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Outside Lands
In what is arguably one of the biggest musical events of the city, Outside Lands returns once again to Golden Gate Park with a huge lineup of top musical talent from the last 30 years. There's the inimitable Elton John, who will give us a reason to call some of festival's younger attendees "tiny dancers". There is also The Black Keys, some of the loudest names in rock since the 70s, the validity-debated Mumford & Sons, dad rock Wilco, and king of thoughtful hip-hop: Kendrick Lamar. Needless to say, there is a wide variety of acts that will appeal to pretty much anyone in this city at any age (well, so long as you have the dough for each day of admission). There are dance acts too, which will play in the massive field stages as well as smaller dance tents. Bigger names in house and techno include Caribou, Jimmy Edgar, Soul Clap vs. Wolf + Lamb, and Green Velvet & Claude Von Stroke, just to name a few. There'll also be some prog-electro with Axwell & Ingrosso, trippy-hop with Chet Faker. Man, there are so many names on this lineup across all genres that it's tough to cover them all. Say what you (read: I) will about this yearly event and it's effect on our city, the lineup is undeniably delightful and always worth trying to find a way to get your booty into the park for at least one day of the weekend. Date: August 7-9 , Time:11am gates - 10pm, Place: Golden Gate Park, Cover: $135 for one day, $325 for all festival pass (not VIP), link More Info (ML)



Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for Laser Native this Thur at Monarch


Link Of The Week
Edge of Stability : link Here

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Event: Housepitality feat. Miles Maeda
Venue: F8
DJs: Miles Maeda, Tyrel Williams, Bob Five, J Raz
Music: Chicago house, house, techno
Cover: $5 on RA, no cover b4 10pm with RSVP, $10 after


A Chicago resident since the early 90's, it's no surprise how much an influence Chicago house has been on the sound of Miles Maeda. A DJ since 1988, when he began DJing college radio, Maeda's passion has since landed him residencies at legendary clubs like Smartbar and Shelter as well as throughout Berlin. Today, Maeda's lives in Tokyo and balances a life between sharing music as a DJ and as a teacher of both physical and mental wellness, often through the art of yoga. Catch him for some Chicago-inspired house music alongside Tyrel Williams and don't forget to toast the Leos in the back room, J Raz and recent birthday boy Bob Five. (AO)

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Event: Laser Native w/ Ghostea
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Ghostea, Vitamindevo, LT. Daaan
Music: house, tech-house
Cover: $5 Presale, $10 at door


One part transcending spirit and one part human, Ghostea has the capability of lifting the dance floor with his unique sets. Releasing tracks on labels such as Dirtybird and Perfect Driver, the sky is not the limit for this cosmic artist. Vitamindevo's genre of choice is tech house, but he loves mixing it with spacey breaks, dub-tech, deep house, and acid elements. His shows are a multi-dimensional experience brought to life with him dancing with you while weaving layers of rich digital components. The only thing better than getting lost in his music is looking up and seeing him dancing right along with you.

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Event: Jesse Rose
Date: Fri, Aug 7th
Jesse Rose, J.Remy, Papa Lu, Vinroc, Style Free
Music: house, hip-hop
no cover b4 10:30p w/rsvp, $10-15 presale

Join UNI4RM & Hawthorn SF for a night of quintessential Classic House + Hip Hop. You're in store for a line up of high quality music from front to back room that will bring you nothing but nostalgic vibes while blending them with sounds from the present. This is the perfect event to keep your Outside Lands festivities moving through the night.

Event: DJ Pierre & Roy Davis Jr.
Venue: Mighty
DJs: DJ Pierre, Roy Davis Jr., Galen
Music: house, acid, techno
Cover: $15-20
Mighty will be getting a double dose of Chicago house royalty this Friday. DJ Pierre has his place in history as a crucial catalyst to the birth of acid house. In 1986, Spanky, Herb J, and Pierre came up with "Acid Tracks" as the now-revered house trio Phuture, the record being arguably the first to feature the squelching 303 sound we all now know so well. The legendary Ron Hardy got hold of it, debuted it at Muzic Box, played it more than a handful of times that night, and the rest is history. Pierre eventually left Phuture and was replaced by Roy Davis Jr., who will be playing back-to-back with Pierre tonight. Roy is nearly as much a legend as Pierre, who he eventually followed to the Strictly Rhythm label. His lengthy discography is almost exclusively an ode to Chicago and includes everything from the vocal house that started it all to modern takes on the acid sound that Pierre helped to pioneer. Don't miss out on this chance to see mentor and mentee playing back-to-back, doing what they do best. (AO)

Event: RUDE ft. Tyrel Williams
Venue: Underground SF
DJs: Tyrell Williams, Louis Weimer
Music: future disko, post punk, new wave, acid, techno, house
Cover: $5
A new party has been born, and she's RUDE. An all vinyl night of bratty disco and punk as well as house and techno, brought to you by the mysterious entity that is Black Magic Disko. Headlining the night is local techno titan Tyrel Williams, a serious blessing to our local scene of superstar DJs who bring heat across the globe at major festival and parties (but we get them at least once a week up close and personal). Expect a wide array of tracks both classic and rare to keep your hip swinging and your head banging. (BT)

Event: Sander Kleinenberg
Venue: Audio
DJs: Sander Kleinenberg, Denney
Music: progressive house, techno, house, soul, disco
Cover: no cover w/rsvp, $10
DJ and producer Sander Kleinenberg brings his high energy and passion for music to Audio this weekend. Kleinenberg, known for his eclectic style and funky beats, strives to keep things interesting as he manipluates and rearranges music into the well-crafted remixes we all know and love. With over 20 years musical experience, it's safe to say Kleinenberg knows his stuff and that no one would even dare question his progressive house credentials. He'll be joined by Denney, who'll keep things fresh and funky on the decks. (CQ)

Event: Wolf & Lamb
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Wolf & Lamb, Gazeebo
Music: house, disco, edits
Cover: $17-20
This Friday Public Works will be bringing Wolf & Lamb, one of the most successful disco edit production pairs active today. Since 2006, Zev Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi have teamed up to release some very catchy edits as well as more straight up house and even some hip-hop excursions. The pair has been working through their own label, Wolf & Lamb Music, from the beginning, which today includes work from the likes of Soul Clap, Nicolas Jaar, Seth Troxler, and our city's very own Pillowtalk within its expansive catalogue. If there is an ethos more important to this pair than any other, it'd be fun above all. Catch them at Public Works for a night of straight-up good time party music. They'll be playing an extended set with excellent support from Denver's Gazeebo, an experienced edit veteran in his own right. (AO)

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Event: Salted
Date: Sat, Aug 8th
Fred Everything, Miguel Migs, Julius Papp
Music: house
$10 presale

Salted is back this week and features Canadian transplant Fred Everything rocking the decks. A heavy hitter in the deep house genre, Fred gained his "Everything" name because he would seamlessly flow between house, techno, ambient and everything in between. He's settled on deep house and even creates remixes of some of your favorite songs, which has solidified his place in musical history. Also on deck for this evening are the Salted residents Miguel Migs and Julius Papp, each adding their own signature sound to the night. (CQ)

Event: BrainPusher
Venue: The Gingerbread House
DJs: PoleFolder, Dr. Whiskers DJ MES, DJ ShOOey, NUGZ, Alastair, Djesika, Jon Barnes, and more
Music: bass, house, and more
Cover: $20 presale
In order to get art cars with looks, sounds AND smarts to The Playa, Phage is teaming up with partiers Airpusher Collective in order to create a smashing fundraiser party with something for everyone. If you're an early bird type, and the worm you're looking for is knowledge, at 8pm sharp there will be a series of lightning talks on various scientific cool stuff. Particle physics, biological hangover cures, and other things that are currently over my head but soon could be in yours. There will also be some Playa-spired art with a viewing of Dr. Brainlove lighting arrays, and the Airpusher art car! Inside, the music will be popping all night long from Burning Man crews like Space Cowboys, Dusty Rhino, Heart Pheonix and Belgian favorite PoleFolder along with the Mr. Whiskers, the new moniker of a favorite SF DJ - but you'll have to come to the party to find out who. The Gingerbread House is one of the city's best little secrets, that reminds attendees of what a rave really used to be like. It's not open every weekend, so it is always best to grab an opportunity when it comes to party like it's 1997. If you're smart, you'll come to this one. (ML)

Event: FLOODfest Outside Lands Aftershow
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: Classixx and STRFKR (DJ sets), DJ Aaron Axelsen
Music: house, indie, disco, chillwave
Cover: $20 presale
Unfolding like a morning glory flower waking up to drink the sun, Classixx's debut album Hanging Gardens was a steady dose of summer house, balearic disco, and fresh pop. The duo hails from the post-apocalyptic desert of LA, an oasis mirage amongst the flat stretches of sand and freeway. A DJ set from these two will surely be filled with glossy disco and breezy house tracks perfectly crafted for a serene summer night. Paired with the classically-named Oregon band, STRFKR (Starfucker), who exemplify dance-pop but if their mix-tapes are any indication of their DJ sets, expect a lot of Gucci Mane. Clearly this will be one of those classic warm summer night dance parties that makes September that much more painful. Soak it up. (BT)

Event: Holly Herndon
Venue: The Chapel
DJs: Holly Herndon, Infrasound: Scott Arford and Randy Yau
Music: IDM
Cover: $15 presale, $20 door
Holly Herndon uses electronic music as a platform to create something that transcends dance music all together. From Berlin's techno scene to Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Herndon breathes her utopian future sounds into a vocal processor to make you feel like a data file being transferred into a cyborg's ear. 2015 saw the musicians second masterpiece, Platform, which is a must-listen and a must-see-live experience. Also present will be Scott Arford and Randy Yau, who are long time Bay Area producers who create music that is meant to be "heard with your body". Arford and Yau produce and ongoing series, Infrasound, that has been felt all over the world. A science experiment for your ears. Make sure to bring your lab coats and protective eye-wear. (BT)

Event: Minnesota
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Minnesota, An-ten-nae, illEsha
Music: dubstep, progressive
Cover: $15-20
Public Works is bringing it back to 2007 (yes, that is a time that can now be brought back as nostalgia) with a night chock-full of what can only be described as serious dubstep. Tonight's artists, although in a range, give you the serious drops after some highs and hooks. The three headliners all hail from the West Coast, where much of this genre originated before trap took over and DJ Mustard became bigger than Bassnectar. illEsha, a scene favorite, as always brings her dubstep back down to earth with live production and singing accompaniments to her work. It'll be a night to remember like the nights you remember. (ML) \

Event: Mark Farina
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Mark Farina, Luke Solomon, DJ M3, Mike Cashen
Music: house
Cover: $10-20
Monarch is the place to be this Saturday if you're looking for house music. Chicago house and Mushroom Jazz creator Mark Farina hits the decks, bringing his smooth style and energetic presence. His unique style and ability to fuse house with downtempo and jazzy overtones makes him a fan favorite, which is no surprise judging by how often Farina is booked to play. He'll be joined by the UK's own Luke Solomon, a house DJ known for his quirky approach and for starting the Classic Recordings with fellow DJ Derrick Carter. His 4-on-the-floor beat is sure to keep booties shaking and the earth quaking. Rounding out the lineup are DJ M3 and Mike Cashen, so if you love those deliciously funky house beats, get on down to Monarch. (CQ)

Event: Symbiosis SF Pre-Party
Venue: The Village SF
DJs: Thriftworks, Gladkill, Adreilien, Knowa Lusion, Kitty D, Hoverkraft, Majitope and more
Music: trap, hip-hop, dubstep, electronica, bass
Cover: $18-20
Symbiosis, like Lightning in a Bottle, could be considered the late-season off-brand Burning Man with a touch more commercialism and actual lineup releases. While the event itself has a variety of acts that will appeal to many electronically-favored ears, like headliner Nicolas Jaar (<3) and even weirdo sisters CocoRosie. But tonight's pre-party event is all about the bass music in all of its future weirdness and low-to-the-floor vibez. In one of the city's newer venues conveniently located on Market Street and your favorite dubby DJs like Thriftworks and Gladkill, you'll be feeling the feeling that gets you through to September. (ML)

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Event: 2nd Sunday
Venue: Temple
DJs: Mr. V, Andrew Phelan, Lucas Med, Antonio Manigrassi, Switchblade, Dade, Them Jeans, Rooz, Alex Sibley, Mykill, Grensta, Shawn Steele
Music: house, hip-hop, soul, jazz, techno, electro, breaks, dnb, bass
Cover: $15
Though summer is winding down, 2nd Sunday is just heating up. This week's installment is called 'The Summer Series' and features a bevy of talent set to rock the indoor and outdoor areas of Temple. Keeping the back patio a-rocking will be Mr. V, a DJ who always likes to take it back to the 'good old days.' His enthusiam for music shows through each track he plays, as each is full of heart and soul. Andrew Phelan, a Chicago transplant that now calls SF home, will also be throwing down house beats. Known for his Prismatic parties that fuse house music with art, Phelan is no stranger to keeping things funky, as you'll see at Temple. Holding it down in the main room will be Them Jeans, a Los Angeles based producer and DJ known for combining high energy house and hip-hop with dark, underground vibes. This is just a taste of those you can expect to play, but you have to get to Temple to find out the rest. (CQ)

Event: Pink Mammoth Marathon
Venue: Audio
DJs: Zach Walker, Jonathan Will, Moe Moe and more
Music: deep house, tech-house, Playa-tech
Cover: $5 b4 5pm, afterward $10-20
Woohoo, more Burning Man Fundraisers. Ok, that sounds sarcastic, but I am totally serious. These are the best. They're like the Faux-chella of Burning Man, where you get all the fun of the artists without all the hassle of a festival. Ok, we know festivals aren't a hassle but $380 tickets and online waiting lines are no fun for anyone. So, while you might be dying to rush out to your home in the desert, these smaller local parties are a way to contribute to the event while managing to have a great time not too far from your own backyard. Pink Mammoth, the love inspired, deep-house loving soundcamp that also loves things that are pink and fluffy will descend on Audio Discotech for the Berlin-inspired all-day Sunday parties that are new to SF but we're oh so glad to be a part of. Think of it like a dance marathon along the lines of that episode where Rory and Dean breakup but your night will definitely end better. (ML)

Event: WERD w/ Cherushii DJ set
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Cherushii, WERD DJs
Music: house, techno, tech-house
Cover: $5-10
This Sunday, WERD will feature the extremely talented Cherushii on the decks. Also known as Chelsea Faith, Cherushii is more known for her amazing live sets. Since 2000, she's been doing live PAs incredibly influenced by Detroit and the more rave side of things, without a laptop in sight and with more improvisation and musicality than many. She's seen releases on SubSensory, Nude Photo, and most recently on LA's quality 100% Silk record label, all of which feature her uncanny ability to make classic house sounds suddenly incredibly fresh again. It will be a treat to hear her play the records she's been influences by, especially if you've seen her live sets before. Totally recommended, local love! (AO)

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