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Sunset Summer Boat Party
It feels like just yesterday that we all returned tired, sun-soaked and happy from Belden Town for the annual Sunset Campout. But as the summer keeps on rollin', it's time to head out on the water once again - only this time on a boat on the beautiful Bay in a way that only Sunset knows how. Aside from the obvious attractions of friends, glorious views and feeling rather glamorous on a private boat, there will of course be top-notch house and techno talent. Featuring German tastemaker Jennifer Cardini and post-rock influenced Brit Leon Vynehall, you're likely to find some time to dance in between taking photos on the windy water on the 5 hour journey. Top it off with always pleasurable local acts Nikola Baytala and Mozghan and we're ready for one heck of a Sunday party. And if you're not ready to stop partying when the boat docks, you can always head to Monarch for what proves every time to be a great afterparty, especially tonight as Sunset teams up with Werd! Date: Sunday, August 16, Time: 5pm loading begins, Place: Pier 3, Cover: $55-65, link More Info (ML)

Beyond the Fence
August in the Bay always seems to be about Burning Man, because, let's face it, the majority of residents seem to be burners! And if you're someone who is still missing some quality pieces, nevr fear, Beyond the Fence is here. Featuring an insane amount of designers bringing anything from cool hoodies to keep you warm at night, sexy onesies for those blazing hot days and much much more in between, Beyond the Fence will take care of your Burning Man needs and more. If you tend to get cold on the playa, consider buying a hoodie from Phoenix Rising Deisgns. The intricate detail on the hoodies, coupled with the zip-off sleeves make it super playa ready. Or how about romping around in a provocative onesie from Warrior Within Designs if that's more your style. Whatever you're looking for, I'm sure you can find it here. Adding the soundtrack to the day is 8ball from Space Cowboys, Anthony Mansfield and Wichita Ron from Disco Knights and JOill from Culture Vulture. Even if you aren't heading home, come peruse all there is to see at Beyond the Fence. Date: Sun 8/16, Time: noon-7pm, Place: Mighty 119 Utah St, Cover: no cover, link More Info (CQ)



Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for Mighty Real this Sat at Mighty


Link Of The Week
WAVEFORM: The O'Neill UNREASONABLE film festival continues with film no. 4 "Waveform" from award-winning artist Stefan Nadelman from Portland, USA. Immerse yourself in fast-paced surfing sequences full of action, color, and fluid motion that expose waveforms in a new light. link Here


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Event: Tutu Tuesday
Venue: Harlot
Artists: Jimmy B, Papa Lu
Music: deep house, tech-house
Cover: $2 w/ tutu b4 10pm, $10 after
The prodigal son returns as local favorite Jimmy B makes it back from his traipsing and playing around Europe to play once again in our fair city, this time on our premiere Tuesday party. Expect the man to be wearing a tutu and looking darn cute while spinning his classic style of deep house that he recently brought everywhere from Kater Blau in Berlin to Garden Festival in Croatia and Output in Brooklyn, among others. He always supports a heavy underground sound and underground scene whether it's in a secret SF warehouse, Europe's best clubs, the Playa, or this Tuesday favorite party. Joining him tonight will be another Playa soundmaker: Papa Lu, who has played at camps like The Kazbah as well as truly all over SF for over a decade. Tonight's tutu event is extra special as Fergus Strickland will be selling $10 tutus at the door as a fundraiser for his project to give a tutu to anyone who wants to participate in Tutu Tuesday on the Playa. A worthy goal. Enjoy today, enjoy tutus, enjoy Tuesday. (ML)

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Event: Housepitality feat. Miles Maeda
Venue: F8
DJs: Slumber (Bad Animal, My Favorite Robot, Viva | outer space), Elz, Joel Conway
Music: house, techno
Cover: $5 on RA, no cover b4 10pm with RSVP, $10 after


You're treated to a rare sighting when both Öona Dahl & Amber Marie Cox are in the same city at the same time to come together as Slumber. They have released on Alland Byallo's Bad Animal as well as My Favorite Robot, Viva Recordings and others. Öona has already stablished herself as an dj/producer artist on Three's Hallucienda and recently All Day I Dream. Amber is a music production studio musician (synth) genius with potent dance floor rocking skills. These ladies are straight up real musicians and just plain art curators.

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Event: Sound Advice w/ Jill
Venue: WISH
DJs: Jill, Trey Courtney, Menno
Music: house, tech-house
Cover: no cover


Sound Advice is coming out this Thursday with special guest Jill (RWD.FM). Jill's been making a stir on the internet waves with her weekly streaming radio show on RWD.FM every Friday from 9-11am. Jill weaves between melodic, deep, and techie House selections that herd people like cattle to the dance floor. Playing alongside her throughout the evening is resident sound advisors Trey Courtney and Menno.

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Event: Sure Thing 10: Laurel Halo
Venue: F8
DJs: Laurel Halo (Live), John Roberts, Bob V, Max Gardner, Aaron J
Music: techno, IDM, ambient, house, pop, electronica
The forecast for the bay this weekend seems to be for sun, however Laurel Halo will most likely bring the rain. Sure Thing returns to us on Friday bringing us dark and stormy washes of noise and bass so make sure you bring your umbrella. Laurel Halo, who now resides in Berlin, will be debuting her lush new live set. We last heard from Halo in 2013 with Chance Of Rain, her 2nd album from UK Bass label Hyperdub. A mix of techno and deep sea electronica, Halo dives into the abyss with low frequencies pulling her down to the deep end. By her side will be fellow Berlin resident, John Roberts, who will be warming up the waters with equally deep yet buoyant house tracks. Come on in... the water is fine. (BT)

Event: Hostile Ambient Takeover
Venue: Pandora's Box
DJs: Kevin Drumm (Live), Identity Theft (Live), It's Own Infinite Flower (Live), C.L.A.W.S., Mozhgan, Alex S. Lukas
Music: ambient, IDM, techno, noise
Cover: $10
A night of darkness, fire, and sonic demonics, Hostile Ambient Takeover will be summoning creatures from the abyssal side of the ether for us to dance with. We begin the ceremony with DJ sets from C.L.A.W.S, Mozhgan (We Are Monsters), and Alex S. Lukas (Bad News) before things really start to get weird. The chanting syncs up and growls louder and louder before we start to catch glimpses of H.A.T. resident, It's Own Infinite Flower, blooming into the atmosphere with analog synths swirling around our heads. Your eyes roll backwards and you've arrived at Identity Theft, Katabatik founder and one of Oakland's finest hardware techno shamans. We begin speaking in tongues and dancing around the burning trash fire as it turns black and Kevin Drumm walks through the portal. Drumm summons down the noises of the next plane and it all goes dark. Are you excited yet? (BT)

Event: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Justin Jay, LDL
Music: electronica-pop, house
Cover: $20+
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, a young Brit with a long name that is often abbreviated to TEED, is a maker of that cute house-y electronica that also borders on the line of nu-rave with its fun vocals and hands-in-the-air melodica that manages to be classy in a way that most American artists struggle with in the era of EDM. Perhaps it is TEED's (nee Orlando Higgenbottom) history is a variety of musical styles like a classical and jazz childhood that led to a jazz youth that led his own new style of electro which he makes artistic by wearing physical art on his head: his own version of a dinosaur head. Regardless of his prehistoric connections, Higgenbottom is totally enormous all on his own. His music and his persona construct a distinct vision so often absent from music artists, electronic and otherwise, of his generation. Join TEED with local crew Lights Down Low in The Loft. (ML)

Event: Timo Maas
Venue: Audio
DJs: Timo Maas, J. Remy, Glade Luco
Music: tech-house, deep house, acid, garage
Cover: $10 presale, more at door
For those who are house and techno heads, especially those who are fans of the long-term German legend type, would have to bow in shame if they weren't aware of the inimitable Timo Maas. This stalwart of the biz, a man who has been doing the do for over 14 years, at least officially. He originally got his start over 30 years ago at the age of 13, DJing in his native Buckeberg in central Germany. He soon signed on to the acid train and followd the entire route of popular rave music as it went from extremely unknown to massive open airs in nearby Hannover and beyond. Maas has gone on to toe the line between popular artist and underground DJ, working with the likes of Depeche Mode, Fatboy Slim and even Madonna on remixes, all while diving through the annals of electronic music history with dalliances in garage, deep house and electronica. The man is a career DJ with the talent to prove it. His presence behind the decks commands respect and will give great reason for the soundsystem at Audio to be so damn good. (ML)

Event: Dirtybird Quarterly
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: Justin Martin, Christian Martin, Worthy, J. Phlip, Kill Frenzy, Ardalan
Music: booty bass, house, techno
Cover: $15 b4 11pm, after $20
It's been over ten years since Dirtybird first took the torch from The Grateful Dead; well, insofar as free Golden Gate Park Parties go. This collective that could more properly be called a Band of Brothers & Sisters, will all come out to play tonight as this special edition "party is the launch party for the new Justin Martin album, Hello Clouds, his first since his 2012 hit, Ghettos and Gardens. In the 10 years since the fun-loving crew started hangin out and bringing their party to the masses, each of them has seen their careers virtually explode on an international level based on their individual charms and distinct sounds. These parties only happen a few time a year, so don't miss out on this one. (ML)

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Event: The Show w/ Pig & Dan
Venue: The EndUp
DJs: Pig & Dan, Dean Samaras, Ben Seagren, Javier Fabian, Louiv
Music: techno, house
Cover: no cover b4 midnight, $10 between midnight-2am and after 6am
Sense SF and The EndUp are coming together to bring you the reunion of Pig & Dan at The Show. Pig & Dan have been playing together for over a decade, and are regarded as one of the best duo's in techno. With releases on labels such as John Digweed's Bedrock, these guys have remixed and collaborated with other heavy hitters like Underworld and John Digweed, and show n signs of slowing down. They'll be joined by Dean Samaras, Ben Seagren, Javier Fabian and Louiv, each droppin the funky beats. (CQ)

Event: City Hearts SF - Summer of Love Tour
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Mikey Lion, Deep Jesus, Marbs, Porkchop, Bells & Whistles
Music: deep house
Cover: $15-25
If you're into the festival vibe with the newest - and debatably most successful - of the new crews to pop up in the last couple of years, look no further than the Desert Hearts crew. While this collection might be most happy in the dusty deserts of the Playa or their own annual Desert Hearts festival, they're also delighted to bring the vibe to the city with their City Hearts series. They've amassed a strong collection of residents who are both fun freaks and musical aficionados who play a fun style of Playa-esque tech. Let your heart shine because we are all desert hearts. (ML)

Event: Mighty Real w/ Kenny Summit
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Kenny Summit, Tommy Bones, David Harness
Music: house
Cover: $15-18 Presale
With over 25 top 10 releases in the past 2 years, Kenny Summit has become a crowd favorite in the house music landscape. His fresh approach to producing proper house with a classic underground sensibility caught the eye of house legends Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper, now mentors and partners with Kenny on numerous projects including the biggest underground anthem of 2014 "Brawls Deep". Known for not only his prolific discography, Kenny Summit continues to increase his fan base with his incredibly entertaining DJ sets.

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Event: Sunset After Party
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Onionz, Rob Paine, Werd residents
Music: house, reggae, deep techno
Cover: $5 w/ boat party ticket, $10 without
If you head out on to the Sunset Boat Party and don't feel like ending the party, you're in luck. The party moves to Monarch where you and all your friends can continue the debaucherous fun. throwing down some chunky house beats is Onionz, a NY staple and pioneer in the DJ world. His innovative sets and high energy are keys to the success of his 33 year DJ career. Also on deck is Rob Paine, a Philly native who fuses dubby reggae vibes with house and deep techno. His reggae-influenced music are what he's known for. Holding it down upstairs is the Werd crew, so don't miss out on this banging afterparty. (CQ)

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