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Nitevibe Buzz

SF Decompression
Whether you went to Burning Man this year and are severely in need of a Black Rock City hit, or having missed out this year, you’re aching to reconnect with the playa, or you have simply heard about the event - the SF Decomp arrives not a moment too soon to rescue us from those “Yearning Man” blues. Get ready to be submerged into that gorgeous blend of art, music, and radical self-expression that is unique to Burning Man culture - minus the dust. The community comes together with a collective need to decompress; this is your ultimate chance to boogie in your playa regalia to that fave DJ you missed, mingle with those you may have missed out there, gaze at some artwork you didn’t get to encounter, revisit a favorite theme camp or simply stock up on some much needed out-of-the-ordinary moments for the long fall season ahead. (Giraffes highly encouraged to attend!). Date: Sun, Oct 12th, Time: Noon - Midnight , Place: Indiana St. bet Mariposa & 22nd St. SF, Cover: $10 in Playa Custome, $20 Streetwear. link More Info (JO)

Beats 4 Boobs
What would a dance party be without boobies bouncing to the beat? Support your mammary gland friends tonight by partying for a cause worth hooting for! This Thursday at 111 Minna Gallery the annual breast cancer fundraising event will raise community awareness for the second most common type of cancer (after lung cancer). Whether you’re male or female, straight or gay, breast-fed or bottle-fed, we can all agree that fighting breast cancer is a noble cause. Tonight’s entertainment includes live performances, a fashion show, fire dancing, a photo installation, and tasty temptations. Hot femme DJs Betty Ray, Dawn of Sound, J.Philip, Moody Eva, and shOOey will take on the 1’s and 2’s to save those A’s B’s and C’s! Date: Thursday 10/9, Time: 5:30pm-2am, Place: 111 Minna Gallery, Cover: $25 donation, link More Info (EB)

SF Magazine's Fall Fest
Celebrate the Bay Area’s best in food and wine at the 5th Annual FallFest, hosted by San Francisco magazine Food Editor Jan Newberry and Miss Pearl’s Jam House Consulting Chef and Bay Café host Joey Altman. Leading local restaurateurs, winemakers, eco experts, and artisans join together for an inspiring day of premier food and wine tasting, chef demonstrations, live music, and panel discussions that celebrate eating and living local. To top it all off, FallFest benefits Meals on Wheels of San Francisco. So not only are you eating, drinking and living well but you can also do well! Date: Sat, Oct 11th, Time: Noon - 4pm, Place: Justin Herman Plaza, Cover: $95 advanced / $110 at the door. link More Info (FR)

Link Of The Week

5 Friends Don't Vote PSA, Uncensored: Leonardo DiCaprio, will i. am, Tobey Maguire, and Forest Whitaker have created public service announcements to encourage American youth to register to vote. The non-partisan PSAs, produced by DiCaprios Appian Way, were created to engage and inspire young people to register and vote and participate in the upcoming election. link here

And once again we couldn't resist so -

VP Debate Open: Palin / Biden: SNL opening sketch of Sen. Biden and Gov. Palin debate. link here

Flyer Of The Week

Our flyer of the week is for DJ Heather this Fri @ Temple


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Event: David Byrne
Venue: Davies Symphony Hall
DJs: David Byrne
Music: Rock, World Beat, experimental, Latin influence
Cover: $TBA
Known mainly for founding the new wave group Talking Heads, David Byrne has been releasing solo projects since '91 and working with a wide variety of artists both musical and visual. You never really know what to expect from Byrne, whether it be providing vocals for dance tracks, creating pipe organs out of old buildings or playing world based dance music Byrne always excels in the obscure. This is rare opportunity to get a glimpse of a genius at work. Be sure to grab presales because tickets are going fast. (WF)

Event: Lil Brthr
Venue: 222 Club
DJs: Limacon, Hac Le, Jamie O'brien, Roman Stange
Music: techno, minimal
Cover: no cover
Forget all the talk about 222 going under, Lil Brthr is still going strong, and getting you down with the best in underground techno. Featuring Auralism producer Limacon, with labelmates Hac Le and Roman Stange,Lil Brthr will have you riding the techno train and chanting "Long live 222!". (JV8)

Event: Murs
Venue: The Independent
DJs: Murs, Kidz in the Hall
Music: hip-hop
Cover: $15
Underground West Coast rapper, MURS (Making Underground Raw Shit), from the Living Legends crew will lay it down at the Indy with fresh rhymes from his latest album, “Murs for President.” While this is Murs’ seventh release, it’s his first major debut album showcasing his wicked verbal skills behind the mic. Murs is a rapper you can believe in, so VOTE MURS this Tuesday! (EB)

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Event: Infatuation
Venue: Vessel
DJs: Para One, residents Rchrd Oh?! and Sleazemore
Music: electro, indie
Cover: complimentary Svedka tasting 9-10, 2 4 1 well drinks and no cover all night
Probably most well known in the U.S. for his remix of Daftpunk’s “The Primetime of Your Life,” French electronic music producer Para One first rose to prominence as one of the main producers for French rap group TTC. A living robot rock legend, your ears were be startled by his infectious machine funk as your body thrashes wildly. This Infatuation was built to last. (FR)

Event: Qoöl
Venue: 111 Minna
DJs: DF Tram, Macadio, Gomez, Silencefiction, Scott Carrelli, Jondi
Music: progressive, house
Cover: no cover b4 6pm, $5 after
I can think of no better place to stop by mid-week to reclaim the dance high of LoveFest. It goes off every week and is without a doubt the most pumping place on a Wednesday I have ever encountered. It offers an immediate hump-day blues band-aid. The music is so thumping you aren't allowed a thought in your head and your feet won't let you stand still! Plus the crowd is so upbeat, it puts you into immediate auto-smile.(JO)

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Event: Colors
Venue: Levende Lounge
DJs: J-Boogie, Shawn Dub, Shortkut, Sake-One, Damon Bell, Vinroc, Proof
Music: house, hip hop, dub, funk, downtempo
Cover: $5-10
If you're ready to relax and indulge yourself in all that is cool, you've come to the right night. Colors is a night showcasing the some Bay's best talent within the many facets of dance music: house, hip hop, dub, funk and downtempo. With a little bit of everything for everybody you really can't go wrong here. But remember to keep it classy because the dress code is strictly enforced. (WF)

Event: Lucid
Venue: Pink
DJs: Galen, Tasho,Nima G.
Music: house, techno
Cover: $5
Still not thinking clearly after LoveFest? Then the perfect solution to clear out those beat hungry ears is Lucid. Featuring SF house music veterans Galen from Sunset, Tasho from Stompy and new comer Nima G., tonight's jammy @ Pink is the perfect dance floor solution that will clearly have you going to the dance floor! (JV8)

Event: Soulful House Collective
Venue: Vessel
DJs: DJ Gray, Rouzbeh, Brian Salazar and Cason Bridges
Music: deep house
Cover: no cover
Remedy’s Soulful House Collective represent the Bay Area DJs who keep the positive vibes afloat and dancefloor inspired with spiritual manifestations of house music. Originally from Chile, DJ Gray has impressed the community of established SF house DJs with her warm energy and unique style of blending genres from other periods and places. If you love soulful house music or just need to get centered, there is no other place to be tonight. (FR)

Event: Trauma
Venue: El Rincon
DJs: The Doctor, Reclipse, E$kr, Arize
Music: dnb
Cover: no cover b4 11pm, $3 after
You may be distressed now that Compression Thursdays has ended at Temple, but you can still get your weekly dose of drum 'n' bass at El Rincon! While this is usually a Latin club, Thursday nights transform into a chill dnb destination (but they still serve their delicious Latin dishes). Come kick it with fellow dnb lovers while the Trauma DJs keep the beats pounding all night. (EB)

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Event: 15 Yr Anniv of The Velvetshop
Fri, Oct 10th
Doc Martin, M3, Mark Johns, MJ Gamez, Cutso, J-Quest
Music: house
Cover: $10 b4 11pm, $15 after

Palo Alto's hottest house music party celebrates its 15th anniversary tonight with Velvetshop residents and special guest Doc Martin! Tonight's celebration is going old school with all-vinyl spinning all night long. For the past 15 years the Velvetshop has put the South Bay's nightlife on the map, so come early because this one will definitely reach capacity. You can get on the guestlist here for discounted admission before 11pm. (EB)

Event: Glitchmob
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: Ooah, edIT, Boreta & Kraddy, Megasoid Rustie Eprom Anasia
Music: electronic, hip-hop, techno, glitch
Cover: $20 advance
"When four friends, Ooah, edIT, Boreta & Kraddy - The Glitchmob - all noted fixtures on the West Coast underground team up with a creative vision and positive intentions the result is A relentless sonic assault on the dance floor of ferocious drums, catastrophic sub bass, and sounds from another world It is an unforgiving and punishing physical audio experience that will leave your body beat to the core and your soul wanting more". (FR)

Event: I Love DJ Heather
Venue: Temple
DJs: Dj Heather, Rouzbeh/ Destiny Lounge: Dj Mal/ Catacombs: Tone
Music: chicago house, progressive house
Cover: $20
One of Chicago's royal elite of house talent is gracing the decks tonight. DJ Heather, one of the few female jocks to dominate the scene, has been romping it up since the late 90's. She offers a fine blend of Chicago jack tracks mixed with disco and acid house. She is part of the all female DJ collective Superjane (along with DJ Colette, Dahota and Lady D) and will surely not disappoint. Get ready to jack your body with this one of a kind Chicago legend!(WF)

Event: Matthew Dear's Big Hands
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Matthew Dears Big Hands & Telefon Tel Aviv
Music: live tech house
Cover: $15
Matthew Dear, man of multiple pseudonyms, is a tech house pioneer with a unique style and multiple hits under his belt. After taking 10 years honing his skills in the electronic music arena he stretched his talents even further to performing live music. Adding his vocals to the mix, and accompanied by guitarist and drummer he pushes himself further than most DJs/producers ever dare. This one is worth checking out! (JO)

Event: Motor
Venue: supperclub
DJs: DJ Taj, DRC, Playdoughboy, Kevin Kind
Music: progressive
Cover: $10
Pure talent, driving beats and dedication are a few of the words that describe Taj, DRC, Playdoughboy and Kevin Kinds. If you want a night filled with high energy grooves, supperclub is your spot! (FR)

Event: Nick Warren
Venue: Ruby Skye
DJs: Nick Warren
Music: electronic
Cover: $20
British Nick Warren started in his hometown of Bristol, where his ability to work a crowd ensured that he became a local legend. He was snapped up to tour as a DJ with Massive Attack and from there his notoriety was fixed. A residency at Cream, world tours and hit albums followed. Despite his superstar status Nick has remained true to his music, consistently seeking out new sounds and fresh young talent to include on his albums. Go see a pro in action! (JO)

Event: Outernational Science
Venue: Club Six
DJs: Cheb i Sabbah, Janaka Selekta Fanna-Fi Allah (Live Qawwali), Riffat Sultana & Party (Live Classical Indian)
Music: world, breaks, dnb, dubstep, live Indian
Cover: $10
Music lovers from far and wide, you will not want to miss tonight's exploration into world music with two of San Francisco's top world music DJs, Cheb i Sabbah and Janaka Selekta. This month's very special guests Fanna- Fi-Alla will bring their flawless presentation of traditional Qawwali-Sufi music, which they've performed all over the US and the world including India and Pakistan. It doesn't take a scientist to realize this party will be explosive! (EB)

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Event: Salted
Sat, Oct 11th
Miguel Migs, Julius Papp
Music: house
Cover: $10 b4 11pm, presale

Tonight two of the Bay Area's most prominent house dons and Dreamteamers Miguel Migs and Julius Papp are shaking things up at Mighty. This is a party where the grooves are so infectious that you couldn't stay off the dance floor if you tried. These gentleman, as always, will be bringing their A game and you should too! Don't miss some of the funkiest, deepest and most soulful house the Bay has to offer. (WF)

Event: Ronski Speed
Sat, Oct 11th
1015 Folsom
Ronski Speed, Taj, Blurr, Kevin Kind, Norman Stradly, Homero Espinosa, Brian Salazar, DRC vs. Denise, Grande Funk, Ross.FM vs. Bangin B, Loaded Beatz, Kayvan vs. Morocco Slim, Double A Batteries, J. Espinosa, Audio 1
Music: house, progressive
$15 presale

If the need to dance is still coursing through your veins post-LoveFest – events such as this will undoubtedly please. German DJ and producer Ronski Speed comes to town to treat us on the decks. The man has remixed smash hits used by the likes of Oakenfold, Tiesto, and Armin van Buuren – i.e. "All the Way" with singer Aruna. He is renowned for world-class progressive sets, and will be joined by our tried and tested local superstars. Let's keep the love going people! (JO)

Event: Dark & Dirty
Sat, Oct 11th
DJs: Kramer & Mike Giannini,
Vahid, Tatarin, Michael Anthony
Music: tribal, house, progressive, electro
no cover b4 11pm w/rsvp, $10 b4 midnight

ITime for another solid editon of D&D!  Always packing the club with lights-out, heads-down dance floor filling Tribal, Progressive and Electro sounds you will only find at Dark & Dirty!  This month features favorites Kramer and Mike Giannini along with special guest DJ Vahid.  DJ Tatarin and Michael Anthony warm everyone up with the dinner set.

Event: Bootie
Venue: DNA Lounge
DJs: ComaR, Adrian & Mysterious D, Dada, Smash-Up Derby, DJ Reno, Phatbastard, Grandpamini
Music: mash-ups
Cover: $6 b4 12 after
Ooh la la! It's the Bootie French Revolution! Bootie's sister mashup party in France takes over the DNA Lounge with it’s creator DJ ComaR returning for a special on-stage DJ set. In the upstairs room, Bootie Paris resident DJs Reno and Phatbastard will be spinning, as well as French rapper Grandpamini, who will also be performing the midnight mashup show and doing a special guest rap in French with live Bootie house band Smash-Up Derby. (FR)

Event: Free Your Mind
Venue: Vessel
DJs: DJ Grad (Moscow), Tatarin, and Playdoughboy
Music: house
Cover: discounted admission b4 10pm
Russian house legend, DJ Grad began his djing career in the early 90s, around the time that nightclubs were just opening in his native country. Therefore, Grad’s name is synonymous with house music and epic parties in Russia. His debut single Free Your Mind was released in 2005 and is an apt title for his premiere appearance at Vessel. Fellow Moscow native, Tatarin, throws down on the tables and Playdoughboy keeps it raging before the main event. (FR)

Event: M2 presents Half Hawaii
Venue: 58 Tehama
DJs: Bruno Pronsato, Nikola Baytala, Craig Kuna, Dima
Music: house, techno
Cover: $20
Together they are Half Hawaii, respectively they are Bruno Prosato, of Seattle, and Sammy Dee, tech house maestro from Berlin, both renowned rockstars in the electronic scene. They combine their skills to bring us their exclusive new live set. They released "Into You/Out of You" in early 2007, which rapidly became an underground favorite. This talented duo are joined by our local tech-perts Craig Kuna and Nikola Baytala. If you like your techno don't miss this! (JO)

Event: Veni Vidi Vici
Venue: Club Six
DJs: Far East Movement , Prophet, Khari Kill, The Instant Messengers, Six Reasons, DJ Amen, Winstrong, Irie Dole, Rebs, Elliot Lipp Live, Pnuma Trio, Pat Joran Band
Music: hip-hop, roots, reggae, dancehall, live
Cover: $8 presale
This edition of Veni Vidi Vici is the release party for Juxtapoz, which promotes urban art and music. The night promises to be as packed with variety as the magazine itself. Including an art show at 10 PM showcasing clothing from unique collective Teruo, and live reggae from Khari Kill, there'll be so much cutting edge culture packed into one night, you may leave proclaiming, "I came, I saw, I conquered". (JO)

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Event: 2nd Sunday - Season Finale
Sun, Oct 12th
Mission Rock Cafe
DJ Dan, Behrouz, Lawn Chair Generals, Andy Caldwell, Norm Stradley, Jenö, M3, Ellen Ferrato, Ben Doren Featuring Live Guitarist J. Bowman, Rooz & Rouzbeh, Syd Gris, Taj, Smoove, Icon, Keith Evan, Marc Devasconcelos, Von
Music: house, breaks, progressive
Limited Discount Presale - $20 limited discount

Click here for a chance to win 1 of 10 pair of tickets

2008's 2nd Sundays have been hotter than ever with some of the best DJs of San Francisco and the world coming together with one purpose: to get you dancing! This year's Season Finale will top them all with enough twists and turns on the decks to keep you off your seat and dancing in the crowd. This month welcome DJ Dan, Behrouz, Lawn Chair Generals, and Andy Caldwell along with the always-shining all-star cast. (EB)

Event: All About The Bass Feat. Yossi Fine
Venue: Elbo Room
DJs: Yossi Fine, OSC aka Roommate & Antiserum, DJ Sep
Music: dub, dubstep, reggae, dancehall
Cover: $8 presale, $10 door
Dub Mission presents a night of live dub, dubstep, and dancehall featuring Yossi Fine’s “All About The Bass” plus OSC aka Roommate & Antiserum and DJ SEP. After years of spending time behind the mixing board, Israeli bassist/producer Yossi is coming back to the front of the stage to create a one-man sound system. Yossi will play tunes from his band, ExCentric Sound System and countless other productions, remixing and dubbing them live on the spot, bringing a night of exceptionally heavy bass to the Dub Mission stage. (FR)

Event: Super Soul Sundayz
Venue: Temple
DJs: Miguel Migs, Halo, David Harness, Patrick Wilson, Rolo, Jojo Torres, Jayvi Velasco, Rob Rhythm Cecil & Cali
Music: soulful house
Cover: $10
This is an extra special one - local legends & DJ Dreamteamers - David Harness and Miguel Migs are throwing their talent behind Obama to make this one a fundraiser. Multiple reasons to get down and dance; awesome, Sunday-praiseworthy house music and a just cause to come together for. Needless to say, VOTE FOR OBAMA – early and often! And dance whilst you are doing it! (JO)

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