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Sunset Island
Sunset's season is coming out swinging as they take to The Island of Treasures for their first post-opener party with a top line-up of visiting artists as well as their residents to bring the heat - even if the island itself brings the wind so prepare yourself and hold your hair back tightly, just in case. The island has been known to have beautiful days as well, and what it undoubtedly has is exceptional views of our City by the Bay, a great team of the always Professional Ravers of the Sunset crew, and a great lineup featuring live acts from John Tejada and SF's own Tone of Arc as well as the usual Sunset residents. Bring a picnic and prepare accordingly, but with the right planning this day can be as lovely as the San Francisco skyline. Date: Sun May 18, Time: noon-9pm, Place: Treasure Island, link More Info (ML)

Bay to Breakers
It is here, San Francisco's biggest - and perhaps most notorious - morning party has arrived like a beacon of the summer to come. While this event has begun to act as a leger of how cool or uncool the city is becoming, it is still one of our traditions that has been around since 1912! While originally it might have been a footrace from one end of the city to the other (and it still is for some), mostly this has evolved into a daytime costuming and drinking party in which the streets are shut down for the young to carouse in colorful outfits with little ramifications unless you break the open container rules. Say what you will, it really is a blast to walk around with the city's young, restless and occasionally foolish. Other highlights include invitations to random parties along the course's track, allowing you perhaps one of the few opportunities to see what SF's storied Victorians look like inside. Waking up early is the name of the game, so prepare accordingly. Date: Sun May 18, Time: early, use your best judgement, Place: downtown, Hayes Valley, Panhandle, Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, link More Info (ML)




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Our flyer of the week is for Make it Funky this Sat at Monarch


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Event: Tutu Tuesday 7 Year Anniv
Venue: Harlot
Artists: Atish
Music: house
Cover: $10 or $2 in tutu b4 11
Tutu Tuesday turns 7 this week, so don your most prized tutu and get your booty to Harlot. In celebration of this momentous occasion, one of the people who started it all, Atish, returns to the decks. A former resident of this event, Atish brings his melodic and deep house grooves back to the party he helped start. If you're a Tutu Tuesday regular, you're familiar with Atish and know the kind of awesome he brings to the table. Wear your dancing shoes as he's rocking the decks for 5 wonderful hours and you want to be comfortable. Settle in and enjoy the house sounds that Atish brings, all while wearing your finest tutu. (CQ)

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Event: Housepitality w/ Jeremy Underground
Venue: F8
DJs: Jeremy Underground, Bai-ee, Mike Bee, Joel Conway
Music: deep house, house, techno, chug
Cover: $5-15


Specialization is a good thing when it comes to professions. Unfortunately, to make it in electronic music these days, one generally has to be both a successful producer and a "DJ". Producers can't make enough money without touring, and purebred DJs are generally not able to develop the fanbase a producer can. Enter Jeremy Underground. Jeremy Underground is of the rare breed that has found success through passion of collecting records alone. A NYC and NJ deep house fanatic since the tender age of 10, Jeremy is just interested in digging and unearthing new gems and is happy to share them with a dancefloor. Since 2010, this Parisian has found himself as a talented A&R agent and project manager, the fruits of these new endeavors being available through his My Love Is Underground imprint through which Jeremy provides an outlet for his favorite unknown heroes and provides direction for them to take. The result is an exquisite label of disparate artists that end up sounding like a long-lasting collective of close friends. An uncompromising crate digger and excellent DJ, house heads, this is who you want to dance to. (AO)

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Event: Set with Guy J and Nick Warren
Venue: Harlot
DJs: Guy J, Nick Warren
Music: techno, progressive house
Cover: $20-25


Set returns this week to Harlot and welcomes a DJ making his SF debut. Hailing from Tel-Aviv, Guy J is a sophisticated and provactive producer. He seamlessly flows between sensual house, techno and ambient beats, never one to shy away from trying something new. Guy J will rock a b2b set on Thursday with fellow house DJ Nick Warren. Nick comes from across the pond, is a member of the duo Way Out West and is no stranger to dropping funky beats. There's also a couple birthdays being celebrated: Set founder Christian Pineiro, Konnekted founder Manu Emmanuel and former Torq founder Bjorn Niclas. (CQ)

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Event: AYLI pres. Maya Jane Coles
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Maya Jane Coles, Martyn, Archie Pelago, Rich Korach, Nackt, Mark Slee, Bells & Whistles
Music: deep house, tech-house
Cover: $25+
Maya Jane Coles has risen into one of today's top names in house music production and touring. This lady who rocks is one of the first of today's modern artists to stand up as a female in this obscenely male-dominated art and party form. This crazy-talented woman not only produces her own tracks, she also engineers her albums and then goes on to mix and perform them along with some of the hottest track selections. Who said boys were better? They have nothing on Coles, although it looks like AYLI did round out the rest of the two-floor lineup with boys. We can't fault them for book Martyn, a Dutch genre bender who is as known for spitting Scuba-style bass music as he is for house and techno. Considering AYLI, we can imagine which way his set will go tonight as he headlines up in the loft, although a little surprise never hurt. Also on tonight is Brooklyn act Archie Pelago and a great selection of local talent like Rich Korach and Bells & Whistles. It'll be a packed dancefloor tonight, no doubt. (ML)

Event: Green Gorilla Lounge w/ Lee Curtiss
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Lee Curtiss, DJ M3, Anthony Mansfield, JP Soul, Mozhgan, Mike Bee
Music: house, tech-house
Cover: $15-20 presale
Over the last two years Lee Curtiss has made a name for himself creating primal, exquisitely deep and emotional dance tracks that pulse with life, sex, and humour, incorporating countless influences and genres but beholden to none. Lee has an innate ability to create instantly memorable lead riffs that will stand the test of time. Lee grew up in Western Michigan and eventually moved to Detroit, living the guitars-to-turntables, concerts-to-underground parties arc shared by so many other children of the electronic music revolution. The similarities end there though. Lee displayed an immediate knack and passion for dance music that translated his love of Prince, Quincy Jones, and good old underground disco into a production and DJ style noted for its sensuality and effortlessness. Recently back in Detroit after an extended stay in Berlin (where he swapped ideas and lived with his close friends and partners-in-crime Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves), Lee continues to produce vital releases and remixes on labels including Spectral Sound, Get Physical, Dumb-Unit, Wolf+Lamb, Esperanza, and Mothership, and play DJ gigs the world over. He rolls through Monarch this Friday night. Not to be missed.

Event: Psychemagik & Golf Clap
Venue: Audio
DJs: Psychemagik, Golf Clap, Darnel Christoph
Music: house, disco
Cover: $10-15
What's in a name? Years of missed out joy, if you ask me. For far too long, I'd turned a deaf ear to Psychemagik's sounds. My younger, naive (and still naive) mind placed them in the category of playa tech - a sound I'll happily dance to but rarely reach for on Soundcloud or in a crate. The truth is that Psychemagik is actually a pair of extremely talented fellows from the UK that seem to be able to make just about whatever they want - you'll find quality disco-house cuts right next to their take on 60s rock'n'roll vibes with a gander through their discography, not to mention their binders full of quality remixes. On top of their outstanding productions, these guys have shown themselves to be top-notch crate diggers, and you can expect to hear a slew of records you won't hear any other time this Friday at Audio. Golf Clap is playing too - they're cool, they'll be getting the floor moving with a sound they've dubbed peak-hour deep house - think modern Detroit house-inspired partymaking vibes. Here's a recommendation - while you're having your couple of pre-party drinks, put on Psychemagik's Magik Sunset compilation - does just what it says on the tin, put it on while the sky turns pink. (AO)

Event: Rich Medina + J Rocc
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Rich Medina, J Rocc, Proof
Music: hip-hop, house, acrobat, funk
Cover: $15 presale
Rich Medina has cemented his reputation as an elite DJ, one of few on the planet capable of taking audiences worldwide on a sonic journey through hip-hop, house, soul, afrobeat, funk, breaks and dance classics. Today, many artists who have been Rich's idols have become peers, and his fans often become his friends, even if just through the shared experience of music. One of the original turntablists, J. Rocc founded the Beat Junkies in 1992 with Melo-D and Rhettmatic, but has done just as much on his own as in a group setting. He began DJing in the mid-'80s with a California group named PSK. Soon after forming, the Beat Junkies became a seminal force in the rise of instrumental hip-hop, including core member Babu plus future stars Shortkut and D-Styles. Catch these two legends in the making this Friday at Mighty.

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Event: Ben UFO + Midland
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Ben UFO, Midland, Honey Soundsystem
Music: dubstep, house, techno, bass
Cover: $15 presale
As one of the co-founders of Hessle Audio, Ben UFO has been responsible, alongside Pearson Sound and Pangaea, for some of the most varied and ground breaking releases. Immersed in the London's dubstep scene his musical taste was shaped primarily by the DMZ and Sub Dub nights. Fellow London-based producer Midland aka Harry Agius first gained attention through his well received collaborations with Pearson Sound aka Ramadanman, released on Will Saul's Aus Music imprint. Midland has also raised attention with his solo efforts for London's Phonica and More Music, all sitting comfortably between dreamy deep house, soulful techno and UK bass-influenced sounds.

Event: Crossfire 3.0 - A Benefit for the Flaming Lotus Girls
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Syd Gris, Moe Moe, Clarkie and many more
Music: Playa-electro, Playa-tech, breaks
Cover: $15-20
Its an all-out Black Rock City style bash here in SF as the premiere Ladies-who-weld Burning Man group, Flaming Lotus Girls, organize a fundraiser with their friends who could be listed as some of the top acts on the Playa each and every year. Luckily for FLG and friends, fundraiser gets to be fun, especially when you have Opulent Temple, Pink Mammoth and Dusty Rhino in tow. There'll be other great attractions like getting your own FLG screen printed shirt, face painting, a live silk aerials show; y'know the whole works come out. Past years have been sold-out events so be sure to get your presale on if you want to get your pre-Burn on. (ML)

Event: Oliver Koletzki
Venue: Audio
DJs: Oliver Koletzki, Pedro Arbulu, Emanate, T-R-X
Music: tech-house
Cover: $10 presale
Oliver Koletzki first started producing music in the eighties with a Commodore 64. At aged 13, he started taking guitar and piano lessons. His inspirations were Breakdance and Hip Hop music of the early nineties. It sounds like a fairy tale. In 2005 29-year old Oliver Koletzki presses 500 copies of his underground hit "Der Mückenschwarm". One of those white labels lands in Sven Väth's record bag and whenever he plays the track, the people go wild. Shortly after techno-king Väth signs the track on his techno empire Cocoon. "Der Mückenschwarm", already considered as a techno classic - becomes the best sold techno record of 2005, the best ever selling record on Cocoon and Oliver Koletzki gets voted best newcomer of the year in prestigious Groove magazine. Soon after Oliver realizes one of his dreams: to have his own label. He founds Stil vor Talent, a label dedicated to pushing new artists and creating a platform for a huge variation of quality electronic dance music – from minimal techno to squeaky house to pop music.

Event: The Show - Superfreq
Venue: The EndUp
DJs: Mr. C, David Scuba, Ben Seagren, Dean Samaras, Alex WIndsor
Music: house, tech-house, techno
The Show welcomes a special after hours event, the Superfreq 13 year Anniversary tour. Born in the late '60's Mr. C started MC'ing in London clubs at the young age of 16. Gaining reputation on the then illegal Kiss Radio as a vivacious and unstoppable rapper, Mr. C stepped into the studio to record his first house track. Sparking the fire, this led him on to dj'ing and exploring house and techno, garnering him residency's at a number of different clubs across the country, and helping him to open the now legendary The End nightclub in London. He's founded Plink Plonk records, The End Recordings, and Superfreq and has since gone on to be one of the most credited dj's in underground house. Joining Mr. C is Superfreq label partner David Scuba who was raised on a diet of underground house music at New Yorks Twilo. David has worked as A&R for Timeless Groove & Real Music before becoming Mr.C's Superfreq partner. Make a night of it this Sat at The EndUp!

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Event: Sunset Island Afterparty
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Zombies In Miami and more TBA
Music: house, techno, disco, dance
Cover: $15-25
Starting at 8pm, Sunset Island continues festivities for the rest of the night at Monarch! Zombies In Miami headlines this afterparty. A Mexican duo with a sound drawing heavily from the attitude (and drum machines) of the 80s, they'll be performing a live set that agrees wholeheartedly with the We Are Monsters, who are joining forces with Sunset for this afterparty. More DJs are TBA but it's safe to say we can expect to hear from both Solar and Jason Greer. Information on the ticket front is a bit limited - entry is likely guaranteed with a Sunset Island ticket. (AO)


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