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Burning Man 2014
I don't think anyone would stop me if I were to say that THE event of the season has finally arrived! If you can still see through the stress of preparations, you are all mighty excited to head back to the Playa, Black Rock City, the desert, Burning Man, Le Burn, Burning Mang, etc… It sometimes feels like we're preparing for this all year, and in a way we truly are. Some of our favorite parties from September-August will be represented here in full force - in the way they were meant to be enjoyed. SF's own Opulent Temple, Distrikt, Pink Mammoth, Disco Knights, and Bootie BRC . Other great soundcamps include White Ocean (with a different electronic music theme for each night), Camp ?, and the much-beloved and elusive Robot Heart. You'll hear trance, techno, house, beats, bass, psytrance up to 160 bpm, rock music, meditative music, goth/industrial, and on and on and on. You can pick up a cock-sicle (cock shaped popsicle), you can go to the Human Carcass Wash, you can eat miso soup, you can go to BDSM workshops, take yoga classes, and you can try to remember to take a couple of minutes to sleep. Don't forget to drink water. Its the time of your life and its coming up. Deep breaths until we get there, the time is nigh. Happy travels everyone and looking forward to saying 'Welcome home'! Date: Gates open Sunday Aug 24, Time: 8am, Place, Black Rock City, Nevada, link More Info


We'll Buzz you next on Friday, September 5th once we descend back into Earth's atmosphere.



Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for Rudimental this this Tue at 1015 Folsom


Link Of The Week
Eddie Izzard: Does God Speak Your Language?: Eddie Izzard images an afterlife where God only knows French. link Here

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Event: Summersalt Warmup with Rudimental
Venue: 1015 Folsom
DJs: Rudimental DJ set, My Nu Leng, King of Clubs, Audio1
Music: dnb, liquid funk, jungle, hip-hop, house
Cover: $15 presale
1015 is the headquarters for the official Summersalt Warm-up event. Summersalt, a one day live performance event full of arts, crafts and of course music, takes place around SF and this year, it's location is Pier 70. The event features all kinds of attractions, and this Tuesday, get a preview of what to expect. The UK is representing at this event, with the quartet Rudimental performing a DJ set and subsequent duo My Nu Leng keeping things funky. Rounding out the lineup include King of Clubs and Audio1, each adding their own flair to this night. I know it's only on a Tuesday, but Tuesdays are the new Friday. (CQ)

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Event: Mount Kimbie
Venue: The Chapel
DJs: Dom Maker
Music: post-dubstep, electronica
Cover: $20


The term post-dubstep has been thrown around a lot in the last five or so years, but it's not until you start to think about the position of groups like Mount Kimbie in the recent history of electronic music that the genre starts to make sense. At a time when metal heads and hardcore kids were becoming interested in EDM through acts like Datsik and Skrillex, the softer, more contemplative side of dance music was attracting its own new wave of fans. Mount Kimbie's graceful minimalism and melodic prowess has made them one of Warp Records most beloved alternative acts, with their most recent album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth named best of 2013 by Dummy Magazine. While the duo is known for their live instrumental performances, an unfortunate Visa issue has prevented one member from joining the North American tour; however, Dom Maker will be performing an extended DJ set of Mount Kimbie tunes to make up for the absence of his partner. (DF)

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Event: Bob Sinclar
Venue: Audio
DJs: Bob Sinclar, G-Stav, Hanik
Music: electro-house
Cover: $25-30


Bob Sinclar might be the gateway drug to electro music for fans worldwide. His songs like 'Love Generation' and 'World Hold On' might have been featured on almost every 'Best of Electro' mix in the early 2000s from Mexico to Greece. This humble writer remembers picking up these tracks on an underage sojourn to the discoteque in Mexico circa 2004 and has never looked back. Whether Sinclar's tunes hearken back to your more innocent youth or is your jam of today, this a great chance to catch one of the biggest names in pop electro in an intimate setting. (ML)

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Event: Hernan Cattaneo + Nick Warren
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Rooz, Rafael Vanoni
Music: tech-house, techno, house
Cover: $20-35
Friday sees Mighty's spacious dancefloor filled with appropriately big sounds. Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren will be doing a b2b set, which means we're in for a night of melodic, progressive house and techno. Nick Warren has been a familiar name ever since his "Back To Mine" mix from 1999, and since then he's gone on to do A&R for Hope Recordings as well as host his own monthly radio show. Hernan Cattaneo has been going at it for 30 years now and is also the man behind the Sudbeat label, which has seen releases from Guy J, Henry Saiz, and Danny Howells. Support will be provided by Rooz and Rafael Vanoni. (AO)

Event: The Chase with Magic Touch + Roche
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Magic Touch, Roche, NEWBODY, Ghosts on Tape, Ash Williams
Music: house, techno
Cover: $5-10
The Chase is back for round 7, this time bringing a grip of smooth operators out of LA. Magic Touch and Roche will be doing a b2b set. They can both be found riddled throughout the 100% Silk catalog, and, you know, 100% Silk only presses the smoothest. NEWBODY will be lending their chopped and screwed vocal take on the house format to the night, and Ghosts on Tape as well as resident Ash Williams will round out the bill. It's looking to be a night of cool, melodic, forward-thinking house music. (AO)

Event: Electronic Escape Anniversary Party
Venue: 1015 Folsom
DJs: Bad Boy Bill, Ron Reeser, Taj, Kepik, Sequence, Konstantina, Tall Sasha, Animal Control, Jason Kwan, Matth
Music: house (progressive, deep, electro)
Cover: $15-20
Electronic Escape and Parea Productions are celebrating their anniversaries, so they've planned an event event with a legendary lineup. Bad Boy Bill, veteran house DJ and turntablist, takes over the main room at 1015, rocking the decks in a way only he can. His quick mixing and eclectic music choice make him a fan favorite. Ron Reeser and Taj also hold it down in the main room, each making your booty shake while the earthquakes. This night, three rooms will be taken over, with Kepik, Sequence and Konstantina providing beats in the mainstream room and Tall Sasha, Animal Control, Jason Kwan and Matth keeping the VIP room jumping. (CQ)

Event: Ge-ology
Venue: Mercer
DJs: Cali, Jayvi Velasco
Music: hip-hop, soul
Cover: no cover
This Friday, Mercer SF will host NY producer and DJ Ge-ology, who after a four year break from music is back with a slew of new beats in preparation for his upcoming album (due out in 2015). Ge-ology holds claim on beats for many of the East Coast's biggest, including Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and De La Soul. His sound is dripping with that New York sound: walking basslines, creeping drumbeats, melodies laced with electric pianos and old-timey vinyl samples. Ge-ology will be joined by Oakland's DJ Cali and Jayvi Velasco of AfterAfterHours. (DF)

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Event: Beats 4 Freaks
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Hoagie Smalls, Beau Kelly, Mario Dubbz, Mike Frugaletti, Vedda, Cristofer Zunig
Music: house (deep, nu disco, funky, soulful)
Cover: $10 presale, $15 after

Burning Man has arrived and while most of SF has headed home, there's still a few of us here looking for that bumping party. Monarch has you covered, hosting Beats 4 Freaks for those 'freaks' still left here on their amazing VOID soundsystem,. Boasting a lineup full of flavor and delicious house beats, this night features a bevy of DJs who'll help keep things jumping. Hoagie Smalls, Beau Kelly, Mario Dubbz, Mike Frugaletti, Vedda and Cristofer Zuniga will throw down, each bringing the funkiest of house beats for your dancing pleasure. (CQ)

Event: Todd Terry & Frankie Feliciano
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Todd Terry, Frankie Feliciano, David Harness
Music: disco, house
Cover: $20
Mighty's in-house showcase features none other than Grammy-nominated producer Todd Terry this month. Terry was a darling of the UK dance charts in the late 1990s, before releasing an experimental drum and bass record on Astralwerks in 1999. Through the 2000s, Terry's Chicago-driven sound landed him a spot in the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack. He's known for his extensive remix work, and more recently, his odd fascination with trap music. Further DJ support from fellow hip-hop and house veteran Frankie Feliciano, as well as Mighty resident David Harness. (DF)

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Event: Better Days
Venue: Oakland Tribune Building
DJs: Frankie Feliciano, Dedan, Patrick Wilson
Music: house
Cover: $5-10
Sunday parite are perhaps the best parties. Especially on a 3-day weekend where the fun doesn't have to stop before Monday begins to approach. Today's Better Days event is one thatis fun for all that will allow you to enter Oakland's pivotal skyscraper, the Oakland Tribune Building. Come early for brunch and stay all day for sunshine and dancing. Tunes will come in the form of NYC house native Frankie Feliciano, a man who has been spinning some of the housiest of house since he was 14 years old along with locals Dedan and Patrick Wilson. Meet up with your friends, dance in patio sun, and enjoy the long weekend that doesn't have to mean the end of summer for those of us here in the Bay Area. Oh, and it ends in time for you to take the Bart back to San Francisco. (ML)

Event: Cocomo Closing Party
Venue: Cafe Cocomo
DJs: Mr. V, David Harness, Rooz, Brian Salazar, Andrew Phelan, Mario Dubbz, King Size Slap, Brian Kadmiri, Agency 55, DARKERDAZE and more
Music: tech-house, hip-hop, pop
Cover: no cover w/ RSVP b4 4pm
Its been a great 20 years as Cafe Cocomo's indoor/outdoor party paradise held host to 3-day weekend Sunday parties (like this one), Salsa parties, and some of the best New Year's Day parties to stay awake for. Now, due to what some might call gentrification, Cocomo will be closing its doors alongside other venues like the Sound Room. However, there's still one last chance to enjoy this party in the sun on Labor Day weekend. Have fun with some of San Franciscos' best local DJs of tech-house alongside some Top 40 and hip-hop so there is truly something for everyone. Goodbye Cocomo, we will surely miss you! (ML)

Event: The Boombox Affair
Venue: Treasure Island
DJs: Bob Five, Trev Campbell, Bai-ee, Max Gardner, Tyrel Williams, William Wardlaw, Andy Kershaw, Ilya Galperin, Chris Orr, Larry Gonnello Jr
Music: house, techno, tech-house
Cover: no cover
If you're free this Sunday afternoon, don't miss out on a chance for a free day party with quite the handful of local talent and all the wine you want to taste (and buy). Fat Grape Winery will be hosting the party, and as such there will be no bar, but there's wine to purchase, and BYOB is also totally fine. BYOM, perhaps, and BYOV, because the grills will be out for grilling. One caveat: no glass beer bottles - bring some red cups or something. Lastly, the soundsystem should be quite the site: a frankensystem of boomboxes from yesterdecade. Wine, techno, and boomboxes. Sounds great! (AO)



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