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SF Giants Victory Parade!
Monday, November 1 2010 is a date that will go down in history as the first time the San Francisco Giants have ever won the World Series--and the joyful mayhem of horn-honking, high-fiving, hugging, and flag-flying that erupted and continued well into the late hours out of the bars and into the streets last night was proof that most of us will never forget it. There was simply something beautiful about the spirit of it all--unifying and happy and giving us pride and hope with an act as deceptively basic as winning a baseball game. As we continue to ride the wings of glory this week, mark your calendars for the official victory parade and celebration-- following the route taken by the Giants when the team first came to SF from New York in 1958: starting on Montgomery and Washington, going southbound and continuing on Market St. to Civic Center Plaza-- where Gavin Newsom will present the team with the key to the city on the steps of City Hall (and presumably more joyful mayhem will follow). Date: Wed 11/3, Time: 11am-1pm, Place: Montgomery & Washington Streets to Civic Center Plaza, Cover: no cover, link More Info (JE)

Thievery Corporation + Massive Attack
Get yourself to the Greek this Saturday! One beautiful venue plus two amazing acts will turn your Saturday into an epic night of music and dancing. The Washington DC-based recording artist and DJ duo, Thievery Corporation, uses samples and their own recorded sounds to create eclectic soundscapes combining elements from genres like dub, acid jazz, reggae, Indian classical, Middle Eastern, and Brazilian. Joining them on the stage are another groovy duo, Massive Attack, that has a similar lounge sound, with an experimental and creative approach to composing music. These two acts come to the Bay Area every now and then, but don't usually perform together especially at a breathtaking venue like the Greek. Date: Sat 11/6, Time: 7pm, Place: The Greek Theatre (UC Berkeley), Cover: $55, link More Info (EB)

Tim and Eric Awesome Tour! Great Job!
Tonight Tim and Eric, from "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!," are performing live! Tonight's show is a fast-paced, live variety show, complete with short films, parodies, pranks and musical numbers. Now on their third visit to SF they will surely shock and amaze with specific brand of humor. This thing is going get weird! Date: Fri 11/5, Time: 8pm, Place: Regency Ballroom, Cover: $26, link More Info (WF)


Link Of The Week
Hi, I'm a Tea-Partier - A Tea Party Patriot tries to explain how our freedoms are in jeopardy. link Click Here


Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for DJ Craze @ Public Works this Sat

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Event: Gary Numan
Venue: The Fillmore
DJs: Gary Numan
Music: electro-pop, post punk, nu disco
Cover: $tba
New pioneer Gary Numan is bringing down the house tonight at the Fillmore. Known best for his hit "Cars" from his 80s album "Pleasure Principle" he presented a rock album with no guitars and mainly synthesizers. He been sited as an influence to a wide spectrum of artists, including Trent Reznor, Bassment Jaxx and Beck. Don't miss the chance to hear this legend as he takes you on a trip back to a time where full body leather suits were in and smoking was still cool. (WF) 

Event: The Bloody Beetroots
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: The Bloody Beetroots, Pance Party, Vin Sol
Music: electro-punk
Cover: $25
Woah. If you didn't get enough thrills over Halloween weekend, here's one more chance to indulge your sensibilities. With enough screaming punk-rock vocals to terrorize your soul and just the right dose of danceable beats. The Bloody Beetroots are kinda like a modern version of Ministry--if Ministry were an Italian dance/electro duo who were into fashion and sometimes played pretty, ethereal songs in addition to hard-core evil dancey ones. (JE)

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Event: Getting Over!
Venue: Eve Lounge
DJs: Daeta, Jo_ILL, Mr. Nrvs
Music: house, funk, soul, 80s, hip-hop
Cover: no cover
Still recovering from a horrible Monday and a terrible Tuesday? Well Eve Lounge is here to cheer you up and help you get over your work week. Getting Over happens every first Wednesday of the month offering us a fun mid-week dance party to help tide us over until the weekend. Don't wait til Friday, come shake it at Eve Lounge! (EB)

Event: The Neighborhood
Venue: 111 Minna Gallery
DJs: Maus Haus, My First Earthquake, Shortkut, Trackademicks, Ghosts on Tape, DLRN, Electric Sunset, King Most, Prince Aries, A-Ron
Music: hip-hop, glitch, dub, crunk
Cover: no cover
The Neighborhood comes to 111 Minna, bringing any music your heart desires. First up is Maus Haus, a sextet that combines electronics with live music, creating a surf meets pop and dance sound. My First Earthquake bring their nerdy dance songs, while Shortkut works his turntablist magic on the 1s and 2s. Ghosts on Tape fuses sounds from the island with glitch, adding a vacation-like soundtrack to the night. Stop by The Neighboorhood for your listening enjoyment (CQ)

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Event: Base ft. Radio Slave
Venue: Vessel
DJs: Radio Slave, Chris Smith
Music: house
Cover: $tba
If you've been hitting the dancefloor a lot in the last year, chances are good that you've bopped your head and jumped up and down to the sounds of Radio Slave. A man of many monikers (Matthew E, Quiet Village, Sea Devils, Rekid), Radio Slave has released records on Skint, Soul Jazz, Classic, Whatever We Want, including a remix of Kylie Minogue's "Slow." Base is a happening Thursday party, so if you're looking for action on the dancefloor, you've come to the right place. (EB)

Event: The Thrillseekers
Venue: Ruby Skye
DJs: Thrillseekers, Alain Octavo
Music: trance
Cover: $15
Just hearing the name The Thrillseekers makes you think there must be more than one guy in this group. Wrong! The Thrillseekers is made up of one guy- Steve Helstrip. Since 1998, The Thrillseekers has provided the dance world with emotional, melodic trance music that's made him a fan favorite. Alain Octavo offers support, so come get your thrill on! (CQ)

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Event: Amplify
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: Dnae Beats, Mophono, Ghosts on Tape, Sososoon, Adeptus, Jaws Jean Jacques
Music: lazer bass, techno, electro, dubstep, UK dance
Cover: $5
With so many DJs experimenting with their music, it allows us to guess how futuristic music will sound. Dnae Beats isn't afraid to mix genres, moving effortlessly from one to the next. Mophono brings the funk, mixing it with a psychedelic trip for a sound of his own. Ghosts on Tape takes you on a tropical journey with his fusion of glitch, electro and cumbia. There're many talented on acts performingl, why spend your Friday elsewhere? (CQ)

Event: Big Up Birthday
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Actress, Low Limit of Lazer Sword, Jus Wan, Shlohmo, Comma, MC Duh, Emcee Child
Music: dubstep, house, experimental
Cover: $10 presale, $15 door
Big Up Magazine turns two today and, of course, there's a celebration of epic proportions. Actress, as Darren Cunningham is known, is an elusive DJ, working behind the scenes while building a name for himself. He's coming out of the woodwork to help make this birthday a great one! Low Limit of Lazer Sword, along with many other friends work the 1s and 2s for this joyous occasion. (CQ)

Event: Braza 1 Year Celebration ft. DJ Spinna
Venue: Som Bar
DJs: Spinna, Vanka, Kento, Elan
Music: Brazilian
Cover: $10
Som's smoking hot Brazilian dance party turns one this week! Playing strictly 100% Brazilian with guest DJ Spinna, Braza will heat the dancefloor like usual with heated hip-shaking rhythms. There are very few Brazilian music nights in SF, and Braza is definitely one of the best. Don't know what Brazilian music sounds like? Come get your groove on at Som and find out. (EB)

Event: Jesse Saunders
Venue: Temple
DJs: Jesse Saunders, David Harness, Eli Glad, Slander, Lurv, Tone, Von
Music: house, hip-hop
Cover: $20
Long-time DJ and industry leader, Jesse Saunders takes to the decks this weekend at Temple. Born and raised in Chicago, Jesse got his start pioneering house in the 80s at the famous Warehouse nightclub (now defunct). Just last year he released his critically acclaimed 25th Anniversary of House Music album and took his music on a world tour. Afterwards he created the Electronic Music Cafe in Vegas to showcase the art from the tour and to broadcast the music of fellow DJs. Come hear the legend spin live! (EB)

Event: Sunglasses at Night ft. Johnny Fiasco
Venue: supperclub
DJs: Johnny Fiasco, Jimmy Bell, Rachel Sehl, Bryan Boyce, Bryan Boogie, Mario Dubbz
Music: house, breaks
Cover: $15
Most popularly known for his acid house productions, Johnny Fiasco is a veteran DJ with a background in rock 'n' roll and a solid place in Chicago's early 90s house history. His latest release, "Picante" mixes house, Latin, and everything else in between. Tonight, this highly stylized club night hosts this house legend for a night of music, art, and fashion within the super slick walls of supperclub. Put on your sunglasses and dance towards the dawn of a new day! (JE)

Event: Temple of Tech ft. Inxec
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Inxec, Kevin Knapp, Nikita, Mozaic, LadyHaus, Withheld, Dutch, Dulce Vita, Dex Stakker, Mike Butler, Chris Hope
Music: house, techno
Cover: $15 presale, $25 door
Perhaps it is a sign of the ages that early 1980s-born Chris Sylvester's--aka Inxec-- first foray into music production was through the Playstation. Luckily for us, he's clearly moved far beyond that, as he now produces on the world's biggest techno label, Cocoon, and consequently has been playing some of the world's most prestigious clubs for the last four years. Tonight he arrives in SF on his USA tour, along with a fiercely strong local lineup holding their own to warm things up nicely. But wait--there's more! Open bar from 9-10:30pm and free BBQ all night! This is one night you won't want to miss. (JE)

Event: We & The Music
Venue: 222 Hyde
DJs: Said, MFR, Morrisson (live)
Music: deep house, Afrobeat, techno
Cover: $5 b4 11pm, $10 after
Putting the music first always, the DJs behind We & The Music present another night dancing to deep beats and global sounds down in 222's intimate basement dancefloor. DJ MFR will also be celebrating the release of his new mix CD "West Coast Excursion Vol. 5" featuring tracks by Miguel Migs, Jask & Dario D'Attis. Arrive early for CD giveaways! (EB)

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Event: D:Fuse
Venue: Ruby Skye
DJs: D:Fuse, Frenchy Le Freak, Flame
Music: house, progressive
Cover: $15
D:Fuse is more than just a DJ. He's a producer, drummer and singer, one who provides you with the complete experience of a live act. His energy combined with the fact that he drums live, add to his appeal as a performer. Joining him will be Frenchy Le Freak and DJ Flame, each putting their own flavor on the evening. (CQ)

Event: DJ Craze
Venue: Public Works
DJs: DJ Craze, J-Wow of Burka Som Sistema, Trackademiks, Eric Sharp
Music: hip-hop
Cover: $tba
Six-time DMC champ DJ Craze is cutting it up tonight at Public Works. Craze will bring a potpourri of floor bangers and breakbeat classics. You never know what he's gonna drop. He plays everything from dnb to hip-hop to 80s gems and mashups. Tonight start the weekend now and get down with these original beat doctors. (WF)

Event: Freeform v. Dubalicious
Venue: Shine
DJs: Dragn'fly, Jonboy, Floorcraft, Matthew Johnson
Music: electro, techno, house, breaks
Cover: no cover b4 10pm, $5 after
Two special guests are joining the FreeDub DJs for another epic and intimate night at Shine. Strategik's Dragn'fly is one of their all-time favorite local DJs and they are super psyched to have her rock the decks with her blend of rave-style techno, electro, and breakbeats. It'll be her first guest appearance at Free v. Dub along with Matthew Johnson, so get ready to shake it hard on the dancefloor with this local deckmaster. (EB)

Event: Matthew Dear
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Matthew Dear (live w/ full band)
Music: minimal techno, acid techno
Cover: $16.50 limited presale
Tonight the man with many monikers, Matthew Dear will be rocking a mix of techno, tech-house with elements of post punk/new wave. This Texas native and co-founder of Ghostly International has been around more than decade and continues to innovate and evolve his multifaceted sound. He's remixed everyone from Caharlette Gainsbourg and Hot Chip to The Postal Service and The Chemical Brothers. Get ready to experience a techno legend in the making tonight at Mighty! (WF)

Event: The Foundation 1 Year Anniversary ft. Neil Armstrong
Venue: Som Bar
DJs: Neil Armstrong, Vin Roc, The Triple Threat DJs, Mr. E
Music: soul, house, hip-hop, disco
Cover: $10
The Foundation prides itself on simply providing great music to the San Francisco masses. To help them celebrate their one year milestone, none other than Neil Armstrong (no, not the astronaut, the DJ!) will join residents with his own special mix of house, hip-hop, and disco. The foundation of any great track is a killer beat, which is what this party is all about. Come out ready to celebrate! (EB)

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Event: David Harness' Scorpio Birthday Brunch
Venue: Mars Bar
DJs: David Harness, Patrick Wilson, Rob Rhythm, Rahiem Jihad, Byron Mason
Music: deep house, progressive house
Cover: $5 b4 3pm, $10 after
Aw, guess who's having a birthday on Monday? It's one of our favorite Scorpios, Mr. David Harness. He's spending it on the decks, daytime style, at one of the best Sunday gathering spots--Mars Bar--with us! Brunch will be served, cocktails will be flowing, and the dancefloor will be rocking--making this one special birthday celebration indeed. Come out and add your spirit to wish him a good one! (JE)

Event: presents Marques Wyatt & Bday Boy Halo
Venue: The Endup
DJs: Marques Wyatt, Halo, CJ Larsen, Ivan Ruiz, Ryan Nyberg
Music: house
Cover: $15
San Francisco's oldest nightclub turns 38 this week! To help The Endup celebrate, they've invited house music legend Marques Wyatt and a supporting lineup full of local talent. Be apart of Bay Area history tonight by honoring this world famous icon for dance music that's been keeping San Franciscans dancing for almost four decades. (EB)

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