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United States of Bass
This spring, RBMA (Red Bull Music Academy) will bring its traveling studio to San Francisco, celebrating the illustrious music and nightlife scenes this metropolis has to offer. Broadcasting 24/7 from a bespoke space in the heart of the city, RBMA Radio will also be linking up with local partner stations, exploring the musical history of the city with its foremost creative minds. Each day, guests will be invited to the studio for interviews, discussions and live sets - for the whole world to hear. The RBMA Radio San Francisco takeover will kick off this Friday at 1015 Folsom for this unique summit of sub-loving trailblazers of America's most influential regional bass music styles. From New Orleans bounce queen Big Freedia to Detroit's ghettotech godfather DJ Assault to Chicago's juke and footwork heroes DJ Spinn and Taso, Baltimore's Scottie B, and many more to be announced. Special guest sets from Brooklyn-bred, LA-based DJ and producer Kingdom and London's Night Slugs mastermind L-Vis 1990 are also on the menu. Date: Fri March 6, Time: 10pm - 3am, Place: 1015 Folsom, Cover: $15, link More Info






Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for United States of Bass this Fri at 1015 Folsom


Link Of The Week
SNL: Fifty Shades Darker, the New Playroom: In a scene from the sequel Fifty Shades Darker, Christian Grey (Kyle Mooney) shows Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) the new playroom he's having built. link Here

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Event: Housepitality
Venue: F8
DJs: Alexi Delano, Fil Latorre, Everything is Happening (Freshstep and Niklas)
Music: house, techno
Cover: no cover b4 11pm w/ RSVP, otherwise $5, $10 after 11pm


Housepitality is the place to be on Wednesdays for some delicious house music. The perfect way to get over the midweek slump, Housepitality brings you some heavy hitters in the house game that'll have you moving and grooving. This week's lineup features Alexi Delano bringing his minimalist vibe and techno sound to the decks. Originally from Chile, he's been adopted by New York by way of Sweden and the US is glad to have him. He combines Swedish flair with Brooklyn style, making him fun to watch. Fil Latorre and Everything is Happening round out the lineup, so don't miss this week's Housepitality. (CQ)

Event: Marc Kinchen
Venue: Audio
DJs: Marc Kinchen, J. Remy & Glade Luco
Music: house
Cover: $20-25 presale


As a teenager growing up in Detroit, MK was befriended by one of the iconic Techno originators, Kevin Saunderson. Kevin quicly took on the role of mentor and big brother, giving Marc the keys to his already infamous, Detroit KMS Studios. During those early years, MK chose to follow the path of Producer/Artist over that of a DJ. By staying behind the scenes in the studio, he was able to hone his craft. Fast forward MK has now become a chart topping machine. Marc's music gained notoriety all over the World. One after the other, his productions and remixes were going top ten, top five and Number One over and over. Currently, MK's projects include making his own album for Columbia UK, and working on his new group Pleasure State, with Anabel Englund and Lee Foss. The man stays busy and will keep you busy on the dance floor.

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Event: BASE: Fur Coat
Venue: Harlot
DJs: Fur Coat, INXEC
Music: deep house, tech-house
Cover: $10 presale


Thursday night party, Base, is a SF solid where top-notch artists come to town for a full-on club night for less than full-on prices. Tonight's Base will bring you two artists from the world's top labels in deep house: Cocoon and Crosstown Rebels. CR's Fur Coat was a Damien Lazarus find back in 2012 with their less-than-subtle rager hit "You and I", which landed a sweet opening spot on superstar Seth Troxler's Radio 1 Essential Mix. Since then it's been a journey for the duo, releasing on labels like Get Physical, BPitch Control and Hot Creations. They've travelled the globe and know how to turn up a room. Catch them this Thursday with Cocoon's INXEC — another Troxler fave. (ML)

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Event: Beats In Space Record Release Party
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: Paulbomen II, Tim Sweeney, Eug, Ryan Poulsen
Music: techno, house
Cover: $15-25
For 15 years now, Tim Sweeney has hosted Beats In Space on the NYU college radio. Over the years, the show has become a household name among dance music enthusiasts, an institution, if you will, that now regularly hosts DJ mixes and laid-back interviews with the most exciting names in dance music today. The show's success allowed Tim to turn his hobby into his life, and now he finds himself both as an international DJ as well as at the head of a record label releasing interesting, forward-thinking dance music. The party at Mezzanine Friday will be celebrating the most recent release on said label, a self-titled record from Paulbomen II of electronica and techno with a soundtrack feel throughout. The record draws inspiration from 90's sci-fi flicks, as is apparent if you recognize the track titles as character names from the X-Files. Paulbomen will be playing live - most likely material from the new record with plenty of room for improvisation, with the rest of the night filled out with DJ sets from Eug, Ryan Poulsen, and of course, the quietly legendary Tim Sweeney. (AO)

Event: DJ Tennis
Venue: Monarch
DJs: DJ Tennis, Shiny Objects, Mozhgan
Music: house, techno
Cover: $20-30
DJ Tennis is one of those that have found themselves DJing around the world on a regular basis without that prerequisite hit track of the new breakthrough talents of today. Instead, Tennis has found himself in the international limelight after decades of tireless record collecting and event promotion. Now he's found himself as one of two behind the Life & Death label, a label that's home to plenty of records from Mind Against, our local success story Pillow Talk, and Tale of Us, the expert party-crushing duo. Despite the unmistakable flavor of the Life & Death label, Tennis' ear has only gotten more eclectic over time - poppier house, echoing new wave, and playa tech are all fair game for Tennis. His sense for the crowd is what sets him apart though, and no matter your expectations, Tennis is sure to take you on an pleasurable, exciting journey. (AO)

Event: Honey Soundsystem pres. Steffi
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Steffi, Doc Sleep, Honey residents
Music: deep house, tech-house
Cover: $10-15 presale
Ask anyone who has been to Berlin's worldwide esteemed Panorama Bar in the last seven years, and you'll be sure to hear about a lady named Steffi. The Dutch-born, Berlin-residing (honestly, where else) DJ, who releases on Berghain's exclusive label, Ostgut Ton, really rose to fame with her 2011 diva-style hit "Yours" feat. Virginia. These sing-it-sister style songs are huge hits with a Honey crowd and this notoreity, along with the difficult-to-top amazingness of Honey Soundsystem partiers and you have yourself one heckuva night out at Mighty. These people and these artists know how to party into the late night, and with Steffi on the decks you can be sure everyone will forget to go home. (ML)

Event: Pillowtalk Live + Rob Garza
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Pillowtalk (live), Rob Garza (DJ Set), Shane One, Mantranova, OneFiftyFive, Loud Mouth, Billy Bokteen
Music: house
Cover: $17 presale
As one half of electronic music pioneers/ producers Thievery Corporation, Rob Garza has been at the forefront of music traveling the globe performing, remixing, djing, recording and composing. Since Garza's recent relocation to San Francisco, he has begun a re-exploration of his love for electronic music and beats focusing on Nu-Disco, Cosmic Boogie while keeping very groove oriented and outer-national based rhythms. For this double header San Francisco three ­piece live band PillowTalk are surprising dance music treasures. Manipulating pop melodies, classic R&B, soul and boogie into the loose rhythms of house music and performing live on stages in nightclub settings across the world. Their success is two­fold, for not only are they stand out performers capturing the stage with Sammy D's bold and sultry vocals, with multi-instrumentalist Ryan Williams' dexterous guitar and keys, and with Mikey Tello's fluid synth work. As comfortable creating the upbeat 80s ­inspired synth­pop heard in lead single 'Lullaby', as they are in the psychedelic funk of 'We All Have Rhythm', and the classic rock and roll of 'Devil's Run'.

Event: SoulHOUSE Redux
Venue: Mercer
DJs: Chad Mitchell, Duserock, Sergio Fedasz, Kimmy Le Funk
Music: funk, soul, disco, deep soulful house
Cover: $10-15
SoulHOUSE returns to Mercer after a four month hiatus with a night of Soul, Funk, Disco and Deep Soulful House! New quarterly event! Redux brings together some of the Bay Area's Best Funk Masters. So break out those bells if you got em. Bell Bottoms that is.

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Event: DJ Jazzy Jeff and Shortkut
Venue: Mighty
DJs: DJ Jazzy Jeff, Shortkut, DJ Mr. E
Music: hip-hop
Cover: $30 limited presales left
If you're like me, when you think of DJ Jazzy Jeff, you automatically start singing the theme to Fresh Prince of Bel Air. But what you might not know is that he's actually a DJ and a pretty darn good one too. His talented mixing, coupled with his track selection, show that he's more than just Will Smith's buddy from TV. He'll be joined by one of the Bay's favorite DJs, Shortkut, a talent behind the decks with nimble fingers and turntablist tricks galore. Shortkut, as a member of the Invisbl Skratch Piklz, Beat Junkies and Triple Threat DJs, has amazed clubgoers for years and Saturday will be no different. DJ Mr. E will support, while Fran Boogie handles the hosting duties. (CQ)

Event: MarchFourth at Trapeze
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: MarchFourth, Gentleman Callers of Los Angeles, Delachaux, The Klown, Stilletta Maraschino, Meka La Creme, Kara Le Fleur, Mojo Deville, Emma Nation
Music: funk electric bass
Cover: $20
MarchFourth, the percussion driven brass band famous in New Orleans, makes it way to to the Bay. Taking over Mezzanine, this 20+ person group is unlike any marching band you've seen. With a 5 piece percussions section and 7 piece brass band, MarchFourth has become more guitar and vocal driven as time's gone on. Joined by a bevvy of talent, which includes Gentlemen Callers of Los Angeles, Delachaux and The Klown, to name a few, you know this night is going to go off. For a night full of musical fun, get your booty to Mezzanine! (CQ)

Event: Tiga
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Tiga, Corey Sizemore, Richie Panic
Music: house, techno, electro, tech-house
Cover: $15-30
Lights Down Low is sure to pack Monarch pretty tight this weekend. A prolific producer with an uncanny ear for the catchy and an industry tastemaker as the helm of Turbo Recordings, Tiga is without a doubt one of the most influential characters in dance music today. If you're a regular clubgoer, you've no doubt heard some of his anthems probably more than once - "Let's Go Dancing" and "Bugatti" come to mind. Turbo Recordings has remained relevant to this day, serving as a platform to highlight club bangers from Zombie Nation, Azari & III, and most recently to introduce Clouds, a young UK duo that is sure to do some very interesting things in the future. Yup, Monarch is doing it Tiga style Saturday night - wild n sexy - and you better get your tickets sooner than later. (AO)

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Event: Werd
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Clovis
Music: techno, house
Cover: $5
Werd: a chance to make your Sundays shine. And without a doubt, this Sunday has to be one of the top as our crew brings us LA-native Clovis. Clovis has been quickly rising in popularity with his affinity for the more cutting edge side of techno and house that landed him a spot in LA's hot Droog collective. He has been DJing since the age of 20 and instead of some artists these day who are more interested in banging sounds and bringing techno ever-closer to that EDM monolith, Clovis still looks to his influences like Isolee, Matthew Dear and Magda to keep his sets closer to ideals featuring techno as today's form of artistic expression and a reference to music's past, as well as it's future. That said, he's also been known to slay afterhours vibes. See what this is all about on Sunday as you prepare for the week ahead with some music for the soul and some music for the mind. (ML)


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