sat at Brix Oakland


Link Of The Week
BURNING MAN 2015 – YOU CAN ALWAYS COME HOME - The breadth and depth of possibility at Burning Man is beyond imagination. Even so, we tried to provide a first-person perspective of Black Rock City to capture the feeling of looking within and without for inspiration, guidance, and discovery. The art, music, parties and creative expression often take front stage. However, the energy on the playa is often life-changing and can reach deep within our souls. But above all, Burning Man is an adventure in intentionality. Whether challenging or exalting, you can always come home to your friends and ultimately to yourself. link Here

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Event: Housepitality with Claude Young
Venue: F8
DJs: Claude Young, Joel Conway, Sharon Buck, The Missed, Alex D
Music: techno, house
Cover: $5 on RA, no cover b4 10pm with RSVP, $10 after


Housepitality welcomes back Claude Young, a skilled Dj whose techno sound is clearly indicative of his Detroit upbringing. This composer, videographer, web designer, Apple product guru and DJ extraordinare is welcomed back for his 3rd year at F8. For over 25 years, Claude has honed his sharp DJing skills and rocked dancefloors around the world and he shows no signs of slowing down. He's a cofounder of imprints Frictional Records with Anthony 'Shake' Shakir and 7th City Records with Dan 'DBX' Bell, which are two respected Detroit labels. In 2004, he semi-retired to to create cynet:media and cynet:media Japan, which focuses on presenting electronica in the most modern form, without constraints. Now current living in Japan, Claude is showing the world all he can do. (CQ)

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Event: Washed Out
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: Washed Out (DJ Set)
Music: synthpop
Cover: $15-25 presale


Washed Out is Ernest Greene, a young guy from Georgia (via South Carolina) who makes bedroom synthpop that sounds blurred and woozily evocative, like someone smeared Vaseline all over an early OMD demo tape, then stayed up all night trying to recreate what they heard.

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Event: Kevin Saunderson
Venue: Audio
DJs: Kevin Saunderson, Dantiez Saunderson, Agency55
Music: Detroit techno, tech-house
Cover: $10 presale
Father and son, Kevin & Dantiez Saunderson take control of our mind, body and soul at Audio this Friday. At the early age of nine Kevin befriended two fellow students in the Detroit suburb attending Belleville high school - Derrick May and Juan Atkins. Saunderson, with Atkins and May, (often called the "Belleville Three"), is considered the originators of techno, specifically Detroit techno. Though Dantiez Saunderson roots are anchored in techno, he's more influenced by DJs such as Marco Carola, and Seth Troxler.

Event: Lindstrøm
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: Lindstrøm, Optimo, Joakim(live), Ryan Poulson
Music: space disco, Scando-house
Cover: $20-25
Here at Nitevibe, we like to tackle the important questions. Like how is it that Scandanavians continue to excel in just about everything from looks to sounds to full days of sun and full days of day, these Northerners have got it covered. Much like fellow Scando soundsters Todd Terje and Prins Thomas these two deal in a contemporary disco sound that is as pleasing to the ear as it is to the dancefloor and the history of disco music. His sound, which he expounds in his 2002-begun label Freedelity, hits on the basic - yet oft forgotten in electronica - element of melody, which he picked up from his musical backgrounds in rock and country (whatever country music in Norway is). He'll be joined by locals like Scottish duo Optimo and France's Joakim. A full night of upbeat, danceable electronica. (ML)

Event: Octave One (live)
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Octave One (live), Solar, Vin Soul
Music: Detroit techno, minimal
Long-term Detroit techno heroes, the duo known as Octave One, will be descending on Mighty this Friday with their dancefloor prowess that has made them a recognizable name for over 20 years. They are famous not only for their deep connection to the city and the crew that brought us the entire Detroit sound. Octave One has their releases often on Derrick May's own Trasmat Records and now their own 430 West label. You know they're a powerful artistic force when they not only produce a steady stream of albums, tracks, and live and DJ sets. They're on the palatable side of techno music and highly danceable, so this is one to bring to the folks to (whether the folks are your girlfriend who usually likes Sylvan Esso or your coworkers who jam to The Black Keys). (ML)

Event: Public Works 5 Year Anniversary
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Dusky, Pumpkin, Bwana, Bells & Whistles, Peter Blick
Music: house (deep, tech), techno, tranceCover: $20 
Public Works is turning 5, ya'll and of course, they are celebrating in a big way. This Friday, PW welcomes Dusky, a London based duo touted as 'leaders of the underground.' These guys have been doing big things and creating deep grooves. They took the music world by storm with the release of their track, 'Flo Jam,' which later became the unoffical anthem of the underground. It also earned the title of Itunes Dance Single of the Year. These guys have banged out techno, house and even melodic tunes and no matter the sound, you can be sure these guys play it. Joining them will be Pumpkin, Bwana, Bells & Whistles and Peter Blick, each throwing down banging beats that'll rock the dancefloor. Come and celebrate the fact that Public Works has spent the last 5 years providing quality events and talent to the SF Bay Area. (CQ)

Event: The Acid (live)
Venue: The Chapel
DJs: The Acid, Lusine
Music: electronicaCover: $15-18 
It's always awesome to find out that someone else knows about an artist you thought you were in love with all on your own. If that's how you feel about this show at The Chapel, you'll be darn excited to hear a live set from one of the most beautiful, melancholic, and genre-bending artists on the scene today, The Acid, in one of the city's most beautiful, melancholic, and genre-bending spaces: The Chapel. Looking at the resumes of Ry X and Adam Freeland, the duo who make up the duo. The sorrow in their sound no doubt comes from Ry X, famous for being one half of Howling along with Ame's Frank Wiedemann and collaborator on their now-classic hit Howling. Freeland is no small potatoes himself, with acclaim going as far as Grammy's with his electronica and breakbeat works like his seminal 2003 work We Want Your Soul. With such backgrounds in electronica it's no wonder that their lush soundscapes are layers upon layer of guitar and bass and vocals. To note that Washingtons' electronica master from Warped, Lusine, is on the bill just makes it all the more tempting. (ML)

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Event: Days Like This
Venue: Brix 581 (Oakland)
DJs: Homero Espinosa, Mario Dubbz, Ruby Valeros, Glade Luco, Nesto Fuentes, Samuel Lawrence
Music: house
Cover: $5 b4 5pm, $10 after
House Music in the sun to celebrate Summer 2015! Days Like This is brought to you by a collection of DJs from the entire Bay Area whom represent house music to its fullest. And there's nothing more sweet and complete to your summer than dancing to the sounds of house music while enjoying the gorgeous East Bay weather.

Event: Mighty Real w/ Spen
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Spen + Karizma, David Harness, Sean Murray
Music: house
Cover: $15-20 presale
With a career span of more than 20 years and his famous studio and production work, Spen has become one of the most sought-after DJs in the U.S. Spen can be found jetting off to gigs at some of the premier clubs around the world. Karizma is a Baltimorean who has been DJing since he was 13. He has many productions/re-mix credits to his name including work with the Basement Boys, Black Vinyl Records, Ricanstruction, 83 West and many more. David Harness, our hometown hero, will be holding it down for your Saturday night's festivities!

Event: Modestep
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: Modestep, Johnny 5, Nebakaneza
Music: dubstep, dnb, rock, bass
Cover: $23
Mezzanine welcomes London based electronica/dubstep act, Modestep, to the club this Saturday. Formed in 2010, Modestep is a quartet that fuses dubstep and rock to create a sound all their own. Brothers Josh and Tony Friend used their musical talents to join forces with Matthew Curtis on drums and Nick Tsang on guitar to create the initial Modestep lineup. Now, with Curtis and Tsang pursuing solo interests, Modestep welcomed Pat Lundy, ex-drummer from Funeral for a Friend and Kyle Deek in their place. A full-length album and tour have been planned for 2015, as the new lineup and work in the studio has been going wonderfully. Joining these guys are Nebakaneza and Johnny5, each bringing that dubstep heat. These two former Ritual Dubstep residents are showing the bay that though Ritual no longer happens on Thursdays, dubstep is not dead! If you're ready for some bass, get your booty to Mezzanine. (CQ)

Event: The Show w/ Oscar L
Venue: The Endup
DJs: Oscar L, Alex Sibley, Ben Seagren, Dean Samaras, Dan Suda, Ray Kang
Music: house, tech-house
Cover: no cover b4 12am, $10 b4 2am
One of Spain's biggest DJ/Producers, Oscar L has been churning out massive tracks for years on a long list of major labels. Oscar will be making his first trip to San Francisco and you're in for a treat. Recognized for his strength, wit, freshness, fun and quality, Oscar has been churning out massive tracks for years on a long list of major labels; recently reaching #1 on Beatport with 'Alors on Dance'on Suara. We are lucky to have him on his first trip to the West Coast and for San Francisco's only 14 hour all night music marathon.

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Event: As You Like It Open Air Anniversary Kick-Off Celebration
Venue: The Midway Patio, 900 Marin St, SF
DJs: Max Graef, Huxley, Glenn Astro, Rich Korach, Mozaic
Music: house, techno, deep, soulful
Cover: $15
As You Like It is a local promoter and party host that prides itself in bringing the latest and greatest talent to the Bay Area. With both well-known and underground producers and DJs on lineups, As You Like It has created parties that give the people what they want, in essence, providing events that are as we like it. This weekend, the crew is celebrating it's 5 year anniversary with a daytime party that is sure to keep your feet moving until the sun sets. ASYLI welcomes Max Graef, a Berlin born and raised DJ whose music pays homage to his roots. Combining live instrumentation, his German upbringing and his love of mixing house with soulful funk, Max's set tell a story, and a funky one at that. He'll be jonied by Huxley, a UK DJ whose bass-laden house beats and deep sound are truly his signature. Rounding out the lineup are Glenn Astro, Rich Korach and Mozaic, so help the As You Like It crew celebrate in style. (CQ)

Event: AYLI & Werd pres. Official Open Air Afterparty
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Ivan Smagghe, Conor, Werd and AYLI residents
Music: tech-house
Cover: $5
SF loves Sundays. Especially this one. After what is sure to be a sunny day at the Open Air (did you guys see the 79 degree forecast?!), come cool your heels or re-heat them with a party that just won't stop as Werd teams up with AYLI for a Sunday bash to end all Sunday bashes (well, at least for this week). This Werd will feature both upstairs and downstairs parties with residents upstairs and headliners downstairs including French DJ Ivan Smagghe and local hero Conor of No Way Back. Join the fam to round out the weekend in style. (ML)

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