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Nitevibe Buzz

Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt 2008
The Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt is a unique team adventure game, an exercise in urban sleuthing played on the colorful streets of Chinatown, North Beach, and Telegraph Hill amid the excitement, noise and spectacle of the annual Chinese New Year Parade. Along the way discover secret San Francisco, the hidden history, culture and artwork that most tourists (and many residents) are unaware of. Prizes are awarded to the winning teams in each of three divisions (Beginner, Intermediate and Master) and to the teams with the most inventive names and costumes. Partial proceeds benefit SF Circus Center and Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center. Bring your own team or join one there. Date: Saturday, 2/23, Time: 4:30 pm - 9:00 pm, Place: Justin Herman Plaza (Market and Embarcadero, behind the Hyatt Regency) Cover: Buy Tickets $35 before Feb. 22, $40 day of hunt. link More Info (WF)

DJ Mecca Wonderland
Top10 DJDreamteam
It isn't often when we actually get what we want, much less even being asked for that matter. When it comes to the DJ Dreamteam though, we asked you, the party loving Nitevibe reader, to tell us who are your local favorites in the DJ mecca known as San Francisco. We asked, and you voted from 500+ DJs, and gave us the  top 10 DJs who fill your dance floor dreams, and keep you humming tracks on the way home. So here they are, DJs such as Miguel Migs, Mark Farina, David Harness, Taj, Rooz, an-tn-nae, and Icon, the DJs that dreams are made of, at the party of the year that is for and by the people. Showing the love in the genres of house, progressive, and breaks, this night should continue to give you sweet dreams on and off the dance floor. Date: Fri, March 7th, Time: 10p-6m, Place: 1015 Folsom, Cover: tickets Limited $15 presale, link More Info (JV8)

DJ Lineup on March 7th @ 1015 Folsom
House Room:
  Miguel Migs, Mark Farina, David Harness, Julius Papp
Progressive Room:
  Taj, Rooz, Icon, Dirtyhertz
Breaks Room:
  an-tn-nae, Smoove, Mancub, Kapt'n Kirk
Electro-Mix Room:
  M3, Aaron Jae, Shooy, Motion Potion


Although hip hop is mostly appreciated with one's ears, the eyes definitely play a part in shaping the hip hop experience. In order to exercise those underutilized eyes, Collector gives you a chance to witness the visual side of hip hop. This artwork exhibit and party gives you a chance to see some of the best LP jackets, 12" covers, cd booklets, cassettes, t-shirts and memorabilia supplied by some of the Bay Area's finest hip hop djs. Of course, your night would not be complete without the beats that define hip hop so djs Jeff Harris, Pone, Shortkut, Sake-1 and DJ Design will be dropping classic tunes to give you audio to match the visual. With the music world unfortunately dropping the use of physical media, Collector may be one of your diminishing chances to experience artwork which has helped define hip hop. Date: Friday, 2/22, Time: 7pm-1am, Place: Space Gallery, 1141 Polk St @ Sutter, Cover: No cover. link More Info (JV8)

Exclusive Hotel Rate for Miami WMC 2008
It's that time of the year again so get a plan, get tanned and pack for warmer lands where music rules your life day and night! Nitevibe wants to put you right in the heat of the action, so we've locked down a great exclusive rates for the Bel Aire South Beach Hotel (1050 Washington Ave, South Beach, Miam) right in the thick of all the fun and debauchery. link More Info

Take a Virtual Tour of the Bel Aire Hotel

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Bridging the gap between electronic and live instrumentation has always been a big task, but for SF electronica band BLVD, this bridge is a fun one worth crossing. Incorporating live instruments with electronic production, BLVD alongside MC Souleye, have been combining elements of hip-hip, house, and breakbeat to create a smooth, progressive yet organic electronic sound. You'll know you're headed for the right destination with BLVD. Date: Friday, 2/22, Time: 9pm,  Place: Slim's, 333 11th St, Cover: $13 link More Info (JV8)

Link Of The Week
Grown Man Cries over Not Having His Blackberry
Managing Editor of Forbes cries after The Today Show takes away his Blackberry for a week..

Flyer Of The Week

Our flyer of the week is for Dirty at DNA Lounge this Friday


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Event: Nobody From Ipanema
Venue: Elbo Room
DJs: Nobody From Ipanema
Music: Brazilian beats, funk & hip-hop with samba, samba-reggae
Cover: $7
Brazilian-American fusion band and Bay Area favorite, Nobody from Ipanema stops by the Elbo Room to give you an extra hop to your step to get you through the week. Notorious for mixing funk, hip hop, samba, reggae and other styles, this 7-piece band has been described as a treat for "dance fiends" and has previously won awards for Best International Band by SF weekly, and also voted Best Brazilian Band of 2001 by (JV8)

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Event: Qool
Venue: 111 Minna Gallery
DJs: Meekrob, Jonathan Neil, Kuze, Gil, Silencefiction, Jondi
Music: progressive, tech house, minimal
Cover: no cover b4 6pm, $5 after
The best teleportation to Friday night in the middle of the week is Qool. The long running midweek happy hour consistently drops the finest progressive and techy tracks to make you forget about your work week and look forward to the weekend. This week, Qool gets Sick! with Meekrob, Jonathan Neil, Kuze and Qool residents to give you the party fix to give you that extra bump to get through the week. (JV8)

Event: Satellite Wednesdays
Venue: Anu
DJs: Nikola Baytala, Kevin Knapp, Scott Carrelli
Music: minimal, techno, tech house
Cover: no cover b4 10pm, $5 after
Ok heads, your midweek bump fix is gonna be satisfied tonight at Satellite. Veteran vinyl junkie and [KONTROL] resident Nikola Baytala stops by Anu to bump and roll you into the weekend. Nikola's notorious for his extensive vinyl collection and varied genre selections, able to play house, techno and everything in between with ease. The only downside is that you still have 2 days until the weekend! (JV8)

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Event: Compression presents Goldie
Venue: Temple
DJs: Goldie, 2 Cents and Colonel MC
Music: jungle, drum & bass
Cover: $15
Even if you only like drum & bass just a little bit you can't miss this show. Tonight only, Goldie will be keepin' it live! As a pioneer of drum and bass since the early 90s, he introduced the world dance community to the genre with his epic track 'innercity life' and has been a legend since. When he's not djing you can find him acting in movies and british soap operas. However tonight he's doing what he does best. From the U.K. to the Bay, Goldie will no doubt keep you movin'. (WF)

Event: Fiction
Venue: Vertigo (1160 Polk @ Sutter)
DJs: Christian Schmidt, The Worker, Andre Lucero
Music: techno, minimal, electro, disco
Cover: no cover
To me, the best fiction is that which makes me forget reality and puts me in a different world. For alternate reality enthusiasts, Fiction, they create a world of techy minimal-ness mixed in with some robotic disco mutations. Composed of the triumvirate of The Worker, Christian Schmidt and Andre Lucero, booming volumes of Fiction-al dance floor synthesis will shake your ass to make the dance floor your new reality. (JV8)

Event: Robustitron
Venue: Milk
DJs: EasyStreet, Robustitron, Bella Bella, Nasty Nate
Music: hip-hop, soul, live electronica
Cover: $5
EasyStreet, Robustitron, Bella Bella and Nasty Nate fuse electro with rock beats and perform live electronica to create their own original music. Contrary to their name, EasyStreet isn't about taking the easy way out; they work hard at their live show, complete with a drum machine, synthesizer and vocals. Their downtempo, mesmerizing melodies provde a chilled out vibe, while Robustitron and Bella Bella throw down twisted out rock and heavy bass lines to round out the evening. (CQ)

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Event: LawnChair Generals Around the Block Tour
Fri, Feb 22nd
Lawnchair Generals, M3, Anthony Mansfield, Sharon Buck, Jimmy B, Elz, Still Rob G, Mikey Tello
Music: house, techno, electronica
$10 advance, $15 b4 Midnight presale

The Seattle duo known as the LawnChair Generals have made a name for themselves with househeadz worldwide. Over the past 7 years, tracks by the LawnChair Generals have been spun by some of the biggest names at the tables, including M ark Farina, Kaskade and many, many others. Tonight we get to hear them live. Don't miss out. (KW)


Event: Get Down w/ Mark Farina
Fri, Feb 22nd
Levende Lounge | 1710 Mission St
Mark Farina, Julius Papp, DJ Smash
Music: downtempo, funk, disco, soul

House music guru Mark Farina pops into the Get Down at Levende Loundge for a special Mushroom Jazz set for your listening enjoyment. If you've seen Mark Farina live, you know that he won't disappoint as he always brings his A-game, and this guest appearance isn't any different. He joins residents Julius Papp and DJ Smash on the decks for a rocking evening of bass-laden house and funk guaranteed to keep your ass shaking and your feet moving! (CQ)

Event: Blow Up
Venue: Rickshaw Stop
DJs: Low B, Hot Tub (Live Set), Blow Up DJz, Jelly Donut, Short Shortzz
Music: electro, rock, hip hop
Cover: $10 4 21+,$15 4 18-20
Gosh, how do I describe the sexiest and decadent hipster party around? Even those words aren't enough to describe Blow Up, the audio visual mix of raw electro funk and artsy, grinding raucousness. Fueling the debauchery, M.I.A's tour dj, Low B of Hollertronix, drops his eclectic style to rock the crowd that parties like it's the end of the universe.(JV8)

Event: Dubalicious v. Freeform
Venue: Shine
DJs: Cor, Jonboy, Iyad, Floorcraft
Music: electro, techno, progressive, breaks
Cover: no cover b4 11pm, $5 after
Coming off the heels of last month's huge anniversary party, Dubalicious v. Freeform returns with a distinct syrupy taste. DJ Cor from the Pancake Playhouse crew will be this month's guest playing tasty electro and techno jams. Yummm! Residents Jonboy, Iyad and Floorcraft will support with the quality electro-prog flavor you've come to expect. (EB)

Event: Killswitch
Venue: UndergroundSF
DJs: Andre Lucero, dcoy, Javaight
Music: techno, house, minimal
Cover: no cover
Looking to kill off your week, and start the weekend with a bump? Then it sounds like you need to hit Killswitch, a new techno happy hour in Lower Haight. Headed up by Nitevibe's own dj Javaight and Black Market Techno's dcoy, this week's guest is underground tech-disco bumper Andre Lucero. Drinks, beats and techno thumps? Sounds like a great way to end the week to me! (FR)

Event: Mama Said Knock You Out
Venue: The Elbo Room
DJs: Anthony Marshall, Amp Live, The Saurus, Ren the Vinyl Archaelogist
Music: hip hop, turntabilism
Cover: $5 advance, $12 door
Hey rhyme lovers and beat thumpers, if you're in need of some battlin lyricists then be prepared to get knocked out! Mama Said Knock You Out hosts an MC battle to show who's top dawg, while beats and squiggles are provided by selectors such as Amp Live, The Saurus and Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist. Don't call it a comeback! They'll be battlin fo yo ears! (JV8)

Event: She's the DJ
Venue: Club Six
DJs: Joyo Velarde, Jennifer Johns, Melina Jones, Zita, Callalo, Thatgirl, Neta, Green B, Daneekah, Jenicyde
Music: hip hop, soul, house, dancehall, reggae
Cover: $5 b4 10:30pm
It's all about the ladies at Club Six  Friday as an all female lineup prepares to take the stage. Sisterz of the Underground host the first room which features the first Lady of Quannum, Joyo Velarde performing live, bringing her classical, yet distinct and sultry voice to the mic. Melina Jones drops some poetry and while Jennifer Johns spits some lyrical game. Taking to the decks are Zita, Callalo, Thatgirl, Neta, Green B, Daneekah and Jenicyde, exercising their Girl Power.  (CQ)

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Event: Tonal: Midnight Blue
Sat, Feb 23rd
call day of event: 888-482-9281
DJ Fame, Justin Martin, Alland Byallo, Leonard, Andrew Phelan & Origami, Eric Sharp, Jimmy B, Rouzbeh, Bo, DK Watts & Lance Leber, Native Intelligence, Frankie Jr, Kuze
Music: house, minimal, electro
$10 b4 11pm, $15 b4 1am, $20 after

After a year of supporting the underground, Tonal returns to celebrate their one year anniversary of colorful parties. This time around,they're bringing in DJ Fame in from NYC in addition to highlighting local heroes such as Dirtybird's Justin Martin and [KONTROL]'s Alland Byallo, alongside Tonal faves Andrew Phelan and Eric Sharp. Expect some fat house thumps alongside some techie bumps in their Midnight Blue themed underground. (JV8)


Event: Deep Blue with Audiofly
Sat, Feb 23rd
underground location
AudioFly, Jeno, M3, Rooz, DJ Helicoptor [Gordon Waze & Sunwoo], Tall Sasha, DJ Thuy
Music: house, electro, techno

DJ Dreamteamer Rooz continues the underground vibe with the next edition of his Deep Blue jam, and this time he brings in London's AudioFly. Attention on AudioFly has been huge with their releases on Get Physical and Viva, and their live performances which have brought them around the world. Throw in dreamteam alumni Jeno and M3, and you've got an underground which will remind you that getting deep is where you want to be. (JV8)

Event: Bonobo
Venue: Supperclub
DJs: Bonobo
Music: downtempo, trip-hop, hip-hop, funk, soul
Cover: $12 advance, $15 door
Bonobo, the monkey king of chilled out jungle downtempo, refuses to conform to the preconceived ideas of a laid back style. Tonight, he'll be working the dancefloor with a heavy mixture of hip hop, weighty jazz, broken beats, Latin, funk, and soul, with the occasional bit of psyche rock and drum 'n' bass. His last album, Days To Come, was voted Best Album of 2006 by Gilles Peterson's listeners. (EB)

Event: DJ Dan
Venue: Ruby Skye
DJs: DJ Dan, Dutch, Billy Cassaza, Drew Drop, Cosmic Selector, Nathan Vain, Emily Fox
Music: house, techno
Cover: $15
There's still 6 months until Burning Man, but you can't start too early raising money for your camp. Opulent Temple has the right idea, throwing a party featuring heavy hitter DJ Dan, so that he can bring in the big bucks.  He joins the OT residents for an evening of heavy bass, funky beats and extreme fund raising, all to make sure that Opulent Temple is one of the baddest and craziest camps on the playa. (CQ)

Event: Menno De Jong
Venue: 1015 Folsom
DJs: Menno De Jong, Taj, Blurr, Vahid, Lyndsay, Mita, Illtracks
Music: trance, progressive, house, hip-hop
Cover: $15 advance, $20 door
Tipped as the future of trance, Menno de Jong at 23 already has a huge international gig list including top events and festivals, and his Intuition Recordings imprint is firmly established as a major player. He released "Intuition Sessions Volume 1: South Africa" 2CD mix album in 2007 with rave reviews showcasing his signature sound that ranges from deep trance to tech and uplifting trance. This is your first chance to check out this emerging star stateside in more than 2 years. (ST)

Event: Nicolas Matar
Venue: Vessel
DJs: Nicolas Matar (Cielo)
Music: house
Cover: discounted admission b4 10pm
Famous for his longstanding residency at Pacha in Ibiza, Nicolas Matar has been rocking the international house music scene for 15 years strong. He is co-owner and resident DJ of New York’s highly successful Cielo nightclub and we are happy to welcome him into our house for his first performance at Vessel. (FR)

Event: Om presents Winter Seesions
Venue: The End Up
DJs: Style of Eye, Hipp-e, Nikola, Rob G, Fluid
Music: house
Cover: tbd
Straight out of Sweden, Style of Eye will be ripping it up tonight. He produces and  deejays a deep tech house sound. In addition to releasing an ep this year on Claude Vonstroke's Dirtybird label, Style of Eye and Hipp-e are out on the road promoting their new mix cd on OM Records. Tonight will be a night of throbbing beats and thumping bass. (WF)

Event: Peter Rock DJ Set
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: Pete Rock, Fluokids, DJ Vin Sol
Music: hip-hop, electronic
Cover: $10
Pete Rock is so old school even his dad contributed to his dj education. Considered by many to be one of the top hip hop producers of all time, Pete drops by Mezzanine to give us a taste of hip hop genius.  Currently promoting his upcoming "NY's Finest" album ,tonight is your chance to feel the funk from one of hip hop's legends. (JV8)

Event: Rich Medina
Venue: Pink
DJs: Rich Medina, Tokyo Component Hakobo
Music: afro beat, Latin, house, disco, soul
Cover: $10-15
Your SF ambassadors for fresh funk flava, refresco, bring in another crate digger to get you movin on the floor. Philly to NYC commuting DJ Rich Medina stops in to "connect the dots" between hip hop, house, jazz, spoken word and afro beat and give you the deep East coast inspired funk your ass has been missing. If you're looking for deep soul, then look no further...Pink is where it's at! (JV8)

Event: Surya Dub
Venue: Club Six
DJs: Tommy Lexxus, Dragonfly,Zita, Maneesh the Twister, Kush Arora, Kid Kameleon
Music: dubstep, breaks, raggae, dnb, bhangra
Cover: $5 b4 10:30, $10 after
Voted as Best Club Night by SF Weekly, Surya Dub returns to give you the Big Up Bass flava that you've been craving. This month, dubstep styler Tommy Lexxus drops the skills which are quickly making him a local and international favorite, Dragonfly synthesizes a rhythmic mix of dubstep, downtempo, breaks and electro, and beat seductress Zita kills it off with her Sistah sound to give you more B.A.S.S. Big up! (JV8)

Event: World Town
Venue: Temple
DJs: Mr. V, Trevor Simpson, Pheeko Dubfunk, Tone, Momentum
Music: house, breaks, hip-hop, mashup
Cover: $20
House music veteran, Mr. V, has been around the block. Getting his dance floor education in the clubs in New York City, being exposed to house, disco, hip hop, garage, jazz and r'nb in the 80s, and finally  being mentored by Little Louie Vega, Mr. V has a mastery of moving the dance floor that few dj's have acquired. If you want your house music deep, expansive and with a dose of spontaneity then hearing Mr. V at Temple will be your desired place of worship. (JV8)

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Event: Rise
Sunday, Feb 24th - (6am - 2pm)
Element Lounge (1028 Geary)
Dimitris Mykonos, Johnny `Rock` Fontane, Little B, Frankie Jr
Music: funky, dirty, deep house

Early Sunday Riser or just want to keep that Saturday night groove on? Rise is your new Sunday breakfast serving of Funky-Dirty-Deep-Electro-House! This week SF and 92.7FM favorite DJ Dimitris Mykonos spreads his musical love. Rise - 2nd and 4th Sunday -  is at the centrally located chic Element Lounge, with a spiritual timeless decor and a kick-ass sound system. The sun 4sure will Rise and shine!

Event: T-Dance
Venue: The Endup
DJs: Nikola, Cuervo, Adrian, Jim Hopkins, Vince
Music: house, techno, progressive
Cover: tbd
The limbo between late night and morning is one of the coolest and decadent times for clubbers. Spread this limbo into later in the day, and you've got T-dance. Today, the Endup's long running afterhours/day party is a b-day bash for Nikola, one of the Endup's vinyl strongarms, notorious for dominating dancefloors with his eclectic forays into house and techno. Venture onto the dance floor, and before you know it dance floor limbo will turn into heaven. (JV8)

Event: The 45 Club
Venue: The Knockout (3223 Mission)
DJs: Dirty Dishes, Senator Soul, Dx The Funky Granpa
Music: 60's soul
Cover: no cover at 10pm
Come on down to the deep Mission tonight for the 45 Club's monthly party featuring old and rare soul records. They're playing the funkier side of soul tonight all at 45 RPM's.  Voted "Best Kitchy Bar" in SF weekly's Best of 2007, the Knockout has been called "a clubhouse for kids." If you've ever wanted to transport yourself back to the 60's, you can't go wrong with the 45 Club's sweet soulful sounds. (EB)

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