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Burning Man 2016
It is a cruel and unusual punishment to sit at an office desk, sipping lukewarm coffee behind a computer screen when you could be sipping lukewarm, powdered coffee in a prehistoric lakebed surrounded by the world's most innovative and committed partiers on offer. I am being too personal here? So be it. Burning Man should need no explanation for San Francisco's party intelligentsia that we like to think of ourselves here. That being said, here's a refresher: A city (Black Rock City, or BRC, or The Playa, or Home) is erected in the middle of nowhere Nevada and everyone gets covered in an alkaline dust. People wear costumes. People ride bikes. People decorate small to mid-sized to large vehicles and make them into art. People bring huge scale art projects to this desert. People wait all year for this. There are bars where you don't spend money (but bring a cup). There is dance music to the point of saturation ranging from dubstep to deep house to 90s electro to progressive to trap to psytrance to trance to chillwave to everything else you could imagine. You can even catch live band shows if you look around. There are towers and even full-sized 747 airplanes. Check out the art project of local collectives Flaming Lotus Girls, the giant Tesla coil, dance performances at the Star Star Revue, whimsy from Fou Fou Ha, and music from Airpusher, Disco Knights, Kazbah, Opulent Temple, Space Cowboys, and so many more from elsewhere. Expect to meet your future husband, best friend, poly partner, life's passion, favorite sound. Expect to feel free, alive, creative, unplugged, dirty, tired, awake, vibrant, everything. Date: Aug 25 - Sept 5, More Info (ML)

Once In A Lifetime
Some things don't happen that often. Burning Man only happens for one week per year. And some of us surely will be sad to be missing that (read: your humble writer). That being said, I am of the firm belief that we must live the tenets year long and continue to party even when in the absence of dust and in the presence of dollar bills and running water. So, to start off this belief we can party, instead, around what used to be lots of dollar bills, i.e. the San Francisco Mint, a local treasure and historical building where much of the US used to print their money. While there won't be free paper money, there will be a rare chance to explore the inside of this building and its myriad nooks and crannies. There will be music and happy hour in the courtyard until ten and subterranean basements with Kompakt techno stalwart Robert Babicz. Headlining is Fusion Festival standby and general German progressive house favorite (this is a Modular party, what did you expect?!) Monolink. There will be art performance. There will be projection mapping. There will be fun in a old building. It's no prehistoric desert, but for city girls and boys it's a dream come true. Date: Friday August 26, Time: 5pm-3am, Place: SF Mint, Cover: $20, More Info (ML)




Flyer Of The Week
Our flyer of the week is for Floating Points this Thur @ 1015 Folsom


Link Of The Week
Burning Moments Part II Here

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Event: Housepitality
Venue: F8
DJs: Vin Sol, Johnny Walker, Errol Valentino
Music: house, techno
Cover: no cover b4 11pm w/RSVP, $5 presales on RA, $10 otherwise


Housepitality continues to reign supreme as THE place to be on Wednesday nights. This week's installment features Vin Sol dropping musical bombs. He runs the label and monthly Club Lonely, which showcases his deluxe record collection and musical taste. Disco Knights resident Johnny Walker is taking over the main room housepit to celebrate his birthday and to take revelers on with his amazing music. Rounding out the lineup is Errol Valentino to drop an eclectic set in the lounge, so leave your cares at home and come dance the night away at Housepitality. (CQ)

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Event: Floating Points DJ set
Venue: 1015 Folsom
DJs: Floating Points DJ set, Jacques Greene DJ set, Kenton Slash Daemon (live), Marcus Marr, PROOF + Guillermo, Cool Chris
Music: experimental, jazz, house, techno, bass, disco
Cover: $20


This Thursday, 1015 welcomes a bevy of DJs guaranteed to get your booty shaking and the earth quaking. First up is Sam Shepherd, aka Floating Points, an experimental DJ and producer from across the pond. An unlikely DJ, Floating Points is a nerd turned musician, a man with his Ph.D in Neuroscience and a gentle demeanor that belies his banging beats. As a producer, Floating Points strives to create music that can stand alone and doesn't require the listener to have any prior knowledge, so be prepared for a musical journey of epic proportions through his DJ set. Also performing a DJ set is Jacques Greene, one of Montreal's finest house DJs. His progressive, deep sound and quality remixes make him a fan favorite. This is just a taste of those slated to perform, so get to 1015 this Thursday for the full lineup. (CQ)

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Event: As You Like It w/ Kerri Chandler
Venue: Public Works
DJs: Kerri Chandler, Bicep, Nackt, Gunnar Haslam, Greg Beato
Music: house
Cover: $20 Presale
Kerri 'Kaoz' Chandler one of deep house music's originators, has been injecting soul into music since the early nineties. An ambassador of the natural and instinctive 4/4 beat, Kerri's influences can be traced back to New Jersey growing up in a family of jazz musicians. His father being a respected deejay, provided Kerri with a rich background in the origins of soul, disco and the New York Underground Sound (known also as "Garage" music). Accompanying his father to the gigs, Kerri began playing records at the Rally Record Club in East Orange, New Jersey at the tender age of thirteen. Exposed to such musical creativity, it wasn't long before Kerri found himself interested in production. Since the signing of his first single "SuperLover/Get It Off" by Atlantic in 1991, Kerri began producing a prolific body of work that has helped coin him one of the most respected house producers in the world. Catch this legend at play this Friday at Public Works.

Event: Oneohtrix Point Never w/ Noise Pop
Venue: Mezzanine
DJs: Oneohtrix Point Never and more!
Music: IDM, vaporwave, experimental
Cover: no cover w/ RSVP before 10pm
Vaporwave, is it a thing or just a part of the tumblr-generation. Arguably it is both. While the new made up genre has overcome witch house and health goth as the trend du jour, this descriptive word for the music of Oneohtrix Point Never is far from its only defining factor. Producing under this moniker since 2007, experimental might be the best way to describe the glitchy, haunting sounds of this artist who produces on the same label as, and in the same vein as, genre leader Aphex Twin. The man is a fan of his electronics and you can expect some experimental noise that seems to be Kraftwerk meets Einstürzende Neubaten. This not to mention that this show is free before 10pm with RSVP. Thanks for the gift Noise Pop! (ML)

Event: Tekno Logik w/ Ramiro Lopez
Venue: F8
DJs: Ramiro Lopez, John Kaberna, Lindsey Herbert, Jean-Philippe, David Paul, Juan Beatz, Joey Moretti, Zara Mez
Music: techno, house
Cover: $15 presale
Spanish Techno superstar producer, Ramiro Lopez, makes his way to San Francisco for his debut performance. Ramiro's production have spanned across almost every underground music label, including: Carl Cox's Intec, , Dubfire's SCI + TEC, Christian Smith's Tronic, Sian's Octopus Recordings, Mark Knight's Toolroom Records, Noir's Noir Music, Defected, and many others. His 2014 release of "That's Not Happening" has just been re-released with a monster remix by Nicole Moudaber herself.

Event: The Burner Send Off w/ Tone of Arc
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Tone of Arc, Bo, Shane One, Tony Inorbit, Joey Alaniz
Music: tech-house
Cover: $10 presale
San Francisco producer Derrick Boyd, aka Dead Seal, now Tone Of Arc, a duo/band production with partner/vocalist Zoe Presnick have been making music for most of their lives. Two of those special individuals possessed with a wide range of musical expression, bringing a glimpse of real musicality to the underground tech house and indie house scene. They sing, play guitar, bass, and keys, and all this live too. Tone Of Arc's powerful stage presence drawn from old school cats like Iggy Pop, The Clash, and Bowie helps to partially define the originality of his music.

Event: Spy vs. Spy w/ Marymoon
Venue: Hawthorn
DJs: Marymoon, DJ Seven
Music: house
Cover: $10 after 10pm
For those of you who are ready to head to Black Rock City and need a little send-off warm up...this one's for you. And if you are staying in SF for the Labor Day weekend, look no further. Marymoon is playing an extended 3-hour set during prime time hours. She is part of the White Ocean camp and now lives in Russia. Marymoon is visiting San Francisco and Black Rock City as part of her mini-tour which has landed her gigs in NYC, Miami, LA and now San Francisco. Let's welcome her with open arms and big smiles. DJ Seven opens with a deep warm-up set.

Event: Urban Electric
Venue: Verso
DJs: DJ Spen, David Harness
Music: house (garage, deep, inspirational, soulful), hip-hop, r&b
Cover: no cover b4 11pm with RSVP, $10 otherwise
Urban Electric returns to Verso this month with David Harness and special guest, DJ Spen. Sean Spencer, aka DJ Spen, has been in the music game a long time. At the tender age of 13, Spen was producing mix shows WEBB AM in Baltimore. He founded one the area's first hip-hop production groups, the Numarx, which wrote the single, "Girl You Know It's True," a track later made famous through the group, Milli Vanilli. And that was just the beginning. He's since collaborated with various heavy hitters and remixed some of the biggest names, all while making tracks that to this day, are still considered house anthems. David Harness will also throw down some funky beats, so get to Verso for Urban Electric. (CQ)

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Event: Boehm
Venue: Audio
DJs: Boehm, WAEV, Michael Bricker
Music: house, progressive house
Cover: $10 presale
Hailing from the Eastern Europe cultural hub of Bucharest, Boehm has quickly made a name for himself in Melodic and Tropical House circles. Though only releasing music under the moniker of Boehm until relatively recently, Alex Constantin has been producing music since the age of 12 getting his start in hip-hop and eventually going on to produce several pop hits throughout Europe. Since the conception of "Boehm", Alex has chosen to set aside all other projects and leave behind all of the accomplishments accumulated thus far. The gamble paid off. Within the last 6 months, he has had four back to back #1 Hype Machine charting songs including his remix for Benjamin Francis Leftwich's "Won't Back Down" which hit #1 twice, his remix of Ben Howard's "I Forget Where We Were", his remix of James Vincent McMorrow's cover of "Wicked Games", and his most recent remix of Cheat Codes' "Visions". The widespread appeal of his music can be found everywhere from Tiesto's weekly podcast – Club Life Radio to your local Starbucks in-store playlist. Add to that an array of musical figures who became fans including heavyweight DJ's such as Steve Aoki, NERVO, and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike who have requested official remixes from him.

Event: Pig & Dan
Venue: Verso
DJs: Pig & Dan
Music: house, hip-hop, dub, soul
Cover: $10 presale
For more than a Decade Pig&Dan have been jamming in the studio, producing musical adventures that hold their signature sound. Apart from their prolific work as producers they've been traveling the globe as Peak time DJ's and playing at some of the best events on the planet. They've been smashing it up at Ultra, Tomorrowland and Awakenings to name a few, plus blessing the decks in legendary clubs such as Amnesia Ibiza, Crobar Buenos Aires, and Womb Tokyo. Its clear that their euphoric-pumping sounds has lifted the roof on a global level.

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Event: Werd
Venue: Monarch
DJs: Ivan Ruiz, CJ Larsen
Music: downbeat, house (funky, deep), techno
Cover: $5
Every Sunday, Werd takes over the catacombs of Monarch. This Sunday is no different, and CJ Larsen and Ivan Ruiz each take to the stage to rock the dancefloor. First up is CJ Larsen, a Delta Funk resident who knows a thing or two about banging house. Larsen is a true house lover, always excited to share his musical gems with the crowd. Next up is Ivan Ruiz, an underground house DJ with an affinity for the obscure. He loves nothing more than to share some of his vast musical knowledge with the masses, always throwing down the bumping beats. (CQ)

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