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San FranDisco
Disco was. Disco is. And disco shall continue to be. Enough of those punk haters, we all knew this was so much more than a trend. As soon as Giorgio Morodor brought Bad Girls to the ears of gay nightclubs and then the world. Four-on-the-floor is tonight's basis and the night will be led by Morodor himself with a DJ set to set the standard. While he's playing hits from his decades-long career, his sound and the sound of generations will be celebrated by more than 15 other artists and producers like locals Anthony Mansfield, Mozghan, DJ Dials, David Harness, and more. There will also be live disco bands, like Luxxury and Tuxedo. You can bet arts space, The Midway, will provide thick vibes that bring you back to the heydey of 70s disco with a nod to its current popularity. Get down and stay alive! Oh, and don't forget your costumes! Date: Saturday, July 30, Time: 9pm, Place: The Midway, Cover: $25-50, More Info (ML)

Beyond the Fence
Beyond the Fence is celebrating 10 years of joining local artists and designers with excited shoppers with two events this year, one in July and one in August. This month's will be this Saturday and will be one of the last events held at Mighty as we know it, since the venue's been sold and it will be going through renovations. Enjoy perusing one-of-kind clothing, jewelry and artwork while sipping on delicious cocktails as your favorite DJs add the perfect soundtrack. Find items for everyday wear, or that perfect, playa-fied ensemble. Whatever your heart desires, Beyond the Fence has it. And some of designers are offering deals or percentages off when you buy one item. AyaPapaya is having a BOGO sale: buy one complete organic cotton outfit and get one free! Sefirah Fierce is offering 50% off everything featured in her booth: from sexy onesies, reversible pants and fierce jackets and coats, she's got a bit of everything for everyone. Coco Loco Jewelry specializes in hard-carved organic jewelry made from natural materials like boane, horn, wood and coconut. This is just a small fraction of those participating, so grab your wallet and get to Mighty to find that one-of-a-kind item that you've been missing! Date: Sat 7/30, Time: 12pm-8pm, Place: Mighty 119 Utah St, Cover: no cover to enter, More Info (CQ)

The Detroiter
Electronic Dance Music started in Detroit with the Belleville Trio. This is Techno 101. Detroit still grooves hard with the robot noise that has spread from their synth manipulations to Madchester, Ibiza, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, and back. While the city itself is constantly "the next big thing", artists like Matthew Dear, Shigeto, Lusine, and Christopher Willits have known this forever, which they'll show as they pay homage to the rich musical history of the city. This sonic journey, sponsored by Movement (DEMF) Festival also features works from over 50 visual artists who represent the core of the last 30 years of Detroit visual history. With artists from Detroit itself or artists from the Bay Area who have been inspired by the particulars of Detroit's landscape, this event creates a panorama of the city as it has been, as it is, and as it will be. Date: Saturday, July 30, Time: 4pm-midnight, Place: Heron Arts Cover: $35 or donation, More Info (ML)



Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for SanFranDiscoThis Sat @ The Midway


Link Of The Week
The Search for Earth Proxima: Since astronomers first discovered exoplanets in 1995, we've come to learn that there are a staggering amount of planets out there in the universe. But, we have yet to find one that's habitable, aside from our own. The Search for Earth Proxima is a short documentary about a group of scientists and their mission to build a telescope to hunt for an Earth-like planet around our closest neighbor: Alpha Centauri. Here

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Event: Housepitality feat. Halo Varga
Venue: F8
DJs: White Visitation, Tyrel Williams, Magic Touch, special guest TBA
Music: house, techno
Cover: no cover b4 11pm w/RSVP, $5 presales on RA, $10 otherwise


Housepitality knows that most of you are returning to civilization following the epicness that is the Sunset campout. In a city that never sleeps, neither does Housepitality, so this week's installment is happening in full force. For those of your hardcore enough, this event is for you. First up is Mexico City's White Visitation, a DJ and producer known for his brooding, melodic tunes. Opening the night is resident Tyrel Williams, warming up the decks and dancefloor for your listening pleasure. Holding it down in the lounge is Magic Touch, who'll truly be living up to the name. As if that wasn't enough to get your booty to F8, there's also a special guest who'll be throwing down some bangers. Be sure to get there and be ready to shake what your mama gave you. (CQ)

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Event: Surface Tension Loft Series / Forests
Venue: Public Works Loft
DJs: Forests ?? (Live), Surface Tension DJs
Music: live funk & bass
Cover: $5-15 sliding scale


Surface Tension presents the third edition in The Loft Series, a Thursday night monthly party occurring at Public Works' loft. Forests ??: a three-piece live act from Taipei, Taiwan that collide funky, off-kilter percussive rhythms with post-punk bass, murky modular synth, and distant vocals in a way that sounds uncannily familiar but entirely new, sounding like Asia's answer to Einstürzende Neubauten.

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Event: Club Lonely
Venue: OMG
DJs: Vin Soul, DJ Primo, Jeremy Castillo
Music: house, techno
Cover: $5
The formula doesn't change: The Club Lonely residents take over OMG on 6th Street every once in awhile and, if you know what's good for you, you go. It's some solid, cheap, techno dancing with friends and a fun queer vibe that encourages serious getting down. Just go. You won't regret it. I know I won't. (ML)

Event: Martin Buttrich
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Martin Buttrich, Rooz & Bo, Mark Slee
Music: tech-house
Cover: $15 presale
Broadly considered to be a Genius in the Studio, and incredible performer, Grammy Nominated Martin Buttrich from Berlin rolls into SF this Friday. Martin is also the ghost producer behind Loco Dice's production. And no one better to support Martin than local artist phenom and Manjumasi label boss, Mark Slee. Martin Buttrich is famously as fluent behind a mixing console as in front of a virtual drum kit. That technical prowess, combined with a fascination for music of every shape, has resulted in outstanding releases on influential labels such as Planet E, Four:Twenty, Cocoon and many more. While other prolific artists may have slowly watered down their music, Buttrich's star has risen in diametric opposition.

Event: Mr. Scruff
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Mr. Scruff
Music: funky breaks, acid jazz, broken beat, d-n-b
Cover: $21 presale
Mr. Scruff. Andy Carthy began producing mixtapes and comedic skits when he was 8 years old, cut his first vinyl more than 2 decades ago and started working the decks in clubs in 1994. He has dozens of releases including genre defining works of the funky breaks, acid jazz, broken beat and drum and bass variety on labels like Warp, Sirkus, Disorient, Blood & Fire, Cup Of Tea and, of course, Ninja Tune, And then there are his live sets… if you can catch one. Scruff's meticulous attention to detail demands you will only do so in settings which meet his exacting standards. He only plays long sets, and only on the highest quality media drawn from his world-class collection of vinyl… and even then only on vintage mixers, delay units, and turntables with specific tonearms.

Event: The Last Night at The Factory
Venue: he Factory - 525 Harrison St
DJs: J.Phlip, Galen, DJ Spun, Anthony Mansfield, DJ M3, DJ Della, Javier Fabian, Louiv, Sharon Buck, Benjamin K, Tyrel Williams, DJ Dials, Shiny Objects
Music: house (deep, funky), hip-hop, jazz, funk, techno
Cover: $10-20
If you haven't heard the news, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but The Factory is closing its doors after this weekend. The current club will be torn down to make way for apartment high-rises and the dance community as a whole is a bit sad. A staple in the Bay Area, this place played a big part in my early years in the scene, as it did for many, many others. So of course, there'll be one last event to bid The Facotry adieu, in the only way we know how; by having a big, fat party. The lineup for this going-away is bonkers, featuring the likes of J.Phlip, Galen, DJ Spun, Anthony Mansfield and M3, just to name a few, paying homage to a piece of everyone's childhood. Of course this isn't the full lineup, but as always, you gotta attend to find out the whole list. Come pay your respects to a venue that housed many of your favorite events and DJs by partying your ass off. (CQ)

Event: The Midway pres. Anhim
Venue: The Midway
DJs: Andhim, Rachel Torro b2b R. Fentz
Music: tech-house, deep house, nu disco
Cover: $20
Sure, you might say every style of house music that you like is "super house", but it is only Cologne-raised duo, Andhim, who coined this as their own genre. Gaining steam in Germany at festivals like Fusion and Melt, in Ibiza, and just all over as Tobias and Simon are partners in the discovery of the depths and breadths of sound. These sonic lovers are mainstays of the Berlin scene while also taking time to spread that "summer in the city of darkness" vibe to the rest of the world. The Get Physical artists take over the Gods and Monsters room at The Midway with opening vibes from SF's own Rachel Torro b2b R. Fentz. These local deep house artists help us remember that not all the best house comes from Deutschland, but we also have a good bit of it homegrown. (ML)

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Event: Dusty Rhino Pre-Burn
Venue: The Public Works
DJs: Will Clarke, DJ ICON, DJ Zach Moore, Vitamindevo, Greg Eversoul, Ed Mazur, Alvaro Bravo, Chad Clubb, DJ Dane, DJMK, Mystr Hatchet, Nugz
Music: house, techno, electro, breaks, dnb, trap, hip-hop
Cover: $15-25
Burning Man is rapidly approaching, with the man burning in 39 days. If you're a burner, you know that means it's final push time and the last chance for any fundraisers. Dusty Rhino is well aware, so this weekend they are hosting their 5th annual Pre-Burn event at Public Works. Together, they, along with other SF crews like Dirtybird, Disco Knights, Opulent Temple, and the Armory Podcast will drop banging beats that'll have the floor shaking and the earth quaking. Headlining the night is Dirtybird's Will Clarke, who first gained popularity through his 'Big Booty' EP release on Worthy's Anabatic label. That, coupled with his support during festival season, caught the eye of Claude Von Stroke, who offered Clarke a place on the Dirtybird lineup, and the rest is history! DJ ICON and DJ Zach Moore will tag for 2 hours, while Vitamindevo keeps things funky and fresh. That's just a taste of those mixing beats, so get to Public Works to get the full list. (CQ)

Event: Sharam
Venue: Love + Propaganda
DJs: Sharm
Music: house
Cover: $10
From underground classics like "My Way" "Tripi" "Texi," "Get Wild" and "Don't Say A Word," to scoring international chart toppers, like "PATT (Party All The Time"), "Fun", and "The One," Sharam's musical credits are as dynamic as his DJ sets. His production collaborations include artists such as Kid Cudi, Shakira, Patsy Cline, Chris Martin and Daniel Bedingfield just to name a few. He seamlessly vacillates between hypnotic underground sets rooted in his rich history of house and techno, while entertaining younger dance enthusiasts of today with laser focus and dedication to quality. His motto remains 'entertain while educate'. His sound is Ibiza in Vegas. His style is limitless.

Event: The Mighty Closing Party
Venue: Mighty
DJs: Robag Wruhme, Kolombo, Sassmouth, Pedro Arbulu, Solar, DJ M3, William Wardlaw
Music: tech-house, deep house, microhouse
Cover: $20-25
It's almost too sad to believe that two of San Francisco's beloved dance outlets are closing ON THE SAME WEEKEND. Get your protest gear ready but first put on your dancing shoes as As You Like It, Modular, and Mighty all conspire to give you the greatest going away party to celebrate our DeHaro space that hosted too many of our favorite parties — both day and night — to count. Everyone is coming out, including famed German producer Robag Wruhme, whose sounds evoke melancholia on album but some amazing deep house while in the club. Joining him will be locals paying respects to the decks and the floor they've loved. See Modular's Pedro Arbulu alongside Sunset's Solar and Green Gorilla Lounge's DJ M3 alongside AYLI's William Wardlaw. We know there's a chasm opening up in the local scene, but let's dance on the fault in the meantime. It is San Francisco after all. (ML)

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Event: Summer Sundays
Venue: Mars Bar
DJs: Brian Salazar, DJ Vega Garcia, Rahiem Jihad
Music: house
Cover: no cover
San Francisco has often been referred to as 'House Nation' and is known as the mecca of soulful, sultry, seductive rhythms. This is a city with a DJ on every block, and Brian Salazar, has set himself a world apart. Although he is the baby of the scene, he stands next to and plays along with the likes of DJ Spen, Mr. V, Timmy Regisford, Roy Davis Jr. and many more. In the most opportune environment, Brian Salazar has taken from the depths of the dance floor to cavernous record crates and created a sound all his own. More groovy, moveable, and undeniable than most, it is in his capacity to interact and control the sound setting that keeps fans coming back.

Event: Tim Green
Venue: The Midway
DJs: Tim Green, Dance Spirit
Music: house, techno
Cover: $13-18 presale
Prepossessing the ability to effortlessly manoeuvre through the realms of house and techno, Tim Green has constantly experimented across the spectrum of electronic music. Whether putting out reverberating minimal techno, smooth deep house, or sprinkling some of that unmistakable TG charm over productions of popular appeal, his work is stamped by ingenuity, fearlessness and fun. His highly-noticed set at Pink Mammoth and Robot Heart at Burning Man 2014 have earned him a strong following and busy schedule on the continent. The production duo of Christopher Mohn and Reagan Denius revolutionized themselves into Dance Spirit, a philosophy based on attaining subconscious harmony through rhythm, timbre, melody, and movement.

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