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Yuri's Night
When Yuri Gagarin became the first man to go into space, I bet he didn't know that he'd be coming up with a great reason for people to party all over the world. Granted, without him going into space, we wouldn't be able to watch season 4 of Battlestar Galactica via satellite dish, have a need to sample freeze dried ice cream, or put the US flag on the hunk of rock known as the Moon, so why not celebrate it at Yuri's Night? Since 2001, people all over the world have been celebrating Yuri's night, and in the Bay Area, they're doing it right. Musical artists such as Amon Tobin, John Tejada, [a]pendics.shuffle, Lusine and Mozaic will be performing, fusion performance group Capacitor will be giving a dance and acrobatic show, aerial demonstrations will be done with Yuri Gagarin-era aircraft, NASA research robots will be showing their stuff, the Flaming Lotus girls will be unveiling their newest fire sculpture and NASA scientists will be blowing your mind. Whatever your artistic and scientific discipline, Yuri's night is a once-a-year event to stimulate your senses and make you wonder what else is out there. Date: Saturday, 4/12, Time: 2pm-2am, Place: NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Cover: $40 advance, $50 door link More Info (JV8)


Tender Ground
Have you ever wondered why dance theater was only limited to dancers on a stage? It appears that Wide Blue Yonder Dance Company had been pondering the same question, and have decided to add an aerial dimension to dance theater. Tender Ground, an evening of three aerial theater pieces, premieres this weekend at CounterPULSE. Exploring the topics of homelessness, mental health, and aging in a humorous yet poignant manner, Tender Ground's aerial theater performance has been described as "allowing emotional expressions in ways untapped until now. The flat wooden stage will never be the same again." Date: Friday-Saturday, 4/11-4/12, Time: 8pm, Place: CounterPULSE, 1310 Mission St, Cover:  $15 advance, link More Info (JV8)


Veni Vidi Vici
Every month the art and culture magazine, Juxtapose, celebrates their issue release with a party full of new art from local artists and up-and-coming musical acts. This month features rapper/DJ Pase Rock, whose humorous imagination led to singles like "Lindsay Lohan's Revenge" and "Sexy MF." In room two, Pnuma will be performing a very special live P.A. set. The trio uses their jazz and classical training to create beat-driven, jammin' electronic compositions with funk, hip hop, and drum 'n' bass influences. According to JamBase, "They've become one of the most talked about young bands in the country." In room three, local reggae/hip-hop DJ Irie Dole from Jah Shelter Warrior Hi-fi, the award winning California sound system that makes sure we can go out to reggae parties almost every day of the month. Come to party, see great art, and conquer the dancefloor with some hot moves! Date: Saturday, 4/12, Time: 9pm-4am, Place: Club Six, Cover: $10 b4 11pm, $15 after, link More Info (EB)

Link Of The Week

Whitest Kids U'Know: Peeping Toms
Buddies discover a woman undressing in a window across the street.
link here

Flyer Of The Week

Our flyer of the week is For Super Soul Sundayz @ The Endup


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Event: Bar Back Olympics
Venue: 111 Minna Gallery
DJs: Sleazemore, Shane King
Music: Baltimore club, party hip-hop
Cover: no cover w/ RSVP
The un-sung heroes behind the bar are finally getting their long-deserved moment in the spotlight. The first ever Bar Back Olympics will decide who the fastest beer re-stockers and ice slingers are in all of San Francisco, a city overflowing with bars. Whether you think we should boycott the Beijing Olympics or not, here is one Olympic tradition that we can all agree should become an annual affair. (EB)

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Event: Infatuation
Wednesday, April 9th
JD Samson, Lauren Flax, Sleazemore, Rchrd Oh?!, Omar
Music: 90's, hip-hop, electro, house
no cover

A very special (and not to mention cost-effective) event at Vessel is going to have you infatuated with Wednesday nights out on the town. Special guests JD Samson from the feminist punk electronic trio, Le Tigre, and Lauren Flaxx (IHeartComix) are bringing their 90's dance party U.N.I.T.Y  all the way from NYC. Your Thursday workday might not feel so hot but your Wednesday night just got so much hotter. (EB)

Event: JZ Send Off
Venue: Anu
DJs: JZ, Dano & resident Scott Carrelli
Music: house
Cover: no cover b4 10pm, $5 after
A steadfast name in underground Bay Area house is shipping off! JZ, DJ/Producer and co-partner of Red Melon Records, will be banging out a final beat at Wednesday's coziest party spot, Anu. A style master like JZ deserves a reputable send off, so gather up your forces and crowd the dance floor for a night to remember! (KS)  

Event: The Soundtrack
Venue: Madrone Lounge
DJs: Citizen Ten, Mr. White
Music: nu skool, downtempo
Cover: no cover
Imagine listening to your favorite movie soundtrack, recreated and reconstructed on 3 turntables. That's just what Swedish Milk Toast residents Citizen Ten and Mr. White do at The Soundtrack. Their movie choice is eclectic, so who knows, you could be dancing to some Pulp Fiction, getting down like John Travolta and Uma Thurman. Or maybe you're rocking out to the quirkiness that is Garden State. No matter what they choose, these guys'll have you shaking your booty. (CQ)

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Event: Bureau
Thursday, April 10th
Nikola Baytala, Alland Byallo, Clint Stewart, Myles Egner, Ali Meykadeh
Music: tech, minimal, tech-house

What do you get when you combine DJs from [KONTROL], Platform and Auralism? Sounds to me like a Bureau of Techno-logical Investigation, or BUREAU for short. KONTROL freak Alland Byallo, Platform-ers Nikola Baytala and Myles Egner, and Auralism Lieutenant Clint Stewart bring you into their "office" known as the dance floor. No red tape or bureaucratic policies here, just tight mixes and bumpin techno beats to give you a jump on the weekend. (JV8)

Event: Audiopharmacy
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Audiopharmacy, Bayonics, DJ Ren, DJ Coopdville, Duniya
Music: hip-hop, trip hop, reggae
Cover: $10 advance, $15 door
Audiopharmacy has the right prescription for your mind, body and soul. This collective offers the total experience, creating lyrics that are socially and politically conscious and thought provoking. Then the congas and driving bassline begins, suddenly transforming Mighty into a Latin paradise as Bayonics takes the stage. This 10 piece live band mixes latin, funk and reggae all into one, each member contributing their part to the music. DJ Ren, Coopdville and Duniya are also scheduled to perform. (CQ)

Event: Divine
Venue: Harlot
DJs: Santiago Lopez, Andrew Phelan, Mike Giannini, Sen-Sei
Music: house, tech house, progressive house
Cover: no cover w/ RSVP
The sexy, sophisticated, Divine night is hot enough to shake the heavens. Tonight, get your asses on the dance floor for the latin house sounds of Santiago Lopez from Mexico, making his SF debut. DJs and producers Andrew Phelan, of Prismatic with his tech house vibe, and Mike Giannini, blending funky, tribal, progressive and tech house, are both of Ruby Skye, 1015 and Thump Radio fame. Sen-Sei jams his live chops and keyboard synthesis layers over the beats giving you true divine intervention. (ST)

Event: Groove Sessions
Venue: Mr Smiths
DJs: Johnny ROCK Fontane, Dimitris Mykonos, DK Watts, Little B, Junior Gonzalez
Music: house
Cover: donation
Come celebrate Johnny ROCK’s, Little B’s and Junior Gonzalez’s birthday with champagne and some groovy house sets starting at happy hour. The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is hosting the happy hour as a benefit to raise money for Ria Basco’s Avon Walk. Not only do you get to celebrate three DJ’s lives, you get to help save lives too! (EB)

Event: RJD2
Venue: Independent
DJs: RJD2, Dalek, Happy Chichester
Music: hip-hop, pop, rock, electronica
Cover: $23
Hip-hop DJ/producer RJD2 first entered the global music scene in 2002 with his album "Deadringer," best known for the track "Ghostwriter." Now, six years later, RJ's got a third album out titled "The Third Hand," which ventures away from hip-hop towards rock and pop, but still maintains the unique 'D2 production touch with the added bonus of his own vocals and instrumentation. (EB)

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Event: Adam Freeland
Friday, April 11th
Adam Freeland, Syd Gris, Aaron Jae, Dex Stakker
Music: breakbeat
$15 advance, $20 door

Adam Freeland, the Global Breakbeat Ambassador hits San Francisco for an exclusive extended DJ set at Mighty. When Adam Freeland released his pioneering "Coastal Breaks" mix album three years ago, it signaled a new era in dance music. Since then, breakbeat has emerged as a genre to be reckoned with, and even hailed by some as the future of dance music. According to heavyweights DJ Sasha and Carl Cox, the man responsible for that is Adam Freeland. Don't miss this show as he gives the epic stacks at Mighty a proper workout! (FR)


Event: Timo Mass & Hercules & Love Affair
Friday, April 11th
Timo Maas, Hercules and Love Affair
Music: trance, house, electro, techno
$22 advance, $30 VIP

The genre-bending DJ, Timo Maas, broke into the trance scene with his recording "Die Herdplatte," but no genre will ever be able to hold him down. He's notorious for rockin' DJ sets, but his genre-splicing leaves you wondering what direction he'll take next. Hercules & Love Affair just released their debut self-titled album to much acclaim and has been described by Pitchfork as "the most original American dance album in a long while." Listen to their neo-disco single "Blind" and you'll be in a love affair with Hercules. (EB)


Event: The Velvet Shop
Friday, April 11th
B4Twelve (412 Emerson St, Palo Alto)
David Harness, M3, MJ Gamez, Jamie Link, Cutso Sig-O
Music: house, electro funk, old shool hip hop, soul
$5 if on guestlist

Get your house groove on the outside patio with David Harness, M3, MJ Gamez, and Jamie Lin. Inside will feature Cutso. Arive early as this place fills up quick. Outside patio features a full bar. Get on the guestlist for reduced cover.

Event: Auto Immune Tour w/ Meat Beat Manifesto
Venue: Slim's
DJs: Meat Beat Manifesto,Raz Mesinai's Badawi,Dub Gabriel & Bomb SF
Music: techno, experimental hip hop
Cover: $21 advance, $23 door.
Although Mom always told you not to beat your meat, tonight she'll make an exception for Meat Beat Manifesto. MBM present to you a night of techno vs. hip hop. They have collaborated with the likes of Z-Trip, members of both The Orb and Orbital, as well as toured with NIN. Needless to say they've been around a while. Nevertheless, their music is always funky, fresh and dancefloor friendly. Big ups! (WF)

Event: Bang the Box: Jona vs. Dollz at Play
Venue: Club Six
DJs: Jona, Dollz at Play, Lance De Sardi, Solar, Christian Mora, Guada
Music: techno, electro, minimal
Cover: $10 b4 11pm, $15 after
Lance De Sardi and Solar's techno coalition Bang the Box once again bring you the techno tinged electro funk to make you lose your junk. This time around they bring you Get Physical's newest belgian addition Jona to give you an electro house bump while London's SuperFreq-ers, Dollz at Play show you what happens when hot glam model chicks get behind the decks and throw down some techno thumps. Craving sexy techno and electro funk? Then Bang the Box! (JV8)

Event: Break Beat Booty
Venue: Temple
DJs: The Autobots, Carbon Community, Icon, Paul Hemming, Melyss, Samira, Seraphim, Tone, DJ Von
Music: house, breaks
Cover: $10 presales, $15 @ door
I hope you're ready to dance all night, because Temple has an all-star lineup planned for Friday's Break Beat Booty. The Autobots bring their bumping basslines and funktastic breaks while Carbon Community drops his glitched out, live breakbeats that you've come to love so much. Sister SF residents Melyss, Samria and Seraphim join Icon, Paul Hemming, Tone and DJ Von as they rock the rooms at Temple. (CQ)

Event: BT
Venue: Ruby Skye
DJs: BT, Dave Ralph, James Williams, Jonathan Williams
Music: house, progressive house, trance, hip-hop, downtempo
Cover: $15 presale
BT, the Canadian born musical genius and Father of Trance, who melded pop rhythms and dance beats to classic disciplines to produce the new singularity of trance, graces SF with his live laptop symphony. The aural juggernaut scored a bunch of Hollywood hit movies and transformed his last DVD album, The Binary Universe, into a musical and 3D animation masterpiece. He dropped his new single at WMC and no doubt you get a sneak peak of his upcoming album, live with his keyboard wizardry. (ST)

Event: Killswitch
Venue: UndergroundSF
DJs: Nikola Baytala, Craig Kuna, Dima, Myles Egner, Javaight, dcoy
Music: old school techno, acid house, house, classics
Cover: no cover
Think you're old school? Well this week, the popular Lower Haight happy hour, Killswitch, is throwing down with Platform to see who's more old school. Featuring DJs Nikola Baytala, Craig Kuna, and Myles Egner, alongside Javaight and dcoy, Killswitch will be breaking it down with old school techno, acid house and a few surprises to keep you bumpin and jackin down memory lane. (FR)

Event: Magnificent 7
Venue: 12 Galaxies
DJs: Subtext, Sammy D, Circuit73, Dave Aju, Guillermo, Wrong?, THE Tourist
Music: soul, funk, disco, hip-hop, electro, rock, techno, pop
Cover: $5
What do you get when you have seven music lovers and put them behind the decks? Magnificent 7! Headed up by [KONTROL] DJ Sammy D, and Mutek headliner Dave Aju, these guys know it isn't all about techno, dropping the dance music foundations which get you on the floor. Soul, funk, disco, hip hop, electro, rock and pop, it's all good when the Magnificent Seven go back and forth all night. (JV8)

Event: Morcheeba
Venue: Fillmore
DJs: Morcheeba, Frederico Aubele, Mariee Souix
Music: electronica, downtempo, trip hop
Cover: $26
Chill out. Relax and feel the groove. For tonight Morcheeba is playing the Fillmore. The UK trio (sometimes duo) have been around since the mid 90's creating perfect lounge soundscapes with influences from trip hop, r&b, jazz, and downtempo. They're sound is in a similar vein to Thievery Corporation, Zero 7, Massive Attack or Air's early work.  Enjoy this space funktacular. (WF)

Event: OM: Soul
Venue: Pink
DJs: Vikter Duplaix, J. Boogie
Music: house
Cover: tba

Vikter Duplaix is a Philadelphian who has mastered his skills at the table alongside other great Philadelphians, such as Jazzy Jeff and King Britt. He is also an accomplished vocalist who has appeared with Louie Vega, singing "In the Real World" and other songs from their joint efforts. His resume includes sets and performances at some of the top clubs around the world, a lot for a guy who only broke into the scene 8 years ago. Don't miss this rare visit from someone who we will be hearing about for years to come. (KW)

Event: Tormenta Tropical
Venue: 58 Tehama
DJs: Maga Bo, Sabo, Lemonade, Disco Shawn, Oro 11
Music: cumbia, baile funk, electro, dancehall, rap, bass
Cover: $10
Fresh off their off the hizook parties at Rickshaw Stop and Mezzanine, Bersa Discos with The Worker take you underground with the electro-cumbia party, Tormenta Tropical, bringing you the funk you can normally only find in the southern hemisphere. From Rio, Maga Bo brings the urban bass mix of baile funk, jungle and hip hop, while New York's Sol Selecta Sabo drops flavors of brazilian, afrobeat, hip hop and techno. Throw in the local flavor with a southern twist by Lemonade and Bersa Discos DJs, and you'll find an underground oasis in The City. (JV8)

Event: Triple Power
Venue: Il Pirata
DJs: Smoove, Donna Matrix, Maneesh the Twister, Giamma, Rrrus Shanti
Music: house, breaks, electro
Cover: no cover
This month at Triple Power is a special one as the crew is celebrating their 4 year anniversary and then taking a hiatus until their next party incarnation. Tonight will be an all DJ tag team with DJs dropping all styles that bring all smiles. Throw in live drumming, bellydancing, burlesque, art installations and crazy visuals, and your senses will be stimulated on all levels, helping Triple Power celebrate and sending them off in style. (JV8)

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Event: Salted 3 Yr Anniversary
Saturday, April 12th
Miguel Migs, Julius Papp
Music: house
$10 b4 11pm, presale

Feeling Salty? Well, if not you're about to, if you're attending Salted at Mighty this evening. Tonight, house legends Miguel Migs and Julius Papp will be bringing their jazzy styles together for all that is good. These two always bring the fire when it comes to dance floor gold. Get ready tonight to hear sets which are nothing short of amazing. (WF)


Event: Stacey Pullen
Saturday, April 12th
Stacey Pullen, Rouzbeh, A2D, Tone, Destro
Music: house, electro, hip hop, new disco, breaks
$10 b4 11pm, $20 after

Detroit techno legend Stacey Pullen is flexing his deck skills tonight at Temple. As part of Detroit's second wave of techno, following Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson, he is known for his warmer approach to the genre with more jazzocentric grooves, african beats and ambient flavor. He frequents the European dance circuit, however, tonight he is here to grace our ears with his beautiful music. (WF) 

Event: Cedric Gervais
Venue: Vessel
DJs: Cedric Gervais, Jarred Gallo
Music: house
Cover: discounted b4 10pm
Cedric Gervais has been one of the biggest DJs ever to come out of Miami. Since his arrival from France, he has been a resident at Nikki Beach, Crobar and now he's rocking the terrace at SPACE every weekend. Cedric is also making waves all over the world with his productions, including his critically acclaimed remix of Dubfire's Roadkill track. If you didn't make it to WMC this year this is your chance to feel Cedric's flow on the West Coast, as he will be making his way to Vessel fresh off the Miami heat. (FR)

Event: Global Deejays
Venue: Avalon (777 Lawrence Expy, Santa Clara)
DJs: Global Deejays
Music: electro, house, techno
Cover: $20+
Yes, the venue is far from San Francisco, but this is the first time Global Deejays have performed in California! The Austria-born DJ group got their first taste of fame when "The Sound of San Francisco" hit the top of the charts in 2004. Their specialty is remixing old hits like "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen and "What a Feeling" from the movie "Flashdance." If you're going to the show be sure to wear flowers in your hair! (EB)

Event: Makeout Sessions
Venue: Matador
DJs: The One, Kozee, Roommate, Miz Rowdy,Rob Cannon
Music: dubstep, grime, electro, dnb
Cover: no cover
Ready to get down and dirty with your new honey? Forget the tired makeout mixtape you use for sexy time, the new deal is at the Makeout Sessions. Hosted by the Redline DJs, Makeout Sessions helps you get to new levels of bump and grind with the dirtiest in dubstep, electro, grime and d n' b to help you get your groove on, in the corner or on the dance floor. (JV8)

Event: Pure Behrouz
Venue: Ruby Skye
DJs: Behrouz, Foley
Music: deep house, techno
Cover: $15
If you haven't yet caught Behrouz's DJ set, what are you waiting for? In case you didn't already know, his musical style is one that satisfies your cravings for any kind of electronica that you could be looking for: maybe you're feeling like a little bit of trance, or some funky, chunky house beats. Or maybe the tribal laced funk is right up your alley. Whatever your interest, Behrouz has it. (CQ)

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Event: IN2IT
Venue: 222 Club
DJs: Galaxi, Frankie, Robin Weber, Glyph, WarBreakeR, Munk, Ax!oM
Music: dnb
Cover: $3
No matter how lame you think your dance moves are, as long as you're really into it you'll earn the respect of the dancefloor. Every 2nd Sunday, IN2IT makes sure you can get down as hard as you want to with the best of drum 'n' bass. This month IN2IT's residents welcome special guests Galaxi (Advection, Covert Operations) and Frankie (Shelter). If you think you've got some sick d'n'b skills the decks will be open from 9 to 9:45 so you can show them off! (EB)

Event: Super Soul Sundayz
Venue: The EndUp
DJs: Kemal, David Harness
Music: house, disco
Cover: tba
Be prepared for a superduper edition of SuperSoul Sundayz when DJ Kemal from Los Angeles drops in.  With 10 years of DJ experience, and 5 years as a producer, Kemal's residency at Balance in LA has established him as a west coast heavy hitter. Pairing him alongside DJ Dreamteamer David Harness, and you've got a house duo which will keep you dancing and bumping till you can't handle it anymore! (JV8)

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