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Sunset Campout
With an extended history and several sweet years in the making, the Sunset Campout is one of San Francisco's most loved and anticipated celebrations of music, nature, and community. Held in Belden Town, this festival boasts a gorgeous river and fields of forest just bursting with exploration and adventure. If you have yet to attend this magical event you are really missing out and this year is another chance to join the party. DJ Harvey just joined the lineup full of friends and family so there will be lots of fun to be had all over the place. Date: Fri 7/13-Sun 7/15, Place: Belden, CA, Time: gate opens 12pm Fri, Cover: $160, link More Info (CG)

Soundwave 5
Soundwave 5 is a 3 month long exploration into the sonic experience and connections of the  human condition. Last week they kicked off the summer long series by hosting the Cal Academy's Nightlife party. This week they keep the fun going with the opening of SonicPLACE, an exhibition at Intersection for the Arts featuring installations that react to light, sound and our movement, and The Human Bionic at The Lab showcasing innovative instrumentation using the human body. And there are many more exciting events in the weeks to come, so be sure to check the full schedule. Date: varies, Time: varies, Place: varies, Cover: varies, link More Info (EB)

Playa Bound: Crucible Open House
The Crucible is a spacious vendor and art studio located in Oakland where artists congregate to create and showcase their unique wares. In this Summer opportunity, guests are invited to check out the awesome space, wander the grounds and buy something special for this year's Burning Man and beyond. Open to all ages, you will be exposed to live performances and demonstrations along with information about classes held there. This open house is a wonderful opportunity to increase your knowledge and tighten your orientation to this fun-filled community of burners and Bay Area innovators. Date: Sat 7/14, Time: 11am-6pm, Place: The Crucible (1260 7th St, Oakland), Cover: no cover, link More Info (CG)

DJs From Mars Interview
Ersson: Hi, DJs from Mars! Mashup fans in the Bay Area are very excited for your trip to San Francisco, myself included. Thanks for taking to time to answer some questions and letting us know more about the mystery mashup men behind the masks.

When did you first start listening to mashups and how did you find them?

DJs From Mars: The first "mashup" we heard was actually an official release, "Numb/Encore" by Jay Z and Linkin Park. It was the perfect combination of 2 opposite worlds. When it came out it blew our minds. It was totally unexpected at that time! We obviously made our own remix of that, so now it's also an unofficial bootleg LOL!

EB: What inspired you to focus on remixing and bootlegging over producing your own original tracks?

DJSFM: We were resident DJs in our hometown Turin, Italy and we used to play in commercial clubs, so we had to play every freaking night the last Rihanna, the new Lady Gaga, the same stuff every time. We had production skills since we worked for a record label since 1999, so we decided, without even planning that, to do some new edits of the top40 hits. Then we also tried to add samples from other tracks and the crowd's reaction was great. So we had this DJSFM project going on, but without big expectations, and we decided to put these edits online with that name. In a couple of months we started receiving remixes and gig requests, totally unexpected and definitely motivating in going that way!

EB: Working with so many different samples and genres must leave you with some unfinished projects. What percentage of your mashup and remix ideas/drafts would you say materialize into finished tracks?

DJSFM: Well actualy we immediately recognize if a sample works or not with a vocal, so we don't have a lot of unfinished projects, just projects with hundreds of different tries, and muted tracks with bad samples. When we find the right one, we go on and finish the track. Most of all we have a list of BILLIONS samples we'd like to use one day, but it's not easy to find the right vocal sometimes, so they stay on the "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" folder for months, until we hear a brand new track and we immediately go "LETS DO THIS!"'s kinda impulsive/compulsive sometimes :))

EB: You've played in Vancouver, Canada before, but your set at Bootie SF will be your first West Coast appearance in the US. Do you have any special tracks or edits in mind for the San Francisco crowd?

DJSFM: Sure, we're always at work on new tracks so we have some brand new tunes to play in this US tour, especially some weird new mashes, perfect for the Bootie crowd. It's always amazing to have such an "interested" crowd because sometimes people are in the club just to drink and get wasted. The US crowd and especially Bootie's audience, they have a 360° musical background and it's the perfect environment for us. Being producers and spending days and weeks combining different tracks, it's good to know that we are playing in front of people who can understand and appreciate that!

EB: Have you been to any other Bootie parties around the world as guests or DJs? If so, what was the experience like?

DJSFM: Yes we already played Bootie Berlin and Bootie Rio. Honestly, 2 of the best gigs of our lives. We were also already booked by Bootie LA and SF last year by the grandmasters of the game A+D, but we had problems with working visas and we had to cancel the shows. As we said, the Bootie crowd already knows the deal. They expect to listen to mashups, and they love it. Sometimes in average clubs, we start playing and people looks at us like "WTH," then after 1 hour they start understanding the fact that the songs are completely manipulated, and then the party gets hot. Sometimes they even come to the DJ booth asking "can you play "AI SE EU TE PEGO", that's hectic sometimes, but at Bootie parties, people scream and sing from minute 1.

EB: Are there other mashup parties in Europe and elsewhere that have the same bastard pop mission that Bootie does?

DJSFM: Yes the scene is growing up like it's spring time! Bootie France, Bootie Vienna, Bootie Munich are about to be the next big things over here, and Bootie Berlin is already consolidated. Unfortunately we still don't have Bootie in Italy, but we're sorry to say our country is all concerned about showing their new dress at the club so they probably would not give a damn about how a DJ can mix to songs into a new one :((  

EB: People often describe Burning Man like being on Mars or another planet. Is a trip to Black Rock City in your future?

DJSFM: That would be an amazing experience!! But now we have to proceed step by step. We had problems with working visas last year in the US. Now we are touring America, there's an agency (AtLarge) taking care of those papers, and we are already happy with this first tour. We'll see in a near future how to spread the alien word in the whole United States....this is a threat!!  

EB: I've heard you never switch your happy and angry faced costumes. Do those personas ever translate into your DJ styles, with the angry face playing darker sounds and the happy face playing more uplifting tracks?

DJSFM: HA! That would be an amazing evolution but at the moment, no, we just play a back to back set. It would be a problem if a fight starts in the club and then it's the angry face's turn!!! :)) We just try to keep the crowd at 100% of excitement so we try to play as we were just one DJ controlling the floor :))

EB: Has a fan ever tried to unmask you?

: Man, pratically EVERY NIGHT after the show. When we have to pass through the crowd, it starts like "can we have a pic with you?"....10 seconds later it's "can I have an autograph on my breast?" (not bad at all...) and 30 seconds later we feel the box shaking and we see someone trying to steal it, but they don't know it's STRONGLY connected to the head!! So you'll have to steal the whole head mate, and it's going to be a bit dangerous!! Don't try that again please! This is a public service announcement: DON'T EVEN TRY TO STEAL OUR BOX!!

EB: Besides your greatly anticipated performance at Bootie, is there anything else you have planned for your trip to California?

DJSFM: Nothing planned so far, we usually get lost somewhere and discover the best things in every place, so we'll be handling it that way also in SF. But don't think that DJs live a very exciting life. Right now we are in Washington DC in the hotel lobby answering an interview....bored to death! (LOL just kidding!! It's a pleasure hahah!)

EB: Do you have any recent or upcoming releases that you're really excited about?

DJSFM: We just dropped our Ibiza Weapons. It's something a bit different from our usual stuff, more clubby, something special for all the DJs out there and the summer season about to start....there are tributes to old house anthems, but also epic rock tracks such as "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers, classic stuff perfect for the end of bigroom sets. We already received support from big names so we're definitely excited about this brand new pack!! Then we'll have July and August travelling the US, Australia, Europe basically everyday, and in September we'll be focusing our brains on new unreleased tracks, which is part of our "parallel" DJ career besides the mashups. It's gonna be a hot summer and a hotter stay tuned! 


Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for Com Truise this Fri @ 1015


Link Of The Week
Dubstep Dispute: Join this lovable crew of droids as they solve their differences the only way dubstep robots know how. link Here


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Event: Tutu Tuesday ft. 5 hours of Atish
Venue: 222 Hyde
DJs: Atish
Music: tech-house
Cover: $2 in a tutu b4 12am, $7 door
Following an extended European tour, Tutu resident Atish returns to the sacred 222 for an extended set! Since this adventure began in December 2010, this past June was the first Tutu Tuesday he missed, so he has been plotting his celebrated return with stars in his eyes that will translate into a really marvelous musical experience. Per established Tutu tradition, Tutu Tuesday features an all night installation of Atish once a year and this is the one for 2012, so come and get your epic journey on! (CG)

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Event: Housepitality
Venue: Icon Ultra Lounge
DJs: Alex Windsor, Jason Greer, Victor Vega, Kimmy Le Funk, Joel
Music: house
Cover: $5 b4 11pm, $10 after
Housepitality has had a long run of out of town guests and tonight they hand the show to a long-time SF resident who has done a lot for Bay Area techno. Alex Windsor was among the first to introduce techno parties in the early 90s and has continued to contribute his bass-laden sound to the community via events like Friends and Family. Jason Greer is another fan favorite, coming with it fresh and funky like. Come and get your Housepitality on every Wednesday at Icon. (CG)

Event: Obey the Kitty: Prince Club
Venue: Vessel
DJs: Prince Club, Eric Sharp, Justin Milla
Music: house
Cover: $5
The Canadian DJ duo, Prince Club, is putting out real, fine house, taking elements from today's American and European scenes, paring them down to the bare essentials, and amplifying them to fill clubs the world over. With noted support from heavy hitters like Brodinski, Zombie Disco Squad, Pirupa, and SF's own Claude Von Stroke, Prince Club are far from your average, run-of-the-mill DJs. (GB)

Event: Recess
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Matt Haze, Professor Bang
Music: tech-house
Cover: no cover
If you are one of the many who find that the toil of responsibilities start to really drag you down as you approach midweek, here is a novel idea to reinvigorate your work flow. Recess is a two hour techno party between noon and 2pm on Wednesday so that you can cut loose in a social environment on your lunch break. This concept has caught on in other cities and San Francisco seems like an ideal place to mingle among people who find balance in extremes. This first event even comes with lunch! Doesn't get much better than that. (CG)

Event: Wicked Wonderland
Venue: supperclub
DJs: Jeno, Garth, Cole
Music: house
Cover: $15 b4 11pm, $20 after
The lovelies behind Sex + Design magazine are hosting another wicked wild event to compliment the release of their next big thing. As the title suggests, there will be a fashion component to the party, for which supperclub is ideally suited. Along with live performances and a strong DJ showing, the experience will be broadcast live and worldwide so that the magic that is reckoned can wave and ripple virally. Entry includes a copy of this innovative and suggestive mag. Great big deal indeed! (CG)

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Event: Base ft. Pirupa
Venue: Vessel
DJs: Pirupa, Oona Dahiman
Music: house, techno
Cover: $5 b4 11pm w/ rsvp, $10 door
The talented DJ/producer from Italy, Pirupa takes over the Vessel's DJ booth at this week's Thursday tech-house banger. Recently on the rise in a big way, Pirupa has topped Beatport charts and Resident Advisor with tracks like "Sweet Devil," "Get Funky" and "Party Non Stop." With all the success he's had in the studio, he's now started making the rounds to all the biggest and most prestigious clubs in the world, including our very own Vessel in San Francisco. (EB)

Event: Deep Technique
Venue: Harlot
DJs: JT Donaldson, Augustine, Dave Mak
Music: deep house
Cover: no cover w/ rsvp
Looking to bring in exciting talent every month, Deep Technique presents the veteran New York-based producer/DJ JT Donaldson. The Dallas-born artist started making music in the late 90s with his co-founded label Fairpark, before moving to Chicago and establishing himself as a major player in the dance music industry. He produces deep, soulful beats for labels like Cajual, Cyclo, Distance, Seasons, Push & Pull and Viva, and has worked with artists like Lance DeSardi, Tim Shumaker, Sandy Rivera and house legend Chez Damier. Currently he runs two parties at Brooklyn's Trophy Bar: Disco Social and Family Affair. Get deep in the groove tonight at Harlot. (EB)

Event: Future Perfect
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Teams, Marco de la Vega, BRC
Music: indie
Cover: $5 b4 11pm, $10 after
Fresh off his recent 5 week world tour, LA's Teams visits his neighbors to the north in San Francisco. Complimenting his future disco sound is drag genius Boy Child and the YouTube sensation Labanna Babalon, famous for her bizarre antics, impressive dance skills, and collaborations on tracks like "Ass Clap Therapy." If you're looking for something truly unique tonight, join the forward-thinking crowd at Future Perfect. (EB)

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Event: Com Truise, Kid606
Venue: 1015
DJs: Com Truise, Kid606, Baauer, Jim E-Stack,K-Theory, Facemelter, Giraffage, Bogl
Music: synthwave, funk, electronica
Cover: $15
The soundtrack to a hipster's wet dream, Com Truise's music elicits imagery of a moonlit Madonna slowly grinding her way to ecstasy against a young Patrick Swayze on a balmy city fire escape. Originally from upstate New York, Com Truise, aka Seth Haley, has taken his nostalgia for eighties music, internalized it, tweaked it, and evolved it into something he calls "mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk." Listen to two seconds of any of his tracks and you instantly get a sense of this man's absolute obsession with warbling, wobbling synthesizers and analog drum machines. (GB)

Event: Electric Safari
Venue: 111 Minna
DJs: Degai, Paulban, Taj
Music: house, electro
Cover: no cover b4 10:30 w/ rsvp, $10 after w/ rsvp, $20 door
Celebrate the colorful and wild animal kingdom this Friday with DJ Taj as 111 Minna gets invaded by beasts of the jungle. Pick out your favorite animal and start getting that sexy and fierce costume together. Tonight's Electric Safari will be anything but tame. Let the wild rumpus begin! (EB)

Event: Kitty Kat Masquerade
Venue: Supperclub
DJs: Gizma, Nico
Music: house
Cover: $10 presale, $20 door
A party for pretty kitties, the Kitty Kat Masquerade is a ladies event where cat-like costuming is strongly encouraged. Come early for complimentary jello shots going to the first 50 ladies in the door and 2 for 1 drinks from 10 to 11pm. All the staff at supperclub are really fun and queer friendly so a good time is assured for all! Wear a cat mask, paint one your cat eyes, slip into a cat suit and get ready to meow, purr, and RAWR with your girls tonight. (CG)

Event: Luminous Passage 2.0
Venue: Project One
DJs: Josh Eldo, Duarte, JD, Rene Garcia Jr, Marcalator
Music: breaks, house, techno, dubstep
Cover: $10 donation
As a Burning Man honorarium recipient, the masterminds behind Luminous Passage have received some support, but not enough to fully bring their artistic dream to life. The light installation project is 200 feet long, 50 feet wide, and 17 feet tall and composed with concrete tube forms, aircraft cable and a whole lot of el wire (electroluminscent wire). Come help the Luminous Passage crew manifest their dream while mingling and dancing among like-minded burners. (EB)

Event: Pandemic 2: The Relapse
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Kahn, TZR, Specters, Porkchop, Nebakaneza, Murky, Subtle Mind, Bantha
Music: dubstep
Cover: $10
Friday the 13th, a day when misfortune casts its dark shadow over the world. This year Mighty too will be shrouded in a post-apocalyptic cloud of disease and death, plagued by some of the most sinister dubstep artists around. Dress in your "hospital, doomsday, or zombie garb" and slake your insatiable thirst on the gut-wrenching bass-quakes and tortured screams of damned souls. (GB) 

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Event: Salted Foundation Reunion Party
Date: Sat, June 14th
Miguel Migs, Julius Papp, Jay-J, Gray
Music: house
$10 b4 10pm, $15-20 after

Overjoyed with the turn out and positive energy at their 7th Anniversary party last month with Mark Farina and Lisa Shaw, the residents at Salted are excited to bring us another stellar night of great vibes. This month's installment celebrates the return of Jay-J to the Bay Area from NYC. Before Jay-J moved to New York, he helped throw the Foundation monthly parties at The Endup along with Migs and Papp for 2 years. DJ Gray will hold down the side room Salted Lounge with a mix of disco, soul and funk sure to get you groovin'. (EB)

Event: Bastille Day
Venue: Ruby Skye
DJs: Rebecca & Fiona, Frenchy Le Freak, Hubert Keller, Pheeko Dubfunk
Music: house, electro, pop
Cover: $25 presale
Swedish DJ duo Rebecca & Fiona visit the Bay from their hometown of Stockholm to headline Ruby Skye's Bastille Day bash. While EDM continues to influence mainstream American pop music, R & F have released cross-over tracks taking the best of both worlds: thumping beats mixed with pop songwriting and vocals. Their 2012 album on Ultra Records I Love You Man features gems such as "Bullets," "Dance" and "Jane Doe." Don't forget to wear red, white and blue. Vive la France! (EB)

Event: Bastille Day Poolparty
Venue: Phoenix Hotel
DJs: Franky Boissy, Frenchy Le Freak, Hubert Keller, Pheeko Dubfunk, Yanik Angus, Martin
Music: house
Cover: $10
Don't put your red, white and blue outfits away just yet. The Phoenix Hotel hosts another daytime party this Saturday to celebrate Bastille Day, the national French holiday. From 1-7pm enjoy catching rays by the pool as local DJs lay down Saturday's soundtrack, along with today's special guest DJ Huber Keller from Flor De Lys and Top Chef. We know Keller can work a kitchen, but now we can watch him cook up something tasty on the turntables. (EB)

Event: Club Bad ft. Stacy Pullen
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Stacey Pullen, Mossmoss, Nikola Baytala, Bo, Rooz
Music: techno
Cover: $15-20
Known as the second coming of Detroit techno due to his mentorship by the godfathers, Stacey Pullen had a solid foundation to begin with and has only taken off from there. As his first DJ gig was over two decades ago, Pullen has the experience and passion that can drive a dancefloor into a frenzy. Club Bad is working overtime to bring you the highest caliber of speaker-banging maestros so you better recognize and bring it hard. (CG)

Event: DJs From Mars
Venue: DNA Lounge
DJs: DJs From Mars, A Plus D, Squrrrl, Smash-up Derby, Haus of Vicious
Music: mashup
Cover: $15 presale, $10 b4 10pm, $20 after
Set to blast off Bootie SF on a journey to an alien world of futuristic bootlegs, the Italian duo DJs From Mars makes their West Coast debut this Saturday at DNA Lounge. With over 10 million YouTube views and support from celebrities like Lady Gaga and David Guetta, the DJs From Mars alien electro invasion has caught the attention of mashup and pop fans around the world. They're very excited to play for the well-versed Bootie crowd, home to the most enthusiastic bastard pop fans in the Bay Area. And we're excited too! (EB)

Event: LA Riots
Venue: Vessel
DJs: LA Riots, Jared F, Team No Sleep
Music: electro house
Cover: $20-30
A most enjoyable kind of riot, LA Riots burns down the house figuratively, unlike their 1992 namesake. As previous Bay Area residents, they're excited to be back in their old home of foggy San Francisco, back where the LA Riots project all began. If you're not already familiar with their sound, think MSTRKRFT, Bloody Beetroots, Boys Noize--hard-driving, party-rocking electro house. (EB)

Event: Lights Down Low ft. Brenmar
Venue: 222 Hyde
DJs: Brenmar, 5kinandbone5, Sleazemore, Richie Panic, Joaquin Bartra
Music: house, hip-hop, disco
Cover: $15
Chicago-born, New York-based DJ/producer Brenamr joins the Lights Down Low crew at their new residency at 222 Club. The world-touring artist mixes hip-hop and R&B with underground club sounds making him appealing to fans of more mainstream hip-hop music and those interested in strictly house and techno beats. He's developed his own unique sound over the years and it's easy to recognize it instantly in tracks like "Taking it Down," "Want Me" and "Waiting On." (EB)

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Event: Last Man Standing
Venue: Monroe
DJs: Rooz, Mossmoss, Bo
Music: house, techno
Cover: $10
If you often find yourself as the last man standing on the dancefloor, then you'll be pleased to know you have somewhere else to go on early Sunday mornings besides home. This week, Deep Blue residents host this after-after-hours event with the same energy and skill they bring to their classic underground rompers. Only party professional need apply for this one. (EB)

Event: Spa
Venue: Phoenix Hotel
DJs: Sweater Funk DJs, Julius Papp, The Selector Kirk
Music: soul, house
Cover: $5 presale, $10 door
The Phoenix Hotel has a very long history of awesomeness in San Francisco to say the least. There is simply something magical about Sunday pool parties at this location that really brings people and music together in a unique and beautiful way. The Sweater Funk DJs draw a distinct crowd and pool their collective energy with a lot of heart so this is bound to be a good experience for all involved. With the soulful Julius Papp also on hand, there will be a lot of light and love at this party. Bring your friends, family and lots of hugs. (CG)

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